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The Queens of Drama Put on an Acting Clinic

There is an array of television series on cable and the internet. Some are interactive, reality, make believe, animation and so many more. If you are looking for a positively entertaining show, the Queens of Drama is a show too look into. It follows former daytime and and prime time actresses behind the scene of a reality show, to show off who they are in real life.

One of the main characters, on the Queens of Drama, is Crystal Hunt. In the Queens of Drama, Crystal is the owner of a pet boutique, in which she has owned and operated in her life. She brings out not only her creative skills with her pet business, but her business experience as well. Crystal Hunt, plays herself in this t.v. series and is very vocal and entertaining when it comes too her acting her self, instead of a staged scenery. She portrays herself very loudly and boisterous.

Before Crystal Hunt got involved with acting, she was a photographer, and started off her personal career as participating in beauty pageants at the age of two. She progressed into starring in commercials and was in one of the famous Walt Disney 25th anniversary for Anti-drug use. As she got older, SoapOperaNetwork writes Crystal started to play infamous roles in day time soap operas. One particular appearance, that she is very well known for is, Lizze Spaulding, a troubled daughter of her parents. She ended up receiving an Emmy award for this particular performance. In 2009, she moved from the soap opera, Guiding light, too appear in the day time soap opera, One Life too Live. She only kept her role in this series for a year and decided to venture into the movie screen scene. Magic Mike XXL, The Derby Stallion, and 23 Blast are just a few.

Overall, Crystal Hunt, shows that a person can progress his or her career from the stage of a 2 year old too the big screen on the movie theaters. She is a perfect example of how a woman can move through life through television to having her own personal pet business. Crystal Hunt has an acting reel on YouTube that further showcases her talents.