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Jason Hope Believes That Science And Technology Is Important For Our Future

His College Years:

He began his college career by getting a bachelor’s degree from the school, and he completed his education with an M.B.A. Jason Hope worked hard and achieved academic excellence during college.

Jason Hope’s Company:

Jason Hope owns a company called Mobile Communications Technology. This company offers services for cellular communication. He also is a skilled investor, and he utilizes his understanding of technology to make investments. Jason Hope feels that advances in electronics and healthcare technology will continue to be important for centuries.

Jason Hope considers himself to be a futurist, and he has written about his predictions for the future of technology. Investors have had good results by following his suggestions, and it’s likely that they will continue to benefit from his predictions in the future. He believes that the Internet of Things is one of the most important technologies to watch right now.

Jason Hope’s Work With Students And Start-Ups:

Jason Hope tutors high school students and is a mentor for them. In addition, Hope often makes sizable investments in up and coming businesses. These investments have allowed many small companies to become much more successful. He works hard to raise money for grants that assist business owners in the Scottsdale area.

Other Activism:

Jason Hope is a major political donor. Another cause that he believes in is his theory that the aging process is not a guaranteed part of life. In fact, he believes that medications could reverse it! There are physicians and researchers who share this belief. There are organizations that spend a large amount of time and money on researching anti-aging drugs, and Jason Hope makes extremely large donations to one of them. In fact, Jason Hope gave 500,000 dollars to The SENS Foundation. This makes Jason Hope The SENS Foundation’s largest contributor. The money that he donated to the organization has been used to develop drugs that could eventually be effective at reversing the aging process.

What Does SENS Stand For?

SENS stands for Strategies For Engineered Negligeable Senesance. This is the development of technologies that prevent aging.

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George Soros planning to turn over estate to his foundation

George Soros recently turned his foundation Open Society Foundations into the second largest organization in the United States. Soros received notice after donating $18 billion to his foundation, in an attempt to lessen the amount of taxes he has to pay this year. George Soros and other financial managers must pay taxes on fees made from offshore funds by the end of 2017. Many avoid the massive tax fees by making contributions to charities and nonprofits such as the Open Society Foundations.

George Soros’ announced $18 billion dollar donation, will be spread out of several years. This is part of his intentions of transferring his many assets to the Open Society Foundations. The foundation confirmed George Soros is planning on leaving his wealth with the Open Society Foundations. The Open Society Foundations is right behind the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, in terms of wealth. George Soros is the chairman of the Open Society Foundation, while three of his kids serve as board members.

George Soros and his family lived in Hungary. As a child, Soros survived the Nazi occupation and helped others escape the occupation. George Soros also managed to escape Communist Hungary as well and fled to London. While in London, George Soros worked as a railway porter and studied at the London School of Economics. George Soros later emigrated to the United States, where he established himself on Wall Street. George Soros is best known as the man who broke the Bank of England, after making a bet that the United Kingdom would devalue the pound. George Soros became one of New York’s best investors and started his own firm, the Quantum Fund. The Quantum Fund later ended up investing in support of the Soros family and the Open Society Foundations. Starting out in New York, George Soros worked for F.M. Mayer in the 1950s.

George Soros is probably best known for being a major financial contributor to Democrats and certain liberal causes that are close to him. George Soros has been working at promoting democracy, human rights and ensuring a free press across the world. George Soros was a key contributor to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. He’s currently working with programs that protect gays and lesbians and the Roma people. Soros is also concerned with reducing police abuse. The foundation was instrumental during the Ebola outbreak, when they funded treatment centers.

Other than his recent $18 billion donation, George Soros has been making yearly donations between $800 to $900 million to the Open Society Foundations. The foundation says that Soros is expected to donate another $2 billion. George Soros continues to help those being targeted in hate crimes. George Soros has made a rather large impact all over the world. Despite his age, George Soros is still active with his organization’s work. Soros’s foundation has spent nearly $900 million on grants and visas. George Soros continues to be instrumental through his philanthropy work in the U.S. and around the world, where it’s needed the most.

About George Soros: foreignpolicy.com/2017/10/10/whos-afraid-of-george-soros/

Enhance Your Derrier with a Brazilian Butt Lift Dallas

For patients who are unhappy with their back side, a Brazilian butt lift can help change the size and shape of the buttocks. A butt lift is a surgical procedure that can be customized to meet each patient’s desired results. As a method of firming the rear end, a Brazilian butt lift is also usually combined with additional cosmetic procedures such as an abdominoplasty or breast augmentation.



