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This Is the Secret Behind Dr. Haque’s Success

Dr. Imran Haque got started in Internal Medicine while he was studying at the medical program at the University of Virginia. He noticed that his community and other communities lacked a wide range of services, as well as professionals who would provide high-quality medical care with empathy and sympathy. Imran Haque  decided to fill that gap. That is why he started Horizon Internal Medicine.

Dr. Imran Haque believes that his success is because he treats everybody kindly and fairly. Whether it is patients or professional contacts, he treats everyone like he would want them to treat him. He believes that if you do that, success will surely follow. He also believes that a great network is important. He has many connections with other professionals in the medical field.

Dr. Imran Haque said that success and profits did not come overnight. He said that it takes hard work and dedication. He said that he worked years to learn how to multitask. However, once you learn how to do that, things become easier.

When asked if there was ever a time that he doubted himself, Dr. Imran Haque replied that there once was a time when he was running both his medical practice and a sock and textile business. However, that sock and textile business was not succeeding. He had to choose what he was going to put his efforts in. He decided to go with medical practice because that is his passion and what he is experienced with. Therefore, he dropped his sock and textile business.

When asked further about his success, Dr. Imran Haque replied that it is because he cares about every patient and has a personal connection with every single one of them. They know that he does not care just about the money and the profits that he will make. They know that he cares about them, because he always practices good bedside manners.

Dr. Imran Haque is excited about the future. He is especially excited about how technology can improve medical field through record-keeping and other methods.

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Desiree Perez Influence in the Music Industry

The music industry is one of the most profitable industries in the whole world. Although men hold the major leadership roles in the industry, there exist a handful of women in the industry that can work more or likely like men. Desiree Perez is one such woman who has cut a niche for herself in the leadership roles of the music industry in the United States.

Des Perez has been working with several successful artists in the industry, and one of them is Shawn Carter popularly known as Jay Z. Perez has worked with Jay Z for more than two decades now. She has helped the rapper in developing and expanding his enterprise. Desiree Perez alongside her husband, Juan Perez are members of the Hova Circle of Influence. The team is known for its influence in the music industry. She has helped Jay Z with business insights that have turned him to be a businessman.

She is a fearless negotiator and has sealed numerous groundbreaking deals. She sealed the $25 million deal between Samsung and Rihanna. Perez took part in the negotiation a deal between Roc Nation and Live Nation that was worth $150 million. Perez met with the President of Universal Music to discuss possible partnership deals after the Live Nation deal elapsed.

Roc Nation was founded in 2008 and has grown into one of the leading entertainment companies globally. The entertainment company works with several successful artists including Rihanna, Shakira, Meek Mill, Big Sean and J. Cole.

Desiree Perez is the current Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation. She is also a producer, and in 2014 she produced Beyonce’s and Jay Z song “On the Run Tour.” She carries out several executive roles at Roc Nation including labeling works and management operations. She also negotiates deals on behalf of the entertainment company.

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How Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Is Raising Awareness Of Prostate Cancer

About one in seven men in the United States will have a doctor diagnose them with prostate cancer at some point in their lives. The odds are even higher for African American men at one in five. This is the type of cancer that is most common among men. The best time to catch this disease is as early as possible.

In August 2017 three organizations teamed up to raise awareness of prostate cancer and the benefits of an early diagnosis. Among these was the National Football League Alumni Association and Labcorp. The other partner was Cancer Treatment Centers Of America (CTCA). Collectively they ran a campaign that offered men at the most risk, age 40 and above, an exam at one of Labcorp’s national locations. The first 2,000 men that signed up received a free prostate exam while every other eligible man after that had to pay only $25 to receive their exam.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been treating patients with cancer since 1988 when it was founded by Richard J Stephenson. The founder had witnessed his mother’s cancer treatment and was very unsatisfied with what he saw. Unfortunately his mother died of cancer and so he dedicated himself to helping others achieve a better outcome.

