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Gareth Henry, Brazil Headed for Economy Greatness this 2014

Gareth Henry, Brazil Headed for Economy Greatness this 2014

Great news for the Brazilian investors, If you are looking to invest this 2014 Brazil may just be the best place to invest in. This is according to Hedge fund firms.

Despite the Electioneering period coming up in the next few weeks, Brazil has given rise to a convenient and conducive investing environment. There are lots of trading opportunities coming up. In fact, Gareth Henry from Fortress Investment Group cites that, “Brazil, with this election in the next couple of weeks, has given rise to the most amazing trading opportunity so far this year,”. While an upcoming election may be an impediment to trading in most countries, for Brazil it is quite the opposite. It is predicted that the Brazilian currency will remain strong even after the election.

Henry also points out that besides Brazil, the other two countries whose economic performance has been noticeable is Japan and Scotland. He said “Japan was one of the biggest and best trades last year. We think that that will continue this year as Abenomics gets stronger and stronger,” Abenomics being Japan’s economic stimulus program under their Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

While in Scotland, he says that the trading opportunities have been created by the failure of the independence vote. “Initially it was a non-event and then there was a huge amount of uncertainty,” says Henry.

In his view, Gareth Henry concludes that as far as geopolitics and political changes are concerned, Brazil should now focus on what’s happening globally over the course of the next 12 months.

About Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry is an alumnus of the University of Edinburg in Scotland where he studied Actuarial mathematics. Since his graduation, he has worked for Schroder’s Global Investment Firm and Fortress Investment Group as the company’s managing director. It is at Fortress where his career took a turn for the better. He was in charge of the Marketing aspect of the company in the U.S., Europe as well as in the Middle East. Gareth then left Fortress for Investor Relations where he is responsible for the company’s sales organization. To know more about him click here.