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Is Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Ready to Tangle with Amazon?

Not too many clothing retailers are willing to go head-to-head with Amazon because they know this is by far the giant in this fashion e-commerce market. Looking at this just from a numbers perspective, we see that Amazon has been comfortably pulling in around 20 percent of all the revenue in this space. It looks like one clothing company didn’t get that memo, and Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is trying to climb the rungs of this ladder and go do battle with the leader. In only three short years, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has already done around $250 million is sales of women’s workout clothing and active-wear.


This athleisure brand doesn’t sell itself, Hudson says it doesn’t have anything to do with her celebrity status or the high-quality of the merchandise. What Hudson says is driving sales is her unique membership program and her twist on the reverse showrooming sales process. The combination of these two are easier to understand when you see them in action. Look inside the mall and stop at the Fabletics retail shop, women are inside the store trying every piece of active-wear on, they are window-shopping, they are taking the Fabletics lifestyle quiz to help enhance their memberships. The sales associates in the store do not pressure customers to make purchases, so many of these women are in fact leaving the store without buying a single thing.


If the mall customers leave without buying anything, how then did Kate Hudson’s Fabletics manage to sell $250 million in women’s workout clothing?


The reason Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is growing so quickly in the fashion e-commerce market is all about their online store. Each time you visit the mall and try anything on, as long as you are a member, your items are instantly uploaded to the online store. Now these items are in your cart so you can just continue to shop where you left off. Since you tried the yoga pants, tank tops, and leggings on already, the concern about sizing is eliminated and these women simply impulse buy.


Look at the other benefits to being a Kate Hudson’s Fabletics member. Free shipping on the online orders, discounts on all active-wear, even your very own shopping assistant who uses quiz answers to choose one item a month for your consideration. Is Kate Hudson’s Fabletics ready to tangle with Amazon? The answer is in the sales numbers for sure.

Desiree Perez Guides Roc Nation in Transitory Times

The Summer of Jay Z is upon us and that could spell big things for the hip hop mogul. Jay Z is hitting up on the tail end of his Live Nation 360 Deal that was signed for 10 years at $150 million in total. The contract put Live Nation and Jay Z in a position to satisfy a number of contractual demands, increasing the profits of both partners. Now a ‘buy-sell’ option has appeared and that means that Jay Z and Live Nation both have the opportunity to turn away from the deal or renegotiate a new one. The big question here? Will Jay Z come back to Live Nation?  Related article on pagesix.com

Jay Z and his business partner Desiree Perez seem to be already putting their feelers out on potential new deals. Desiree Perez has worked with Jay Z for over twenty years and now it seems like they are moving in lockstep in order to pursue a potentially more lucrative deal. To read more about Dez, click on prettymanprettyman.com.  Perez and Jay Z were spotted out in Santa Monica, CA taking a sit down dinner with Sir Lucian Grainge. Grainge is the Chairman and CEO at Universal Music Group and this dinner takes on renewed importance thanks to the status of Jay Z’s contract. An insider at UMG immediately downplayed the meeting saying, “There has not been a discussion about the fact that Roc Nation’s deal with Live Nation is coming up.”

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Jay Z’s prior contract with Live Nation featured a deal that focused on Jay’s recorded music as well as his live performances. Sources close to Live Nation have shown that the company is not looking to get back into the studio recording business but that they would still be interested in Jay’s live work. Jay Z and Desiree Perez appear to have quite the large order to fill ahead and it remains to be seen who they’ll go with. Head over to igstars.com for a related article.

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How Does Sawyer Howitt Help The Meriwether Group?

Sawyer Howitt is the son of the founder of Meriwether Group, and he has taken a large role with the company at a young age. He has proven that there is a way for someone of his age to perform in the business world, and he has learned quite a lot in his time. He will go off to college soon, and he will take with him a wealth of knowledge about the world of financing. This article explains how Sawyer is a rising star in a field his family helped to build.

