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OSI Industries Inc. Feeds Millions Of Families

Who Is OSI Industries Inc. Food Processing Corp.

Do you eat at restaurants, get your meat from a deli, or visit the grocer for food? If so, chances are your dining on a exceptionally nutritious OSI Industries diet. OSI Industries Inc. is a very popular food processing network proudly based in Zurich, Illinois. Their CEO, Sheldon Lavin has continued to play a high profile leadership role in their daily operations including international growth. He proudly oversees over 24,000+ high trained food processing professionals. Get superior food processed with the highest standard of government food regulation mandates with OSI.

OSI International Growth Initiative

Europe has always presented great opportunities in every facet if business. OSI was recently able to partner with them to take over their largest food processing plant. Europe has reported a significant business growth and the deal is worth an estimated $7.4 million dollars. Lavin says, this was a major step towards their international expansion goals. They will be responsible for processing their food condiments, pie fillings, and frozen chickens. Further partnerships include food processing organic vegetables for India. They also help to serve the communities they feed by taking part in nationwide and global charitable organizations.

Get a great diet which provides your customers or your family the highest standard in nutrition. OSI is committed to feeding your family a quality diet and were one of the first to answer to a stabilized food industry. Put a great meal on the table with hot dogs, frozen poultry, pie fillings, meat patties, and more. They never hesitate to let their customers know where their food comes from and what’s in it. OSI continues to feed millions of families worldwide. Take control of what you put on tablet with quality ingredients its packed in each product backed by their name.

Visit the interactive OSI website to learn more about their career opportunities. They offer a diversity employee network with career positions all over the world. You can also learn more about their expansion deals, food products, leadership team, or more on their CEO.

OSI Group Info: www.foodprocessing.com/top100/profiles/osigroup/

Richard Mishaan Design; Home of Unmatched Interior Designs

There has been a significant improvement in the interior design industry. Many companies are working hard to come up with excellent designs that leave residential as well as commercial places attractive. Most of these interior designs are well thought, and most of them depend on individuals tastes. Richard Mishaan Design is one of the leading companies that has specialized in excellent interior designs. The company has over 20 years’ experience, and it has served many great hotels as well as celebrities.

Richard Mishaan Design was found by Richard Mishaan who is a great interior design architect. The company employs art designs in most of their work to ensure that clients get satisfied. Richard Mishaan Design uses styles like Art Deco, Gustavian, Mid-Century Modern as well as Rococo. They also combine some of these styles to come up with the best design. Richard also employs different colors to ensure living rooms, as well as bedrooms, are well arranged and attractive. He ensures that clients have a say in all the designs which makes their work easy.

Richard Mishaan Design has remained on top in the interior design industry for over 25 years as a result of blending elements of different styles with elements of different times. This means that all the company designs are a blend of modern and traditional classic designs. All the company designs show quality and luxury even if one doesn’t have expensive house accessories.

Richard Mishaan Design has received contracts from the luxurious hotel all over New York. St. Regis Hotel is one of the hotels that the company designed for a presidential suite. This made the company famous. Richard Mishaan Design will continue to dominate New York in commercial and residential architecture as well as excellent interior designs. The interior design company has been this successful as a result of highly trained interior designers at the firm who work very hard to come up with excellent designs.


Freedom Debt Relief providing debt help: Learn more from the many Freedom Debt Relief Reviews Online

The importance of building and maintaining good credit cannot be disputed. You never know when you might need a loan from a loan provider, and it is therefore important to be prepared for a rainy day. While it may seem like a difficult thing to do, getting out of debt just requires you to partner with a good company.

One company that stands out when it comes to matters about debt is Freedom Debt Relief. A quick check on Freedom Debt Relief reviews online is a testament to this. Joni (one of their past customers) admits that they needed some financial help. However, unforeseen circumstances made them accumulate more debts than they could handle. After some research on credit companies, they found Freedom Debt Relief as one of the top choices that they could leverage to settle and pay their accounts. Like many people who have been in such situations, it was a bit worrisome to make the first call to the company. To their surprise, nonetheless, Freedom Debt Relief support staffs were both professional and caring. They were treated with respect, understanding and kindness. They are currently on the road to recovery and the company has been a remarkable partner in their journey.

About Freedom Debt Relief

Freedom Debt Relief is an online provider of debt resolution. The company is known for its custom programs, great savings, and great customer service. They have great employees who are always at hand to answer customers’ questions and provide them with great service. Freedom Debt Relief provides a great alternative to traditional loan providers such as banks, which may not be an option for many people because of their restrictive requirements.


Remember, no credit is just as bad as poor credit. Debt help from reputable debt settlement companies like Freedom Debt Relief can really come in handy when you find yourself in a financial fix and need a solution. With a good credit record, you will be able to get such loans without any hassles.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/freedomdebtrelieftv

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Experience

In 2015, Brazil’s shopping centers witnessed an increase of roughly 6.5% in building development, this was during an economic crisis the country recently faced. The turnout for these malls and shopping centers that continue to grow are ultimately helping their economy. One of these centers is the well-known Manaira Shopping and is the largest one of five commercial centers located in Brazil’s Joao Pessoa, Paraiba. The owner and founder of Manaira Shopping, Roberto Santiago is an astute businessman that wholeheartedly believes in this shopping sector’s area of development. Shopping centers located in the Northeast Brazilian regions have to always stay on trend and reinvent themselves if they want to continue to prosper.


