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Investment Strategies by Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a successful entrepreneur. He attributes his success to his firmness in decision making. According to him, entrepreneurs should believe in their judgments and not always rely on the input of their business partners. He was born 1947 in Brazil. He acquired his education from prestigious federal universities where he studied engineering for two years before changing to economics. He had a desire to solve various economic problems in the country. Igor Cornelsen graduated in 1970 and joined the job market where he worked as a junior employee. He was chosen among many other applicants due to his skills. The management was satisfied with his contributions and appointed him to serve in the executive.

During his tenure as a member of the board, he made great contributions in the formulation of key strategies for the firm. Igor Colnelsen has worked for various firms with an impressive performance record. He ever gave up his entrepreneurial dreams even after getting high compensation. He used his experience to start and operate his own investment firm. The aim was to help many upcoming businesspeople who were struggling to find new opportunities. He believes that there are many viable business opportunities available if well managed. The investment expert urges every businessperson to seek information on a daily basis on the market changes as they keep on changing.

He is sociable. Despite his tight schedules, he always makes time for friends and colleagues. According to him, they could offer more information on viable ventures. He attributes his success to the ability to analyze and identify gaps in the economy. Igor Cornelsen believes that a successful entrepreneur must rely on information from credible sources and use it to make their investment decisions. He exercise caution before making major investment decisions and this yielded good returns. He acknowledges the possibility of making investment mistakes but urges other businesspeople to be persistent and learn from it. According to him some of the mistakes some entrepreneurs make may end up being the best lesson they ever had and therefore they should get rid of the fear of making mistakes.