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JHSF Development Under Jose Auriemo Neto

Jose Auriemo Neto is the CEO of the biggest real estate company in Brazil known as JHSF. This company was started in 1972 as a construction business by two brothers. They had a dream of making it one of the biggest companies in country, and though they are no longer in the industry, the dream seems to have been accomplished through one of their own Jose Auriemo Neto. Neto is one of the people who has been in the business for the last two decades, and he has seen everything happen. He has seen JHSF transform from a biggest construction company to becoming one of the top companies in the world.

JHSF engages in the development of high-end properties. Jose Auriemo takes charge of all development works that the company makes. He also makes decisions on the direction of growth the company will make. For instance, in 2009, he ushered the company into a new era where it started dealing with retail brands. It has partnered with producers of luxury brands to open shop in the shopping centers they are building. Some of the brands that have been supported in recent times include Valentino. Jose Auriemo was behind a parking lot management company known as parkbem when he joined JHSF in the 1990s.

The growth of JHSF has been due to the better quality of leadership which has been offered by Jose Auriemo Neto. In the two decades that he has been at the helm of the company, he has overseen huge development which has assisted JHSF to take the number one role in the real estate sector.

JHSF has created a huge difference in the real estate sector in business. It is through the contribution of the company that Brazil has some of the most competitive real estate properties in the world. Jose Auriemo hopes that he can take the activities of this company to all cities in the world.

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OSI Group’s Global Expansion

The ever-expanding services of OSI Group has resulted in a dominating presence in foodservices. This particular company is successful at what it does and there seems to be no slowing down in the near future. OSI Group has become a mainstay in modern-day society because it supplies so many food products. This would include onions, cucumbers, soups, fruit, panini, pizza, flatbread, poultry, turkey products, cookies, chili, cooked sausage links, meatloaf, meatballs, chicken wings, pot roast, chicken fried steak and other foods. In addition to that, the company also specializes in custom foods. The R&D specialists here are schooled in global cuisines, and they’ll work to create a product that matches the client’s description. An appetizing product is a product that sells.

OSI Group’s history goes back to the beginning of the 20th century. The company’s founder, Otto Kolschowski, has roots that come from Germany. He was just one of many German-immigrants that came to the US prior to the postwar economic expansion. During the postwar economic expansion, many small businesses began to thrive thanks to all of the opportunities that were in place. OSI was just a small business that sold fresh meats, but it began to acquire more and more business as word began to spread. Before to long, this small meat market would go into the wholesale business, and this is when the company started to rake in the money. By the end of World War I, this wholesaler of foods had built a pretty good resume. McDonald’s just so happened to be one of its biggest clients, and the company started opening plants across the US.

Fast-forward to today and OSI Group is still growing. The company now has an estimated 65 plants that are located in 17 different nations. It has acquired some of the biggest brands in the food service industry, including Flagship Europe, Tyson Foods and BAHO Food. Sheldon Lavin, CEO of OSI, has built a wonderful blueprint for all others to follow. Thanks to his supreme leadership role, OSI Group been able to raise the bar higher then ever as well as set new standards in professional foodservices.

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Cassio Audi in rock music band

Cassio Audi, a prominent businessman in Brazil, is a hard rock legend. It may surprise many who do not know about his life in the 1980s. He was part of a five-member rock band that introduced the hard rock music genre in Latin America. Cassio Audi was playing the role of a heavy metal drummer, although he would assist in composing the music. Cassio was in the music industry for less than a decade when he left to search for greener pastures in the business industry. He, however, left with a great reputation. The group made some great accomplishments while he was the leader of the group. His role as a drummer was very helpful during live performances.

The rock music band was known as Viper. The group inspiration came from a popular rock music band from England known as Iron Maiden while Cassio Aiudi was with the rock band, he accomplished a number of things one of them being releasing two albums. He also engaged in live performances which thrilled fans across the world. In 1985, the group released an album known as The killera Sword and then in 1987; they released another one known as Soldiers of Sunrise. Some of the hit songs from these albums include The Laws of Swords, Signs of the Night, Knights of Destruction among others.