CTCA is a national organization of hospitals which all specialize in cancer treatment centers. These hospitals are located in Georgia, Arizona, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Oklahoma. They offer conventional treatments of cancer such as surgery, chemotherapy, and cancer drugs. They also support their patients through the process of being treated for cancer which can be very taxing and worrisome for patients. Many people being treated for cancer find themselves depressed as well as suffering from pain and other side effects. CTCA offers patients ways of dealing with these side effects in a compassionate way.

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The Change that Securus Technology has brought to The Society

Securus Technologies is a high tech company. It has been involved in solving multiple cases. This is because of the reliability and convenience of the devices. The investigation officers are very grateful for the helping hand.

One CID officer says that he overheard a conversation between child and parent after a call with an inmate. The parent was convincing the child to cover up for the crime. The child had not been involved in any wrongdoing. It was through this conversation that the case was solved by the call as evidence.

The sheriffs are also beneficiaries. They explain that through the Securus Technologies, they have been able to recover lost items. They have also been able to track drugs and other illegal products inside jails. The sheriff says that it could have taken longer time without the devices.

The other development that the people have enjoyed is the communication gadgets. The inmates can now keep in touch with their members. They can accommodate both audio and video calls. The relatives say that it fastens the healing process.

They are also embedded emails that the company has come up with, to assist inmates. These are to solve the problem that inmates face after being released. After a long time, they find it hard to adjust to the world. This is because of the many changes that have taken place.

Securus Technology understands that such devices in the hands of inmates can be hazardous. They could lead to the public being hurt. They could even lead to prison breaks.

This is why they have codded the products and restricted them to the purposes that they are tailored for only. When anything that doesn’t add up comes up, the administration files up for investigation. Through the use of this gadgets, many cases have been solved.

With Securus Technology, everyone is happy and safe.


OSI Industries Inc. Feeds Millions Of Families

Who Is OSI Industries Inc. Food Processing Corp.

Do you eat at restaurants, get your meat from a deli, or visit the grocer for food? If so, chances are your dining on a exceptionally nutritious OSI Industries diet. OSI Industries Inc. is a very popular food processing network proudly based in Zurich, Illinois. Their CEO, Sheldon Lavin has continued to play a high profile leadership role in their daily operations including international growth. He proudly oversees over 24,000+ high trained food processing professionals. Get superior food processed with the highest standard of government food regulation mandates with OSI.

OSI International Growth Initiative

Europe has always presented great opportunities in every facet if business. OSI was recently able to partner with them to take over their largest food processing plant. Europe has reported a significant business growth and the deal is worth an estimated $7.4 million dollars. Lavin says, this was a major step towards their international expansion goals. They will be responsible for processing their food condiments, pie fillings, and frozen chickens. Further partnerships include food processing organic vegetables for India. They also help to serve the communities they feed by taking part in nationwide and global charitable organizations.

Get a great diet which provides your customers or your family the highest standard in nutrition. OSI is committed to feeding your family a quality diet and were one of the first to answer to a stabilized food industry. Put a great meal on the table with hot dogs, frozen poultry, pie fillings, meat patties, and more. They never hesitate to let their customers know where their food comes from and what’s in it. OSI continues to feed millions of families worldwide. Take control of what you put on tablet with quality ingredients its packed in each product backed by their name.

Visit the interactive OSI website to learn more about their career opportunities. They offer a diversity employee network with career positions all over the world. You can also learn more about their expansion deals, food products, leadership team, or more on their CEO.

OSI Group Info: www.foodprocessing.com/top100/profiles/osigroup/

Whitney Wolfe Becomes the Change She Wants to See

When it comes to dating apps Whitney Wolfe is clearly someone that is going to make it easier for people to date. She has created a very successful dating app, and few people would have guessed that this would become an app where a billion dollar valuation was speculated.

This is what the people have started to buzz about as Whitney Wolfe takes a front seat at the technology dating app table. Whitney Wolfe has proven that the dating app community is ready for something different. She has really set her mind on creating the type of dating app that is going to allow women to make the also dreadful first move.

