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DACA an act that the Frontera fund continues to believe in

Daca as is the common name for the program that President Obama came up with as a response as a result for the inaction of congress and senate in the formulation of legislation that was supposed to protect and enable the interest of childhood arrivals be taken care of.

Who are childhood arrivals?

This are those persons that were brought to the United States of America as children by there parents at an age when they could not do anything about it and at the same time they were also too young to be separated from their children.These children then grew up in the united states and underwent their education here and as such all their friends and lives are based in the country for them despite not being born in the country they do not know of any other place they call home.


Daca was meant to help these persons in the sense that legally they are not citizens they are still illegal immigrants as per the law. But from a human level whatever circumstances that led to there current situation were beyond them.The president understood their plight and it is this understanding that enabled him to take the presidential action and thus Daca was formed. The need for the dreamer’s act cannot be understated as it was built on the premise on the need to help a generation that has nowhere else to call home and once they are deported they have no recourse and they are not in a position to start any new life elsewhere.

The Frontera fund an initiative of Jim Larkin and Micheal lacey has been one of the most vocal proponents of the Daca initiatives having worked with immigrants especially those from the Hispanic community the understand the plight of the over eight hundred thousands current recipients in the country as well as the others who are about to apply for the same. The Frontera continues to advocate for the dreamer’s act as the temporary measure before the necessary laws are enacted to enabled these dreamers to live in the United States as legal citizens.