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Robert Ivy Becomes The First Mississippi Architect To Receive The Prestigious MIAL Award

It is the first time in the history of Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award to honor an architect. Robert Ivy did not imagine in his life that he’ll land such an award. Words that filled the air when Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL) made the announcement; show that he is the right man disposed for the award. The American Institute of Architects Chief Executive Officer and Vice President received the news in shock. Upon hearing the news, his President, Carl Elefente said that Robert Ivy deserved the award. The president however, was also shocked at the chances that led to Robert receiving the trophy, saying that MIAL has never awarded an architect.

Polk Lifetime Achievement Award is only given to people mostly living in Mississippi or have very close ties to the people of Mississippi. In order to receive the award, one has to come from Mississippi. While that remains to be the rule, it seems that this time, MIAL decided to go outside their normal selection routine. For many years, the award has been going to those people who through their exemplary artistic skills have shown tremendous prowess. Their works of art must also have a positive impact t o a majority of the people living in Mississippi. This time, it seems that Robert Ivy’s ways surpassed many.

Robert Ivy now joins a handful of Mississippians that have been honored by MIAL. Some of those who have been awarded include Leontyne Price, a singer who received award in year 2000, Walter Anderson (1989), and Morgan Freeman (2017). Sources close to MIAL point out to the reason why the institute chose Robert Ivy. Reliable sources confirm that back in Mississippi, perhaps, there is no one man like Ivy who has made it possible for the ordinary people to access modern architecture.

When giving the award, MIAL President Nancy Laforge said that it is high time the institution looked further to extend the awards to others that have also touched the common person. “Robert Ivy has done remarkable job as an author, an accomplished editor and an architect. We do not see why he will not deserve our Noel Polk Award,” said MIAL President.

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