Many plastic surgery offices offer this procedure in Dallas, Texas. It usually costs between $2,000 to $10,000 and can be completed in two hours or less. When selecting a plastic surgeon to perform this surgery it is important to research all options prior to making a decision. Referrals from friends and family, office consultations, certifications, and experience are all important things to take into consideration. Many surgeons, like Dr.Ricardo Meade in Dallas, are both Board Certified Plastic Surgeons specializing in Brazilian butt lifts. Patients can also ask to view before and after photos of previous work in order to determine the surgeon’s acceptability.



Most patients choose to stay in or around the plastic surgery office in the days immediately following surgery in order to make sure everything is healing as it should. Some facilities, such as the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, even offer on-premise accommodations or medical spas. New butt lift techniques, such as those used at Advanced Cosmetic Procedures in Dallas, reduce recovery time and provide more desirable results.



Although Brazilian butt lifts are a common type of plastic surgery, they are still accompanied by serious risks and potential complications. The decision to undergo this type of surgery is not one to be taken lately. With help from some of the best surgeons in Dallas, you have to be the one to decide if this type of surgery is right for you.


Compassionate Doctor Indeed, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Inside ofthe medical field there is a wide scope of professions and specializations and among them plastic surgery is one that seems to get underappreciated quite often. It gets commonly labeled as strictly vanity surgery but this is not the case. Many of the procedures involve repairing those who have had parts of their bodies severely damaged or are born with a deformity.


Among all of the patients that see physicians in the United States, about 100 million of them use websites such as Patients’ Choice and UCompareHealthCare to submit feedback on their physician. Many of the nearly 900,000 active physicians in America have their performance reviewed by their patients.


Among these physicians, only 3% of them will be awarded with the very prestigious Compassionate Doctor certification, showing that they have the highest level of performance and bedside manner with their patients.


Dr. Sam Jejurikar is one physician that has been awarded with this honor and is one of the most talented plastic surgeons in the Dallas area. He is currently working with the Pine Creek Medical Center as well as Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. He has an amazingly high level of compassion, respect and understanding for each of his patients and uses his attention to detail and compassion to always deliver the best results.


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar received his education from the University of Michigan Medical Schools and completed his residency at the University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers. Dr. Sam Jejurikar is also very giving with his time and skill, having gone on several missions, using his medical talents on those less fortunate, including an annual trip to Bangladesh.


His philanthropic efforts, including those with the organization Smile Bangladesh which delivers medical care to impoverished children in Bangladesh, in addition to his kind nature show why Dr. Jejurikar not only has the Compassionate Doctor certification but why it is so well deserved in his case.


The Cancer Treatment Centers of America Offers Proven Results

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA)treats patients for cancer and nothing else, unless it is another disease that is related to cancer. CTCA uses traditional methods of cancer treatment such as surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation treatment and pain management. They also use alternative methods such as naturopathic medicine, nutrition therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, mind-body medicine, hormone therapy, and spiritual support. This is called the Integrated Approach to cancer treatment at CTCA.

Cancer treatment centers have hospitals located in Phoenix, Chicago, Atlanta, Tulsa, and Philadelphia. All the treatment is under one roof, so the patient and his or her family does not have to travel all over the country to keep up with treatments. A collaborative approach is used to plug in the doctors who specialize in the types of cancer that a person has.

When a person is admitted to Cancer Treatment Centers of America they go through a very detailed interview and physical examination procedure. Once that is completed, a team of specialists is assigned to the individual depending upon the types of cancer that a person has. That way a patient receives specialized treatment from experts in the fields that treat the various forms of cancer.

The treatment is geared to treat the individual and his or her needs. People have other needs too, besides just media. Over 70 percent of cancer patients are malnourished and suffer from a great deal of fatigue. They are, in many cases, depressed and frightened to varying degrees. They are entering an entirely new world of fear and anxiety because most have never experienced cancer before and it is a lot to deal with.

The family must be taken care of as well, as they are encouraged and schooled on how to help their loved one cope with cancer. With the help of the doctors and the experts in other fields that are related, Cancer Treatment Centers of America can help people through cancer and point them to the road of recovery.