Whitney Wolfe is a millennial with a new age mind set on how the dating apps should function. She is aware that she was creating something that had not been created before. She wanted to create what she has called a feminist dating app, but she had more in mind than this. His LinkedIn Profile.

She did not just want to create a feminist dating app and sell it off to some other company. The dating app company called Match has actually offered Whitney Wolfe $450 million dollars to sell Bumble. She could have done this with ease, but then the company would simply have been run by another male competitor. This is what the large majority of the dating apps are.

Whitney Wolfe wanted to do something different by creating and running a company that represented women in the technology sector. She also wanted to create an app that would actually allow people to see a multitude of women in power. From the 70 employees that Bumble has at this moment more than 85% of these employees are women. That should speak volumes about how much Whitney Wolfe was interested in putting women in positions of control. She wanted to do this with the dating app for singles, and she also wanted to put women in a position of empowerment inside of the corporate structure of Bumble.

No one can deny that she has been able to do this with great clarity because she talks about these issues where women are not in positions of power in corporate America. She also talks about how many dating apps that were created by men have become apps where women are harassed. Whitney Wolfe wanted to change all of this for app users.

Learn more about her: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/whitney-wolfe

Jay Z and Desiree Perez Makes another Move

Jay Z signed a deal worth $150 milli0n with Live Nation ten years ago. The contract was to last for ten years meaning that next year is their last year together. There were speculations that the deal would be renewed, but Live Nation cleared the air and also said that they no longer buy recorded music. Live Nation said that they could continue but not including the recorded music deal. Early signs show that Jay Z could be heading to Roc Nation for more sales.

Roc Nation is home to Jay Z, other prolific artists who are members of Roc Nation include Rihana, Fat Joe, Shakira and Meek Mill. Jay Z and top Roc Nation’s executive Desiree Perez met Sir Lucian Grainge the CEO of Universal Music group. The meeting which took place in Sir Lucian’s office raised eyebrows that UMG could be planning to buy some shares from Roc Nation.

United Music Group and Roc Nation already have a working relationship but in a small percentage. Signing another deal will mean that UMG’s stake at Roc Nation will go high. United Music Group Company has developed a lot of interest in the agreement terming Jay Z as phenomenal.

About Desiree Perez

Desire Perez has been Roc Nation’s chief operating officer since 2009. Her contribution to the company is incredible; she has been involved in areas like publishing, marketing, and management. She is also engaged in Rihana’s Samsung deal. She is a great negotiator, and the company has her record ever the same and more

Desiree Perez is part of the collective team that runs and manages operations at Roc Nation. Jay Z and Desiree Perez have been working together for more than 20 years. Their twenty years of working together made a lot of contribution to music industry.

Richard Mishaan Design; Home of Unmatched Interior Designs

There has been a significant improvement in the interior design industry. Many companies are working hard to come up with excellent designs that leave residential as well as commercial places attractive. Most of these interior designs are well thought, and most of them depend on individuals tastes. Richard Mishaan Design is one of the leading companies that has specialized in excellent interior designs. The company has over 20 years’ experience, and it has served many great hotels as well as celebrities.

Richard Mishaan Design was found by Richard Mishaan who is a great interior design architect. The company employs art designs in most of their work to ensure that clients get satisfied. Richard Mishaan Design uses styles like Art Deco, Gustavian, Mid-Century Modern as well as Rococo. They also combine some of these styles to come up with the best design. Richard also employs different colors to ensure living rooms, as well as bedrooms, are well arranged and attractive. He ensures that clients have a say in all the designs which makes their work easy.

Richard Mishaan Design has remained on top in the interior design industry for over 25 years as a result of blending elements of different styles with elements of different times. This means that all the company designs are a blend of modern and traditional classic designs. All the company designs show quality and luxury even if one doesn’t have expensive house accessories.

