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Bruno Fagali: A Leading Attorney in Brazil Who Abhors Corruption

Bruno Jorge Fagali is an experienced Sao Paulo-based attorney. Through FAGALI Advocacy, Bruno handles some of the most complicated litigation processes involving Administrative Law, Regulatory Law, and Urban Law. Bruno Fagali is a household name, owing it to the fact that he has made key contributions towards the eradication of corruption in Brazil.

Education & Experience

Bruno Fagali’s legal expertise has earned him senior roles in both private and government organizations within Brazil. The Brazilian Institute of Business Law and Ethics (IBDEE) hired him as the effective associate of its Ethics Committee agency. He also doubles up as the coordinator of IBDEE’s Advertising Agency. The new/sb, another ad agency in Brazil, has Bruno as its corporate integrity manager. As a Compliance and Ethics attorney, he belongs to the Society of Compliance and Ethics (SCE).

Bruno Fagali’s academic excellence was the prerequisite of his professional excellence. He is a Master’s of Law degree holder from the Universidade de Sao Paulo’s School of Law. The master’s degree was preceded by a bachelor’s degree in law at Pontifical Catholic University’s Faculty of Law. Bruno perfected his legal expertise by pursuing short graduate courses. He sharpened his Corporate Law and Compliance Law skills at GVlaw.

The new/sb Corporate Integrity Program

As the corporate integrity manager of the new/sb, Bruno Fagali helped the ad agency to design and implement an Anti-corruption Law compliant code of conduct in May 2016. The company also initiated a Corporate Integrity Program, in line with its commitment to integrity and transparency. This was a major achievement by both Bruno and the firm, as it became the first and only ad agency in Brazil to comply with the General Comptroller of the Union (GCU) regulations.

With the Corporate Integrity Program, new/sb had to train its staff on how the program operates. Bruno Fagali was given the responsibility of training staff from Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro offices.

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