DACA an act that the Frontera fund continues to believe in

Daca as is the common name for the program that President Obama came up with as a response as a result for the inaction of congress and senate in the formulation of legislation that was supposed to protect and enable the interest of childhood arrivals be taken care of.

Who are childhood arrivals?

This are those persons that were brought to the United States of America as children by there parents at an age when they could not do anything about it and at the same time they were also too young to be separated from their children.These children then grew up in the united states and underwent their education here and as such all their friends and lives are based in the country for them despite not being born in the country they do not know of any other place they call home.


Daca was meant to help these persons in the sense that legally they are not citizens they are still illegal immigrants as per the law. But from a human level whatever circumstances that led to there current situation were beyond them.The president understood their plight and it is this understanding that enabled him to take the presidential action and thus Daca was formed. The need for the dreamer’s act cannot be understated as it was built on the premise on the need to help a generation that has nowhere else to call home and once they are deported they have no recourse and they are not in a position to start any new life elsewhere.

The Frontera fund an initiative of Jim Larkin and Micheal lacey has been one of the most vocal proponents of the Daca initiatives having worked with immigrants especially those from the Hispanic community the understand the plight of the over eight hundred thousands current recipients in the country as well as the others who are about to apply for the same. The Frontera continues to advocate for the dreamer’s act as the temporary measure before the necessary laws are enacted to enabled these dreamers to live in the United States as legal citizens.

Dr. Imran Haque And His Quest To Keep North Carolina Happy And Healthy

At Horizon Internal Medicine, Dr. Imran Haque is on a mission one patient at a time. As a physician specializing in Internal Medicine, Dr. Haque has been treating North Carolina residents with everything from obesity to diabetes to laser hair removal. It is a mission that has been keeping Dr. Haque busy for the past 15 years.

As America faces a number of health challenges from aging to obesity, Internal Medicine practitioners like Dr. Imran Haque have their work cut out for them. However, Dr. Haque has confronted these health challenges with two offices in the Asheboro and Ramseur areas. Offices that have seen a steady influx of patients who receive treatment for their weight management and other health issues.

Dr. Imran Haque received his training at The University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program. After receiving his license to practice medicine in North Carolina, Dr. Haque enrolled in the maintenance of Certification Program for Internal Medicine. Today, Dr. Haque continues to see patients at both of his offices.

For Dr. Haque treatment starts with his primary care patients and routine physicals. This is where Dr. Haque works to detect, treat and reverse issues that can lead to a more serious condition. For instance, Dr. Haque is able to help his primary care patients deal with their weight management issues before this condition leads to diabetes, chronic pain or a heart condition.

In addition to treating weight management and diabetic patients, Dr. Imran Haque’s offices also offer Botox, laser hair, and Venus body contouring services. Dr. Haque provides a comfortable environment for people who want their cosmetic procedures treated with the compassion and discretion. For many Asheboro and Ramseur residents, Dr. Haque’s variety of medical services provides convenience and peace of mind.

Horizon Internal Medicine is open weekdays from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The office is closed on Weekends.


OSI Industries Leads The Meat Industry Through Great Employee Benefits And Quality Products

OSI Industries is a leading company in the food industry that provides quality products and solutions that are custom. OSI Industries was founded in 1909 and has over 100,000 employees. Located across a span of many different states and countries OSI industries provides bright futures for all its employees with many benefits as well as opportunity’s that come along with each job.

Their spirit and drive come from the same spirit and drive their founder Otto Kolschowsky had many years ago when it all started. OSI Industries spreads the concept that everybody can make a difference with both their male and female employees. This is because OSI truly believes that they would not be what they are today without all their hardworking and driven employees. OSI Industries offers career opportunities in many different categories. These categories include accounting/finance, human resources, information technology, logistics, maintenance, operations, quality assurance, and even research and development. No matter which career field you are looking to go into there is a position at OSI Industries for you in one of their many areas of expertise. Company’s like OSI Industries are what keeps the food and beverage industry a great place to find a career that can change lives for the better. OSI Industries quality products are the second reason aside from their great employee treatment as to why they are a leading company in the food industry.