Cassio Audio was not just an incredible drummer but also a talented musician who would sing with great perfection. He commanded respect for his role in the music band although he was not destined to last long in the industry. He decided to quit the group so that he could go back to class where he would concentrate in finance studies. Although he is no longer in the music industry, he is considered a pioneer in rock music in Brazil.

Robert Ivy Becomes The First Mississippi Architect To Receive The Prestigious MIAL Award

It is the first time in the history of Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award to honor an architect. Robert Ivy did not imagine in his life that he’ll land such an award. Words that filled the air when Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL) made the announcement; show that he is the right man disposed for the award. The American Institute of Architects Chief Executive Officer and Vice President received the news in shock. Upon hearing the news, his President, Carl Elefente said that Robert Ivy deserved the award. The president however, was also shocked at the chances that led to Robert receiving the trophy, saying that MIAL has never awarded an architect.

Polk Lifetime Achievement Award is only given to people mostly living in Mississippi or have very close ties to the people of Mississippi. In order to receive the award, one has to come from Mississippi. While that remains to be the rule, it seems that this time, MIAL decided to go outside their normal selection routine. For many years, the award has been going to those people who through their exemplary artistic skills have shown tremendous prowess. Their works of art must also have a positive impact t o a majority of the people living in Mississippi. This time, it seems that Robert Ivy’s ways surpassed many.

Robert Ivy now joins a handful of Mississippians that have been honored by MIAL. Some of those who have been awarded include Leontyne Price, a singer who received award in year 2000, Walter Anderson (1989), and Morgan Freeman (2017). Sources close to MIAL point out to the reason why the institute chose Robert Ivy. Reliable sources confirm that back in Mississippi, perhaps, there is no one man like Ivy who has made it possible for the ordinary people to access modern architecture.

When giving the award, MIAL President Nancy Laforge said that it is high time the institution looked further to extend the awards to others that have also touched the common person. “Robert Ivy has done remarkable job as an author, an accomplished editor and an architect. We do not see why he will not deserve our Noel Polk Award,” said MIAL President.

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Eric Lefkofsky And The Importance Of Extending Companies’ Hands To The Communities Around Them

It’s important for companies to extend their hand outside the area of responsibility of their leadership. This is the reason why corporate social responsibility is mandatory in most companies’ strategies. The more companies help people around them, the better they can function in ways that go beyond what is normally expected from their executives. One of the few people who do their best to perform philanthropic works today is Eric Lefkofsky, the co-founder of Tempus.

Eric Lefkofsky’s work contribute a lot to the development of technologies that find solutions to remedy cancer. The battle of cancer is still a pressing issue today, and it is through the works of Lefkofsky along with his wife that these solutions are realized in application. With Lefkofsky’s involvement, Tempus has now retained its reputation for being one of the world’s largest archives or library of clinical data that physicians can use to analyze the factors contributing to cancer. With this molecular data ingrained in an operating system, physicians can deliver the personalized that care cancer patients need for better and faster recovery.

The main charity foundation that Lefkofsky established is the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, which is a private charity firm that stands strong today because also of the help of his wife, Liz. What the firm does today is to lead initiatives that can enhance lives in different communities all over the world. One of these programs that help the marginalized groups in the country is High School Bound, which is a student-focused website that helps students access the best Chicago Public Schools near them. With such program, students can now get better chances of a good quality education for their future that suits them and that best acknowledges their specific set of talents.

Established in 2006, the Lefkofsky Family Foundation has been at the helm of high-impact initiatives in the country that aims to expand cultural initiatives and improve the human rights condition of the people.

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When An Employer Gets It Right! Paul Herdsman One Of The Good Guys In The Business World


When in business it is best to be an organization that is great at solving problems. The bigger the problem the better the solution needs to be. If you can solve a customer’s issue, then they will be more than happy to pay you or your services and or products. These are considered to be the best businesses.


