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Eric Lefkofsky And The Importance Of Extending Companies’ Hands To The Communities Around Them

It’s important for companies to extend their hand outside the area of responsibility of their leadership. This is the reason why corporate social responsibility is mandatory in most companies’ strategies. The more companies help people around them, the better they can function in ways that go beyond what is normally expected from their executives. One of the few people who do their best to perform philanthropic works today is Eric Lefkofsky, the co-founder of Tempus.

Eric Lefkofsky’s work contribute a lot to the development of technologies that find solutions to remedy cancer. The battle of cancer is still a pressing issue today, and it is through the works of Lefkofsky along with his wife that these solutions are realized in application. With Lefkofsky’s involvement, Tempus has now retained its reputation for being one of the world’s largest archives or library of clinical data that physicians can use to analyze the factors contributing to cancer. With this molecular data ingrained in an operating system, physicians can deliver the personalized that care cancer patients need for better and faster recovery.

The main charity foundation that Lefkofsky established is the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, which is a private charity firm that stands strong today because also of the help of his wife, Liz. What the firm does today is to lead initiatives that can enhance lives in different communities all over the world. One of these programs that help the marginalized groups in the country is High School Bound, which is a student-focused website that helps students access the best Chicago Public Schools near them. With such program, students can now get better chances of a good quality education for their future that suits them and that best acknowledges their specific set of talents.

Established in 2006, the Lefkofsky Family Foundation has been at the helm of high-impact initiatives in the country that aims to expand cultural initiatives and improve the human rights condition of the people.

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The Cancer Treatment Centers of America Offers Proven Results

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA)treats patients for cancer and nothing else, unless it is another disease that is related to cancer. CTCA uses traditional methods of cancer treatment such as surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation treatment and pain management. They also use alternative methods such as naturopathic medicine, nutrition therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, mind-body medicine, hormone therapy, and spiritual support. This is called the Integrated Approach to cancer treatment at CTCA.

Cancer treatment centers have hospitals located in Phoenix, Chicago, Atlanta, Tulsa, and Philadelphia. All the treatment is under one roof, so the patient and his or her family does not have to travel all over the country to keep up with treatments. A collaborative approach is used to plug in the doctors who specialize in the types of cancer that a person has.

When a person is admitted to Cancer Treatment Centers of America they go through a very detailed interview and physical examination procedure. Once that is completed, a team of specialists is assigned to the individual depending upon the types of cancer that a person has. That way a patient receives specialized treatment from experts in the fields that treat the various forms of cancer.

The treatment is geared to treat the individual and his or her needs. People have other needs too, besides just media. Over 70 percent of cancer patients are malnourished and suffer from a great deal of fatigue. They are, in many cases, depressed and frightened to varying degrees. They are entering an entirely new world of fear and anxiety because most have never experienced cancer before and it is a lot to deal with.

The family must be taken care of as well, as they are encouraged and schooled on how to help their loved one cope with cancer. With the help of the doctors and the experts in other fields that are related, Cancer Treatment Centers of America can help people through cancer and point them to the road of recovery.

How Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Is Raising Awareness Of Prostate Cancer

About one in seven men in the United States will have a doctor diagnose them with prostate cancer at some point in their lives. The odds are even higher for African American men at one in five. This is the type of cancer that is most common among men. The best time to catch this disease is as early as possible.

In August 2017 three organizations teamed up to raise awareness of prostate cancer and the benefits of an early diagnosis. Among these was the National Football League Alumni Association and Labcorp. The other partner was Cancer Treatment Centers Of America (CTCA). Collectively they ran a campaign that offered men at the most risk, age 40 and above, an exam at one of Labcorp’s national locations. The first 2,000 men that signed up received a free prostate exam while every other eligible man after that had to pay only $25 to receive their exam.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been treating patients with cancer since 1988 when it was founded by Richard J Stephenson. The founder had witnessed his mother’s cancer treatment and was very unsatisfied with what he saw. Unfortunately his mother died of cancer and so he dedicated himself to helping others achieve a better outcome.

CTCA is a national organization of hospitals which all specialize in cancer treatment centers. These hospitals are located in Georgia, Arizona, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Oklahoma. They offer conventional treatments of cancer such as surgery, chemotherapy, and cancer drugs. They also support their patients through the process of being treated for cancer which can be very taxing and worrisome for patients. Many people being treated for cancer find themselves depressed as well as suffering from pain and other side effects. CTCA offers patients ways of dealing with these side effects in a compassionate way.

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Erick Lefkofsky Technological Contribution in Battling Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is a condition affecting many individuals worldwide. It cuts across regions, wealth status and medical advancement levels. Various treatments and interventions have been devised to fight the scourge. Unfortunately, no single method or entity has come up with specific treatment guideline. This gloomy scenario has resulted in more suffering and unnecessary fatalities. As of now, the medical fraternity cannot assure patients of complete breast cancer healing. But behind the scenes, Tempus, the cancer-fighting startup from Groupon founder Erick Lefkofsky is working hard to change this situation.The drawbacks in treating breast cancer arise from the numerous presentations, mutations and personal backgrounds. To tackle the breast cancer menace, Tempus has come up with a strategy to capture data from patients in all health facilities dealing with cancer. In partnership with the University of Chicago, Tempus will analyze data from over 1,000 cancer patients. This statistics will assist doctors in creating personalized treatment for each patient.

Diagnosis of Breast Cancer requires a paradigm that involves targeted therapeutics that exploits the immunological and molecular state of the tumor. Tempus primary focus is to collect and disseminate an acceptable model that doctors can use to match each patient’s molecular profile to their treatment.To realize this noble idea, the Precision Promise trial, organized by the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN) has tapped Tempus to use its disruptive technology in production and analysis of genomic and clinical data. By utilizing Tempus tools, thousands of breast cancer patients’ data will be collected and stored for clinical referencing. Physicians will use this technology in determining the molecular constitution of patient’s cells and focusing therapy on the genomic profile. This targeted treatment is expected to bring positive results to breast cancer patients.

Erick Lefkofsky is the co-founder and CEO of Tempus company. This technological company has created an operating system for collecting and preserving data from cancer patients. He graduated from the University of Michigan and received his Juris Doctor from the Universityof Michigan Law School. Also, he is the co-founder and chairman of Groupon and Uptake technologies.Mr. Lefkofsky together with his wife Liz has established the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. The charitable organization is improving the welfare of people in targeted communities.