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The Clan with the Spirit of Charity: Say Hello to Dick

Currently standing amongst the richest families of Michigan, the Devos’ philanthropy stretches wider than most can imagine. The head of the clan, Richard, has long been involved in funding educational institutions, with an inclination that I find to be religious in nature. Mr. and Mrs. DeVos operate their very own charity foundation and have also known to fund the establishment of a hospital in Grand Rapids by giving a record 50 million US dollars.

In my opinion, the philanthropist spirit and a part of the riches have been inherited by Dick, one of their sons who fell into the streamline of his dad’s business. The other two have also taken over portions of business and continue to grow under the guidance of their father and brother. 

Dick DeVos stands apart from the rest of his brothers by his keen attention to business even in the early years of his life. Michigan is his hometown, which perhaps explains the close links his charity has to the area. Dick DeVos has reminisced in an interview that hanging around the offices of his dad with Doug (brother) was kind of fun. Starting his education from Forest Hills, Dick went off cruising through Northwood University to achieve his BS in the subject of business. He also attended Harvard at one point in his life but did not sail right through with a degree. However, Amway welcomed Dick with open arms in 1974, a company that his father had played a part in establishing. Thus began Dick’s career. Read a full biography here. 

Dick’s professional life is marked by diverse interests and choices. For instance, he also served as the CEO of the basketball team of Orlando Magic. He also ran for the governorship of his beloved Michigan but did not manage to bag the seat. Read the full account here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dick_DeVos. 

Dick and Betsy Devos (husband and wife respectively) have done some pretty amazing philanthropic work themselves, what with the opening of the Aviation charter institute that does not have any tuition fee and their own foundation just like the one held by their parents. The foundation pipelines the funds to a number of organizations and causes that take place in the area, with the notable mention of ArtPrize, a huge competition conducted in Grand Rapids at an international level. Dick DeVos also made the headlines during the political campaign of George Bush.