#1: He Has His Own Clients

Sawyer is a capable businessman who has many clients coming across his desk every day, and he wants to help them find the financing they need. He has worked with many nonprofits who are searching for funding, and he hopes to help them when they need extra money to help further their cause. He has done this for some time, and he will come home in the summer to find that he has more ways to make good on his promises. He wants to change the industry, and he wants to serve the family business well.

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#2: His Accomplishments

Sawyer Howitt is an amazing student, and he has spent quite a long time ensuring that all his studies have gone well. He has worked hard to be in a position to take over the family company one day, and he wants to know that he has the knowledge to make his company better. It is easy for him to do so with all the experience he has, and his academic record makes him much more qualified.

Sawyer Howitt has done an amazing job preparing to take over at Meriwether Group. He is a fine student who is ready to take the next step in business.

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Find The Best Price For Beneful At Walmart

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Owning a pet is truly a privilege because they bring so much happiness into our lives. At the same time, it can be an added expense for a family. Since that is the case, a family does well to investigate ways to make their spending more wise. A good thing to do is clip coupons on all items that are used in the home. Since Beneful dog food coupons can be so valuable, a pet owner does well to clip them and save them whenever possible. In that way, they can give their dog nutritious dog food without having at a highly affordable price.

Sawyer Howitt; The Project Administrator At Meriwether Group

Sawyer Howitt is the project administrator at Meriwether Group a company based in Portland, Oregon. The enterprise also has an office in San Francisco. The firm is built around supporting new businesses by providing business accelerator services like brand building, international expansion, sourcing, manufacturing, and other business to business services. The office in San Francisco helps when it comes to getting the latest developments in technology and connecting with the tech company in Silicon Valley.

Being a project manager, Sawyer Howitt meets with entrepreneurs every day. He also works as an advisor on the development of both big and small businesses. Sawyer Howitt also connects with the executives at the Meriwether group and helps to give innovation in the RFID which is an emerging technology. He is focused on ensuring that business people understand the program and the many ways that they can benefit from it. The technology helps the business people boost their sales and also improve the techniques that they used in inventory keeping. Thus, he has written many articles on RFID.

Sawyer Howitt though young, he understands the operations and the financial needs of businesses. He appreciates brand souls, resonance, and the connections that he gets to make with the consumers. Despite the fact that he works at his father’s firm the Meriwether Group, he is not choosy about the task that he is given to handle. He can do anything from doing complex spreadsheets, nuanced presentations, filing, and taking notes in a meeting. To him, everything about business is fascinating, and no job is too big or too small.

Sawyer Howitt (@sawyerhowitt) is in his second semester Senior. He is highly focused in his studies, internship, and business. He helps drive his work by combining analytic and artistry. Even at a young age, he has had experience that is wide-ranging and diverse. Other than being impressive at his work, he has been in charge of many philanthropic organizations aimed at supporting the right of women and education. He has also been involved in leading ethnic study groups at an international level, helped mentor troubled youths, as well as taking several administrative internships. He also has experience working at the Juice Bars where he was learning the importance of customer service.

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Heiligenstein explains MoPac Project

Traffic congestion is a common phenomenon in American states, and this is just what the MoPac Project seeks to address. Mike Heiligenstein, the Executive Director of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, is the man behind the MoPac Project that seeks to solve transport issues.

Mike Heiligenstein has been in the service of CTRMA since 2003 when the agency was only starting up. As of today, Mike Heiligenstein has steered the company to a national status in road toll operations.

With Mike Heigelstein as executive director, the agency was able to make some steps such as the first toll road 183A and was also able to implement modern technologies such as electronic tolling and video billing.

He has also been a champion for pedestrian and bicycle facilities and has strived to provide the relevant services for pedestrians and bicycles. He has served as a public official for over 30 years in the Round Rock City Council and Williamson County while focusing on infrastructure. Heiligenstein was also a founding member of the Austin-San Antonio Corridor and the Envision Central Texas Project.

MoPac Project

The MoPac Project is a $1 billion project that aims at completing the Manor Expressway and extending the 183A road. Heiligenstein explains that while CTRMA is not a private company, they have built several roads such as the toll roads in US 290 toll road and the 183 A toll road.