It is important to approach the situation in a team like manner. Being able to partner with someone risky. Ensuring that you are on the same page at all times, because if not the company will not have balance. Paul Herdsman, a successful businessman, is the Co-Owner of the company NICE Global. They specialize in providing business solutions for various organizations throughout the world.


Whether it’s customer service or technical support, back office or just business services in general they specialize in taking the headache out of the customer experience versus the artificial intelligence components their clients use to wrangle in the customers. NICE Global offers solutions to take the frustration away from the customers seeking support and NICE steps in to bridge the gap.


In building the company, Paul had to take some things into consideration. First was to figure out the type of team he wanted to build. Secondly, was the location and cost. And going back to building the team, Paul realized he wanted and extended family feel to the company. He offers different internal programs to his employees, insurance and other perks to keep them satisfied and interested thus bringing his attrition to be very low among the employees. Read more about Paul’s business strategies in his 12 Success Tips for Entrepreneurs From NICE Global CO-Founder Paul Herdsman


By giving his team a voice to be heard and providing them with the tools for them to be successful in their jobs coupling that with the perks of working there makes a great environment for the worker bees. By maintaining a great work environment, that bleeds over to how his clients are treated. also, how those client’s customers are treated. By offering different perks one is able to maneuver and control the situation better. In this analogy when you give more you get more. Paul Herdsman has this figure it out and works it to his best advantage. Go To This Page for related information.



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Why Ricardo Tosto Says It’s Possible To Dream And Become

Whenever someone has a case in court, what they want is professional representation. With a highly professional lawyer with the right skills and immense experience, you would enjoy a positive outcome. Today, people don’t like it when they just get a lawyer to handle their case. They are instead keen to look for a prominent lawyer like Ricardo Tosto. If you were to get a list of the highly qualified prominent lawyers in Brazil, Tosto would not miss in that list. For the time he has been in the legal practice, he has handled hundreds of cases and his clients appreciate him for that.

Tosto grew up in a family of farmers. His parents wished that he became a farmer also, but he had a different goal to pursue. Tosto believes that having a different lifestyle is fine, as long as, it’s transforming the lives of other people. He got a degree in business from a college before he decided to venture into the legal career. At the time he joined legal field, there were many changes taking place. One of the main reasons he trained to be a lawyer is to help those who didn’t get justice because of their financial issues.

He didn’t know his life would get busier until he joined law firm where he first worked. He discovered the legal field was changing continuously, and that every lawyer needed to update themselves with the new elapsing cases. Although he didn’t have all he needed to start his law firm, Ricardo Tosto knew he would one day own one. Tosto achieved his dream. He now devises new marketing plans to get new clients to his firm today.

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Investment Strategies by Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a successful entrepreneur. He attributes his success to his firmness in decision making. According to him, entrepreneurs should believe in their judgments and not always rely on the input of their business partners. He was born 1947 in Brazil. He acquired his education from prestigious federal universities where he studied engineering for two years before changing to economics. He had a desire to solve various economic problems in the country. Igor Cornelsen graduated in 1970 and joined the job market where he worked as a junior employee. He was chosen among many other applicants due to his skills. The management was satisfied with his contributions and appointed him to serve in the executive.

During his tenure as a member of the board, he made great contributions in the formulation of key strategies for the firm. Igor Colnelsen has worked for various firms with an impressive performance record. He ever gave up his entrepreneurial dreams even after getting high compensation. He used his experience to start and operate his own investment firm. The aim was to help many upcoming businesspeople who were struggling to find new opportunities. He believes that there are many viable business opportunities available if well managed. The investment expert urges every businessperson to seek information on a daily basis on the market changes as they keep on changing.

He is sociable. Despite his tight schedules, he always makes time for friends and colleagues. According to him, they could offer more information on viable ventures. He attributes his success to the ability to analyze and identify gaps in the economy. Igor Cornelsen believes that a successful entrepreneur must rely on information from credible sources and use it to make their investment decisions. He exercise caution before making major investment decisions and this yielded good returns. He acknowledges the possibility of making investment mistakes but urges other businesspeople to be persistent and learn from it. According to him some of the mistakes some entrepreneurs make may end up being the best lesson they ever had and therefore they should get rid of the fear of making mistakes.

