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Cassio Audi in rock music band

Cassio Audi, a prominent businessman in Brazil, is a hard rock legend. It may surprise many who do not know about his life in the 1980s. He was part of a five-member rock band that introduced the hard rock music genre in Latin America. Cassio Audi was playing the role of a heavy metal drummer, although he would assist in composing the music. Cassio was in the music industry for less than a decade when he left to search for greener pastures in the business industry. He, however, left with a great reputation. The group made some great accomplishments while he was the leader of the group. His role as a drummer was very helpful during live performances.

The rock music band was known as Viper. The group inspiration came from a popular rock music band from England known as Iron Maiden while Cassio Aiudi was with the rock band, he accomplished a number of things one of them being releasing two albums. He also engaged in live performances which thrilled fans across the world. In 1985, the group released an album known as The killera Sword and then in 1987; they released another one known as Soldiers of Sunrise. Some of the hit songs from these albums include The Laws of Swords, Signs of the Night, Knights of Destruction among others.

Cassio Audio was not just an incredible drummer but also a talented musician who would sing with great perfection. He commanded respect for his role in the music band although he was not destined to last long in the industry. He decided to quit the group so that he could go back to class where he would concentrate in finance studies. Although he is no longer in the music industry, he is considered a pioneer in rock music in Brazil.