Richard Mishaan Design has received contracts from the luxurious hotel all over New York. St. Regis Hotel is one of the hotels that the company designed for a presidential suite. This made the company famous. Richard Mishaan Design will continue to dominate New York in commercial and residential architecture as well as excellent interior designs. The interior design company has been this successful as a result of highly trained interior designers at the firm who work very hard to come up with excellent designs.


Jeremy Goldstein’s Knockout Options Explained for Employers

Many corporations are stopping the provision for stock options for their employees. There are reasons for this trend, the main ones being:


o The stock market may not be stable leading to losses and making it an impossibility for employees to earn any money.

o Employees have developed some fear to this compensation option; they consider it as casino tokens, whose stability is not guaranteed.


Advantages and Solutions

The options boost personal earnings, especially where the company’s share value gets a tip. Employees prioritize the company and work harder, thus attracting more benefits. The only solutions for companies are to reduce overhang on the ongoing expenses and the recurrent ones.


Knockout Options

When this strategy is adopted, a non-employees benefit since they do not experience overhang hence stakeholders have nothing substantial to worry about. The firm’s stock value is therefore protected.


What to Consider Despite the Options

The knockout route does not solve all the company’s ills and problems but only serve to cushion big problems. It is however encouraged that companies and corporations liaise with their internal auditors on the consequences of adopting these measures, and communicating the same to employees.


It is important for companies to wait for a period of 6 months more in order to consider all the range of options. This should be done especially when the existing derivatives have ceased to be in operation. Auditors and accountants should be specifically consulted in this area before any decision is made.


Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein is an attorney, mainly sought after by big corporations and companies for advice and insight on matters regarding employee benefits and rights. He has practiced for more than 15 years as a business lawyer in New York City.


Brands Worked For

Goldstein has undertaken huge and important transactions with top notch companies in the commercial world like the Verizon, Duke Energy, Bank One, Merck and even A &T. Jeremy Goldstein is a member of several boards. He previously served for the Fountain House and the prestigious Law Journal.


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Interview.net Conducts An Interview With Businessman, Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch is a real estate developer who founded Metrik Real Estate. Mr. Strauch studied international business management at Hofstra University and later went on to study business at both Erasmus University and Harvard University at the graduate level. In his spare time Samuel Strauch likes to travel and take photographs during his travels.

The first question in the interview was what did Samuel Strauch see when he created Metrik Real Estate. Mr. Strauch says that when he launched Metrik Real Estate, the city of Miami was experiencing rapid growth and development. He had also established many business and client contacts in Latin America at the time. Both things solidified the idea, that Miami would be an ideal spot for a real estate sales and development company.

Interview.net’s second question for Samuel Strauch was what is a strategy that he utilizes to make his company more successful. His answer was that he tries to make his company keep current with the latest technological advancements. He also says that his company team is also constantly on the lookout for new investment possibilities with great potential. Another key part of his business strategy is to make development projects that will resonate with the younger generation. This is because the millennial generation is representing the largest growing sector in the real estate housing sector.

Next, Samuel Strauch was asked of a habit he has that he believes makes him more productive as a businessman. Samuel Strauch says that he tries to do a lot of mediation and tries to mediate daily when possible. He says that mediation has a very strong relaxing effect and makes you more focused. This lets him better tackle the personal and business challenges ahead. Taking time out every day to think through the things that need to be done and to be grateful for what you have in life is another thing that makes Strauch more happy and productive in his real estate business.

Samuel Strauch was asked what his present goals for Metrik Real Estate are. Mr. Strauch says that one of his main goals right now for his company is to be on top of the current housing, technological and lifestyle trends. He believes that it is impossible to run a successful business without adapting to the market and needs of the consumer. Samuel Strauch is also actively seeking to get into as many opportunities in the hospitality sector as possible and develop unique properties in this sphere.

Samuel Strauch’s Social Media: www.linkedin.com/in/samuel-strauch-b3944013/