Highly Recommended Plastic Surgeon in San Diego, California

Dr. Mark Mofid is a certified plastic surgeon located in San Diego and La Jolla. He earned an undergraduate degree from Harvard University. He received his medical degree in plastic surgery and general surgery from St. John’s University School of Medicine. Dr. Mark Mofid is also active in clinical teaching the University of California, San Diego Division of Plastic Surgery. He’s proven to be a caring and devoted doctor, well-respected by his colleagues.

Mark Mofid specializes in breast reduction, facelifts, liposuction, buttocks, chin implants, botox, eyelids, and tummy tucks. Mark Mofid’s patients have nothing but gratitude toward his excellent skills. He began buttock augmentation eight years ago. He strongly believes that it will increase the patient’s risk of complications later in life, although models and actresses think it will add beauty to their body when in reality, it can cause health problems. Dr. Mofid also offers post-op bariatric body lift for patients who have lost an excessive amount of weight. The removal of sagging skin from underarms, stomach, thighs, and legs. The body lift plastic surgery requires liposuction and can be performed on women who are looking to regain their appearance after pregnancy.

Mark Mofid says that “The techniques in breast reduction and revisionary breast surgery have evolved more rapidly than the products to support them.” This is due to the fact that many women have decided to have breast reductions because of various health issues.

Dr. Mark Mofid’s office offers financing for any type of plastic surgery through CareCredit and Alphaeon Credit. Many of Dr. Mofid’s patients have returned to him for different types of plastic surgery and they have recommended other people to him. Most of them say that he is an excellent surgeon and takes pride in his work and understands what his patients are looking for and will assist them to better suit the needs of their desired look and more

George Soros Believes In The Right Kind Of Government

In this raging world of vicious politics, there are very few people who can actually get things done. These individuals carry themselves with such clout and power that they can propel the country to change in the way they deem fit. One great influencer is a man named George Soros who is the President and founder of the Open Society Foundations. George Soros is known throughout the globe as a very passionate Democrat. He always leaned to the liberal left since his days working on the railroad in order to put himself through the business degree at the London School of Economics.

Upon graduating, he started the Soros Fund Management hedge fund here the United States of America. After working tirelessly for a few decades he would amass a $25.2 billion net worth. According to Forbes.com, 30 years ago he gave $11 billion to start the nonprofit called the Open Society Foundations. It has been their mission to help democracies grow in any country that wants it around the globe. This help often comes in the form of economic aid and training. The Open Society Foundations is mostly concerned that the officials will stay accountable to their voter base. They also want the country to establish free market. In the year 2017, George Soros gave 75% of his net worth, a total of $18 billion, to help the Open Society Foundations begin making headway into the continent of Asia.

George Soros has also donated to American politics through the Open Society Foundations. He became passionate about the politics of America in 2004 when we were raging war and both Afghanistan and Iraq. George Soros had long attempted to bring true liberal democracy to the Middle East. However, because of George W. Bush and his warmongering cronies, the peace that George Soros was working out in the Middle East was crushed underneath the guise of war.

George Soros wanted a Democrat in the White House because they are much less likely to go to war unless that war is truly just. To make this happen, George Soros gave an unprecedented amount of $27 million in order to put John Kerry into the Oval Office. While this was not enough to get John Kerry the presidency, it was enough to begin swaying people away from the conservative right.

George Soros would also back his longtime friend Hillary Clinton during her war with Donald Trump for the White House. George Soros knew that Hillary Clinton would propel the country forward in a great liberal way and he gave her campaign $25 million. Unfortunately, America was still reeling from the liberal push of Barack Obama, and both houses of Congress and the White House went red during that election season.

George Soros now uses the Open Society Foundations to fund the various nonprofits and super PACs that are standing against Donald Trump and his oppressive regime. It is our hope that George Soros would continue promoting a liberal democracy all around the globe.

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