The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall base has an area of over 135,000 square meters with a parking space that can hold up to 3,180 vehicles. The view is gorgeous, it overlooks the Jacare beach. With a humongous shopping center at hand, you can bet that it houses plenty of entertainment. The center is packed with 11 movie theaters, gaming zones with an electric bowling alley, kid zones, garden, spas, salons, shopping malls, top quality themed restaurants, a banquet hall and so much more. There are three state-of-the-art 3D theaters where the attendees can interact in rooms with 3D technology. The center’s Domus Hall is located on the rooftop and is a fully air-conditioned concert hall with a capacity of 8,000 people. The food court has gourmet themed restaurants that attract thousands each year. The Capital Steak House is a favorite amongst the locals and tourists.


Roberto Santiago is an entrepreneur and businessman that was born on February 16, 1978, in Joao Pessoa. He is the founder and owner of two large shopping centers located in the heart of his homeland, the Manaira Shopping Mall and the Mangeira Shopping Mall. Santiago went to school at the Marista Pio X College in Brazil, achieving his master’s degree. Later, he acquired an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from the University Center of Joao Pessoa. Santiago always dreamed of purchasing a plot of land to develop a center that could be a huge haven for the locals of his place of birth. In the year of 1989, he would construct the Manaira Shopping Mall that held the largest jewelry base during that time. This construction took almost two years to complete and there will always be plans in the future for more expansion as new innovative ideas roll in. Roberto Santiago loves his homeland and built his shopping centers in hopes to increase the economy of Joao Pessoa. To his success, the Brazilian region where his centers lay are seeing a positive increase of economic and social activities to this day.


Rick Smith; The Genius Behind Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is one of the most successful correctional communications company. It promises to provide communication and connectivity services inside prisons across the United States. Currently, Rick Smith is heading the company on the post of Chief Executive Officer. He was appointed to this post in 2008. This company is located in Texas. They have partnered with many state prisons all around the entire country. Before being appointed at Securus Technologies, Rick Smith used to work as a president of Eschelon Telecom Inc. His higher intellect, perseverance and hard work in the field of communications led him to join Securus Technologies at such a higher post.The video calling technology is one of the most famous and widely used technologies by this company. This technology helps prisoners to communicate easily without any hindrance with the outer world.

This method of communication has gained a lot of praised, and this has all become possible with the help of this company. It can also be used for the safety and security of prisoners. It creates a time frame for them to speak to anyone outside the prison by using the devices introduced by Securus along with an internet connectivity. They are also creating a biometric software that would help the security guards to identify each prisoner in order to avoid fights and riots inside prisons. The method is cost efficient and user-friendly.The leadership of Rick Smith has seen a huge growth and success of the company. The demand for their products is continuously increasing since Securus Technologies is expanding its business to other countries like Canada and also serving thousands of correctional facilities across North America.

They have been a profitable and prosperous company for quite a long time, and nowadays, they are still getting a lot of contracts because of the countless efforts of Rick Smith. Almost more than six hundred million dollars have been invested so far by this company just to take care of its patents and inventions. In the last three years, the judicial system of United States has been transforming, and the credit goes to Securus Technologies. The vast collection of data from their devices is helping the authorities, and with a vast variety of information stored in the device, they can track down inmates and see if they managed to escape. Aside from that, all the data received from their devices can be converted into a graph, showing how crimes can be resolved, and how those who work in law enforcement and emergency response can be assisted. The innovations and research that Securus Technologies have developed are recognized as a small step to the future of correctional facilities, and Rick Smith has proven to be the rightful owner of this company.

Talos Energy and Its Expansion Strategies

Talos Energy is a private company which deals with the production of oil and gas. Its oil and gas exploration and exploitation is mainly done offshore. Talos is based in Houston, Texas but with greater interests in Mexico, especially the Gulf Coast and Gulf of Mexico regions. The company’s state-of-the art 3D seismic data is about 33,000 square miles or more. The reprocessing of this data by the specialized team of Talos has empowered the company to evaluate opportunities relating to joint ventures and acquisitions and improve drilling inventory. For the last seven decades, the technical together with the management staff have been carrying out advanced drilling techniques using geophysical technology in the Louisiana, lower Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico.

On May 21, 2017, Talos Energy launched its drilling in the Mexican waters. State owned Petroleos Mexicanos did the only offshore exploration in Mexico as a monopoly. Houston’s Talos Energy was the first foreign company to sink an offshore oil well in Mexico. This drilling was in a joint venture with Sierra Oil &Gas, Mexico and Premier Oil, London. Sierra possesses 40% stake in the venture, Talos, 35% and Premier holds 25% of the investment. These companies acquired the rights to explore in Mexico in 2015. They then erected a well identified as Zama-1 in Sureste Basin in Tabasco. The drilling will take place at the cost of $16 million and within 90 days. The well has about millions of crude barrels approximated at 100 million to 500 million. Talos Energy principally operates the well.

Earlier in 2016, Talos energy acquired a subsidiary of Helix Energy Solutions known as Energy Resource Technology GOM (ERT). The deal was at the cost of $620 million. The acquired company is headquartered at the Gulf of Mexico. Investment funds affiliated with Riverstone Holdings and Apollo Global Management form the company’s fund portfolio. For example, in February 2012, Riverstone supported Talos with $600 million in equity.

This year, Talos received recognition as the top local small business with the best workplace by Workplace Dynamics. Some of the company’s motivational programs for its workers include on-site day care and Friday happy hours.