The US 290 toll road increased the capacity of the road by up to three times and improved the state of the road that already existed and improved the lives of the surrounding communities. The main aim of the company is to innovate for the benefit of the surrounding communities.

He notes that they have taken steps to manage the flow of traffic through their sophisticated electronic tolls, but it is impossible to eliminate all congestion. Through MoPac, they hope to synchronize supply and demand to ensure that even during rush hour, the Express Lane is flowing smoothly. He anticipates the creation of smart roads so that the flow of traffic is made easy when for instance, the roadway detects a car moving up the wrong exit.


The agency has been able to pair up with several apps to achieve different goals. One such association is the partnership with carpooling app Carma that communities arrange for car sharing. He reveals that in Austin alone, every day, there are 900,000 empty car seats and carpooling would help ease the congestion. They have also partnered with Metropia which aims to create alternative routes for commuters through integration of the app and traffic monitoring systems.

Madison Street Capital Works With Ares On Deals

The Madison Street Capital reputation is something that has contributed to many different deals for the company. They have been working with many different companies and they have teamed up with nearly all of the different people who they work with. The latest deal, one with security mega company, Ares, has been able to help bolster all of the things that Madison Street Capital has always stood for. They are going to work together to come up with solutions for both capital placement as well as security on that placement. The plans that Madison Street Capital has for while they are working with Ares are huge.


The idea behind the deal is that Madison Street Capital is going to restructure some of the minority accounts that they have. They want to move them around and change all of the opportunities that they have with these. Their hope with doing this is that they will be able to show people that they can do more with everything that they have available to them. It is going to make a major difference in the way that things are done and with the options that they have. For the companies, they are going to see a huge surge in customers who they can help.


As far as Madison Street Capital is concerned, they are going to be able to help even more customers. They are already a great company with a very big customer base. They want to reach even more people and show them what they are capable of in the different areas that they are located in. This means that they will be able to use Ares to help them reach people on the East Coast instead of just in the Chicago area where they are at with their business right now.


When Madison Street Capital first started with these opportunities, they wanted to help people out with everything that they were doing. They also wanted to show people that things would be different depending on the opportunities that they had. Ares wanted to join Madison Street Capital because of these opportunities and to help increase the business that they were getting. It was a win-win situation for both of the companies and to make things better for each of them while they were doing different things in the security and the capital field where they are located at in their own businesses.


Please visit http://madisonstreetcapital.org/ for more details.


End Citizens United (ECU) Mobilizes Grass Root Supporters to Raise Money for Quist’s Campaign

Energy continues to build around Quist’s campaign as more organizations endorse his bid for Congress. The latest news indicates that ECU has mobilized its grassroots supporters to raise money in support of Quist’s campaign. The total amount contributed by the ECU grass root members is in the range of $200,000 in small donations which translate to an average of $16 per contribution to the campaign.


While breaking the news, the president and the Executive Director of End Citizens, Tiffany Muller said that they decided to support Quist’s bid since his opponent, Greg Giagnforte is said to have broken his pledge to reject any money from the corporates. Tiffany accused Greg of saying one thing in public to the voters and then changes his stand while with the “big donors” in private.


After a huge backlash from most of the organizations that supported him, Greg is now said to be surviving on donations that he is receiving from small interest groups to reorganize his campaign. Tiffany stated that ECU member wouldn’t rest until the moment they send a real reformer to the Congress. Greg’s campaign was hit after he was recorded on tape telling the “big donors” that he supports the House bill that intends to take away health care from more than 24 million American citizens. After word had gone round, Quist’s campaign received a new energy as more supporters came to his side. He was able to raise more than $550,000 for his campaign in just a few days.


End Citizens United was one of the first organizations to endorse Quist’s bid for Congress. Most of his supporters have termed him as a reformer, which is the main reason why he has received immense support from different quotas. ECU says that it will continue to mobilize its members across Montana and also connect Quist’s campaign with local volunteers to ensure that he defeats Gianforte, his opponent.


