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A Look into the Cancer Treatment Centers of America

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) is a network of five medical facilities whose primary role is to serve cancer patients across the United States. Located in Boca Raton, Florida, this network which has made a significant improvement in the healthcare sector by improving the quality of life of cancer patients was founded by Richard J Stephenson in 1988. During its inception, the CTCA had just one hospital in Zion Illinois.

Richard was prompted to found this for-profit network after losing his mother to cancer. He felt dissatisfied about the treatment offered to her before she passed on, and felt that much more would have been done. After opening the first hospital in Illinois, Richard opened four others between 2005 and 2012. Since 1988, Richard has been committed to delivering cancer patients and their family what he calls “Mother Standard of care.”

CTCA focuses on fighting cancer through treating the illness using state-of-the-art technologies and equipment. Advanced treatment options such as radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, and immunotherapy are also utilized. Additionally, the centers provide therapies and other techniques that help in the management of treatment side-effects such as pain, nausea, and fatigue.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America are equipped with experienced oncologists, doctors, and other medical experts who provide personalized care to its patients. This comes in addition to the latest-technology equipment and techniques that are used in the treatment and management of various types of cancer. CTCA has successfully provided treatment to cancer patients in the US since its inception. Also, it has helped prolong life and reduce cancer-related deaths.

As the founder of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Richard Stephenson has had an active role to play in the success of the institution. Additionally, he has also been involved in other initiatives that have improved the quality of life for needy Americans. For example, he has founded five different charities in each of the areas where the hospitals are located. Known as the Assistance in Healthcare Foundations, these charities provide financial support to families that have been affected by cancer, and which are in need of essential amenities such as food, rent, and utilities.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America under the leadership of Richard Stephenson have significantly improved cancer treatment and management in the US. As new technologies continue to be invented in the medical sectors, it is expected that more and more families will benefit from this organization.

Erick Lefkofsky Technological Contribution in Battling Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is a condition affecting many individuals worldwide. It cuts across regions, wealth status and medical advancement levels. Various treatments and interventions have been devised to fight the scourge. Unfortunately, no single method or entity has come up with specific treatment guideline. This gloomy scenario has resulted in more suffering and unnecessary fatalities. As of now, the medical fraternity cannot assure patients of complete breast cancer healing. But behind the scenes, Tempus, the cancer-fighting startup from Groupon founder Erick Lefkofsky is working hard to change this situation.The drawbacks in treating breast cancer arise from the numerous presentations, mutations and personal backgrounds. To tackle the breast cancer menace, Tempus has come up with a strategy to capture data from patients in all health facilities dealing with cancer. In partnership with the University of Chicago, Tempus will analyze data from over 1,000 cancer patients. This statistics will assist doctors in creating personalized treatment for each patient.

Diagnosis of Breast Cancer requires a paradigm that involves targeted therapeutics that exploits the immunological and molecular state of the tumor. Tempus primary focus is to collect and disseminate an acceptable model that doctors can use to match each patient’s molecular profile to their treatment.To realize this noble idea, the Precision Promise trial, organized by the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN) has tapped Tempus to use its disruptive technology in production and analysis of genomic and clinical data. By utilizing Tempus tools, thousands of breast cancer patients’ data will be collected and stored for clinical referencing. Physicians will use this technology in determining the molecular constitution of patient’s cells and focusing therapy on the genomic profile. This targeted treatment is expected to bring positive results to breast cancer patients.

Erick Lefkofsky is the co-founder and CEO of Tempus company. This technological company has created an operating system for collecting and preserving data from cancer patients. He graduated from the University of Michigan and received his Juris Doctor from the Universityof Michigan Law School. Also, he is the co-founder and chairman of Groupon and Uptake technologies.Mr. Lefkofsky together with his wife Liz has established the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. The charitable organization is improving the welfare of people in targeted communities.

The Anti-Aging Advocate: Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny

A highly accomplished and esteemed researcher and doctor, Mikhail (Misha) V. Blagosklonny, MD, Ph.D., is based in Buffalo, New York. There, he holds the title of Professor of Oncology at the Roswell Park Center Institute. Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny has an admirable list of achievements cen-tered around his passion for finding links and similarities in the pathways between cancer and aging. His journey to earning the respected title at Roswell Park was a work in the making for several years involving a lengthy education and abundance of work experience.

After earning his M.D. in internal medicine and his Ph.D. in experimental medicine and cardiolo-gy from the prestigious First Pavlov State Medical University in St. Petersburg, Russia, Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny worked as an assistant professor in New York Medical College before earning his next appointment to work as a senior scientist. Based in Albany, New York, Blagosklonny worked at the Ordway Research Institute, which he held until being given the position of Profes-sor of Oncology at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York.

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Dr. Blagosklonny’s interests are broadly based on cancer and aging, specifically involving the molecular and cellular biology of the study of oncogenes and tumor suppressors. He focuses on signal transduction, separation involving apoptosis, mitosis, and the cell cycle, and anticancer therapies and preventative strategies for normal cells. Starting with the study of cancer, Mikhail Blagosklonny has also used these same approaches to study aging and age-related diseases; and the results have been extraordinary as he has helped reveal ant-aging drugs such as rapamycin. Studying drugs such as rapamycin has prompted Blagosklonny to propose cancer-related thera-pies for normal cells in protecting them from aging. This area of study is scientifically termed bi-ogerontology. Blagosklonny has hypothesized rapamycin as a possible treatment for extending the longevity of life. Since the release of the drug, Blagosklonny has been quite a vocal advocate about its use and benefits for the study of longevity research.

Finally, Dr. Blagosklonny has also been deeply involved in publishing articles in journals all over the world. Mikhail Blagosklonny has published over 300 articles, reviews and book chapters for journals like Can-cer Research, The American Journal of Pathology, Aging, Cancer Research, PLOS ONE, Inter-national Journal of Cancer, Cancer Research, Autophagy, and Cancer Biology & Therapy, serv-ing as the Founding Editor, Editor-in-Chief, Co-editor, and Co-founder. His publishings revolve around subjects that delve into hyperfunction theory of aging, cell psychotherapy and chemo-therapeutic engineering, and anti-cancer approaches.

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