Without quality products OSI Industries would not be what it is today just the same as it would not be what it is today without such great quality employees. OSI Industries supplies many different varieties of meat products which are a common staple in many homes. Some of the meat products that OSI Industries offers are beef, pork, hot dogs, beef patties, bacon, sausage, and even the common favorite food in America known as chicken nuggets. OSI Industries is McDonalds #1 beef supplier. Due to OSI Industries success they have over 60 production warehouses in over 16 countries. There is no doubt that without OSI Industries there would be a lack of high quality meat products in not just America but many other countries also. OSI Industries even was awarded the 2016 globe of honour from the British safety council. The Glove of Honour award is not easy to receive as it takes excellence displayed in the area of environmental management in order to be awarded such an honor.

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Sheldon Lavin Remains A Shining Example Within His Industry

Sheldon Lavin has had an interesting career in business. He is the CEO of OSI Group, which is the largest meat manufacturer in the world. However, Sheldon did not set out to be in the food business. He was originally working in the banking industry as an investor. Lavin also had his own consulting company. Through his consulting company he met the original founders of Otto and Sons, which was a meat manufacturing operation working in the Illinois area. Otto and Sons was a family owned company that started as a meat market in the early 1900s.

Otto and Sons had been working with the McDonald’s Corporation. The restaurant giant was looking to expand its operation. They had been having great success with Otto and Sons and wanted them to be their primary meat provider. A new plant would need to built in order to satisfy the contract. However, the owners did not have the capital to take on such an operation themselves. Sheldon Lavin was recruited by the bank to oversee the finances of the operation. Lavin took his time developing a relationship with both Otto and Sons and McDonald’s. His impact was felt immediately. However, Lavin stated from the out set that he would only come on as a full-time partner if he were granted equal stake in the company.

Lavin initially came on as a consultant. His role at Otto and Sons gradually grew over the years. The McDonald’s Corporation eventually recommended that Sheldon become a part of the operation full-time. Lavin agreed to the arrangement as long as he would have the same decision-making abilities as the other owners.

The original owners settled into retirement and Lavin took over Otto and Sons as its CEO. The company then became known as OSI Group and began to participate in international investments. There are plants in several regions throughout the world including the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe. OSI Group has more than 20,000 employees. Lavin and his leadership continues to push for growth.

Sheldon Lavin has also been recognized for his philanthropy, as he is very dedicated to giving back to the communities his businesses operate in. India’s Vision World Academy recognized Lavin as the Global Visionary of 2016. Sheldon used these titles as an example to show up and coming executives that it is important to commit as much to charity work as as they do to making money.

About Sheldon Lavin: www.facebook.com/public/Sheldon-Lavin

Anthony Petrello Invests In An Intimate Cause

As of late, Anthony Petrello has been very generous with his fortune, donating $5 million to a research initiative, and according to sources, has plans to give an additional $2 million in the near future. Mr. Petrello has also been vocal about his intention to focus his efforts on the fundraising aspect of the initiative. There is added incentive to Mr. Petrello’s efforts involving the initiative, as the cause is very close to his heart. He witnesses a miracle each and every morning at breakfast time when his daughter, who was born at 24 weeks and diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia, eats solid food. Mr. Petrello’s daughter is now 8 years old, and after spending a number of hours mastering the process of eating solid food, has leveled her efforts toward walking and talking. The neurological disease, which inhibits his daughter Carena from learning things that children naturally process as they grow, is a result of a lack of oxygen to the brain, and eventually caused her to develop cerebral palsy. As Mr. Petrello and his wife Cynthia are intimately invested in the cause, they continue to spread awareness on their dedicated journey to finding new answers to a problem that affects many children that are born prematurely.

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As the Chief Executive Officer of the largest drilling company in the world, Nabors Industries, Anthony Petrello has been an integral part in growing his company, but amidst all of his business endeavors, he continues to show his dedication as a member of the Texas Children’s Hospital Board of Trustees. When faced with the harsh realities associated with the birth of Carena, Mr. Petrello and his wife sought a pediatric research institution that would be able to give them the highest quality of care. Discovering that the children needed transatlantic research, Mr. Petrello saw an opportunity regarding the brain research that was being done. This eventually led him to the local Texas Children’s Hospital.

Anthony Petrello graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics, and pursued further education, graduating from Harvard Law School. After graduating, Mr. Petrello joined the Baker and McKenzie law firm in 1979, eventually taking on the role of Managing Partner in 1986. He would later join Nabors Industries in 1991 as a member of the Board of Directors and President before ascending to the position of Chief Executive Officer in 2011.

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