More about ECU

ECU is a political action committee whose primary focus is to drive big money out of politics. Besides raising money for various political causes, the committee is also raising some big money of its own. The group is reported to have collected more than $4 million during the first quarter of this year and still projects to raise more than $35 million ahead of next year’s midterm Congress elections according to a fundraising report published in the USA TODAY.


The amount would be a significant increase from the $25 million that PAC raised for the 2016 election, which was his first election cycle since its inception. It is estimated that about 100,000 people contributed to the PAC during the first three months of 2017, and 40 percent were first-time contributors. Tiffany Muller is the President and Executive Director of PAC. He said that their goal is to send to office “campaign-finance reform champions.”


A New Approach to Research with Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky was born in 1969 in Michigan. He graduated high school, and attended the University of Michigan and graduated with honors, only to move onto the University of Michigan Law School, where he received his law degree. His first venture into business was selling carpet, and this was done while he was still in college. Eric Lefkofsky went on to found several companies, with the most notable being Groupon in 2007 and Tempus in 2016.

Tempus was founded after Eric’s wife was diagnosed with Breast cancer and he realized a very real need for there to be a way to streamline all the data and research that goes into cancer care in one spot. Tempus aims to combine patient data with therapeutic data, all in one, convenient place. This information includes things like what treatments are the patients already on, and do they have any longstanding conditions that may be affecting how well they do or don’t react to treatment. The end goal is to get data flowing freely between the best medical professionals, researchers, and other people to create layers and layers of data that will be condensed and easily accessible to maximize treatment. This is an ongoing project and Tempus will ensure it keeps breaking ground and continues to grow.

Eric Lefkofsky is a very charitable philanthropist. Eric and his wife Elizabeth, have formed the Lefkofsky Foundation, whose goal is to help other foundations aimed at education children thrive. To this day, the Lefkofsky foundation has funded and helped over 50 individual foundations. The Lefkofsky’s also joined The Giving Pledge in 2013, and this organization is meant to inspire wealthy people to give half of their net worth to philanthropy. The people sign up and write a letter explaining which organizations will get the donations and why they felt compelled to help.Eric Lefkofsky is currently is on the board of directors at Children’s Memorial Hospital, The Art Institute of Chicago, World Business Chicago, and The Museum of Science and Industry. Eric Lefkofsky has dedicated his life to improving others and has touched many people with this cause.

Bruno Fagali: A Leading Attorney in Brazil Who Abhors Corruption

Bruno Jorge Fagali is an experienced Sao Paulo-based attorney. Through FAGALI Advocacy, Bruno handles some of the most complicated litigation processes involving Administrative Law, Regulatory Law, and Urban Law. Bruno Fagali is a household name, owing it to the fact that he has made key contributions towards the eradication of corruption in Brazil.

Education & Experience

Bruno Fagali’s legal expertise has earned him senior roles in both private and government organizations within Brazil. The Brazilian Institute of Business Law and Ethics (IBDEE) hired him as the effective associate of its Ethics Committee agency. He also doubles up as the coordinator of IBDEE’s Advertising Agency. The new/sb, another ad agency in Brazil, has Bruno as its corporate integrity manager. As a Compliance and Ethics attorney, he belongs to the Society of Compliance and Ethics (SCE).

Bruno Fagali’s academic excellence was the prerequisite of his professional excellence. He is a Master’s of Law degree holder from the Universidade de Sao Paulo’s School of Law. The master’s degree was preceded by a bachelor’s degree in law at Pontifical Catholic University’s Faculty of Law. Bruno perfected his legal expertise by pursuing short graduate courses. He sharpened his Corporate Law and Compliance Law skills at GVlaw.

The new/sb Corporate Integrity Program

As the corporate integrity manager of the new/sb, Bruno Fagali helped the ad agency to design and implement an Anti-corruption Law compliant code of conduct in May 2016. The company also initiated a Corporate Integrity Program, in line with its commitment to integrity and transparency. This was a major achievement by both Bruno and the firm, as it became the first and only ad agency in Brazil to comply with the General Comptroller of the Union (GCU) regulations.

With the Corporate Integrity Program, new/sb had to train its staff on how the program operates. Bruno Fagali was given the responsibility of training staff from Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro offices.

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