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Dalrada Financial Chairman of the Board Brian Bonar

Dalrada Financial is a company that provides companies insurance, financial, and business processing products across the nation. The programs are designed to be specifically tailored for the needs of the individual company, not cookie-cutter solutions that only work on a fraction of businesses.

Dalrada Financial representatives will look first at the current state of your business, then they create a unique plan of action that will move the company in the direction of achieving their goals. This process is done both professionally and personally.

The entire process is quite unique to Dalrada Financial, where they supply you with the money that you will need to successfully run your business. Then at the same time, they show you strategies to protect the capital and reduce any risk.

This process of building a wall between your company and the revenue is how your business grows. Running the operation from behind the scenes is Brian Bonar. He has served as director of Dalrada Financial for over 20 years, and he became the chairman of the board back in late 1999.

Earlier with his years at Dalrada Financial, Brian Bonar was director of tech sales from 1992 – 1994, later being promoted that same year to vice president of sales and marketing.

He went on to become the executive vice president soon after, and then in 1997 was appointed as Dalrada Financials CEO. He assumed the post full time in 1998.

Before his time at Dalrada Financial, Brian Bonar worked at Bezier Systems from 1991 – 1992. He worked as vice president for the company that was based out of San Jose, a manufacturer of commercial grade laser printers.

Before that, from 1990 – 1991 Brian Bonar (PR News Wire published an article on it) was a sales manager for Adaptec, a laser printer developer. His career in the laser printing industry dates back even further. He was the vice president in charge of marketing from 1988 – 1990 for Rastek, a laser printer manufacturer that was based out of Alabama.

Taking a look back at how it all started, Brian Bonar was working in the color printing industry from as far back as 1984. He was also an employee of IBM for 17 years. More details here: The New Frontier

The fact he has climbed the ranks in each company that he was employed goes a long way to the position he now holds at Dalrada Financial. To be able to go from an engineer to the CEO of one of the fastest growing companies in the nation speaks volumes to the commitment and dedication he has for his craft. Learn more: bitsylink.com/2015/07/28/all-about-brian-bonar-leader-and-executive/