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The Change that Securus Technology has brought to The Society

Securus Technologies is a high tech company. It has been involved in solving multiple cases. This is because of the reliability and convenience of the devices. The investigation officers are very grateful for the helping hand.

One CID officer says that he overheard a conversation between child and parent after a call with an inmate. The parent was convincing the child to cover up for the crime. The child had not been involved in any wrongdoing. It was through this conversation that the case was solved by the call as evidence.

The sheriffs are also beneficiaries. They explain that through the Securus Technologies, they have been able to recover lost items. They have also been able to track drugs and other illegal products inside jails. The sheriff says that it could have taken longer time without the devices.

The other development that the people have enjoyed is the communication gadgets. The inmates can now keep in touch with their members. They can accommodate both audio and video calls. The relatives say that it fastens the healing process.

They are also embedded emails that the company has come up with, to assist inmates. These are to solve the problem that inmates face after being released. After a long time, they find it hard to adjust to the world. This is because of the many changes that have taken place.

Securus Technology understands that such devices in the hands of inmates can be hazardous. They could lead to the public being hurt. They could even lead to prison breaks.

This is why they have codded the products and restricted them to the purposes that they are tailored for only. When anything that doesn’t add up comes up, the administration files up for investigation. Through the use of this gadgets, many cases have been solved.

With Securus Technology, everyone is happy and safe.


Securus Technologies Has Given Inmates A Reason To Go On

There has been much hype regarding Securus Technologies. This hype has come from several reviews written by prison guards and law enforcement officials who love Securus Technologies products. However, many people do not know that inmates are also incorporated into these reviews.


Inmates from around the U.S. have written reviews regarding the use and benefits of Securus Technologies. These inmates have stated that technology from Securus gives them a reason to go on. This is evident because the prison suicide rate has gone down almost 80 percent since Securus Technologies got involved in inmate communication.


Inmates are especially happy during the holiday season. With Securus products, inmates have the ability to video chat with their family members. This is wonderful for inmates with family members hundreds of miles away. These inmates do not have to wait for a letter in the mail, which could potentially get lost during the busy holiday season. Many inmates are even able to watch their children open gifts on Christmas day; inmates claim this is a reason enough to go on.


Securus Technologies is happy that inmates were also included in the online reviews. Securus wants to let all inmates know they love inmate feedback. Inmates can write letters to Securus or even call them from jail. Securus bases their products and services on the needs of inmates. However, they need to know what those needs are in order to meet them. This is why Securus Technologies has certain representatives on standby just to chat with inmates. Securus Technologies knows phone time in prison is not easy to get and does not last long. This is why inmates who call in get immediate access to a live person. This service has helped Securus Technologies meet the needs of thousands of inmates on a group and individual level.


Securus Technologies Has Effects of Stopping Crimes in an Innovative Fashion

Securus Technologies offers an opportunity in which people are connect with others through the utilization of video chatting through an interface of a program that has been beautifully designed and engineered to give inmates an opportunity of connecting with those who they may consider to be friends, significant others, or relatives in a “face to face” scenario without actually being next to one another. This is made possible by a technology that brings videoconferencing into a correctional facility’s environment.


Visitors are no longer obligated to wait in lines or schedule appointments during times that are inconvenient for them. They can simply open the Securus Technologies program to chat with their friend, significant other, or relative through the program by setting their own schedules. It is however important to see whether or not the correctional facility your friend, relative, or significant other may be incarcerated at is currently offering the utilization of this program.


Securus Technologies is a BBB accredited company that has been given approval to continue its operations. They’ve been proven to be a quality company that has made a program that’s greatly benefited many different types of people. It is a program that’s had effects of helping communities by solving crimes as the conversations that take place within the video conferencing sessions of Securus Technologies can be used as evidence by police officers in which they’ll be able to begin investigative efforts to potentially stop the crimes that may have been spoken about. It is a program that provides an all around spectrum of benefits for many different people. If you’re wanting to become more acquainted with the program and its interface, please feel free to contact one of the customer service technicians to provide you with the guidance that you may require to begin utilizing this program. Be sure to check on the prices on the website as well. You will see that rates are quite low in comparison to other forms of communicative technologies.


My Christmas Miracle by Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit

This is a letter to Securus Technologies. I just wanted to tell you that you made my daughter so happy for Christmas. Her aunt went to jail for fraud. My eleven-year-old doesn’t really know what that all entails. All she knows is that her favorite aunt is in jail for a while. I refuse to allow her to visit her aunt in prison. I just cannot introduce that environment to my baby at her age. Therefore she writes her aunt a letter once a week. When the holidays rolled around, my little girl seemed a bit sad. She and her auntie did a lot of window shopping in the commercial districts. And they visited the houses with the fabulous Christmas lights. I knew what the problem was, I just didn’t know how to solve it. I resolved that my daughter wouldn’t see her favorite aunt until she was released from prison. I knew my sister was sad as well.She wouldn’t be able to carry on the tradition they enjoyed year after year.


My sister called me to tell me about the Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit. It was a wonderful program and we quickly signed up for it. Once it was approved, we were able to have a holiday visit. We decided to surprise my daughter. My sister and I sound a lot alike.We do it all the time as a play game. When the time of the video visit came, my sister and I were talking. My daughter thought I was mocking her as usual. I turned the volume up very high trying to annoy my daughter to the point she would come out of her room. Once that happened, I turned the laptop so she could see her aunt. She screamed with delight. She jumped up and down until she couldn’t jump anymore. She was beside herself with pure joy. It delighted my heart to see her so happy.My sister was overjoyed as well. It was a wonderful time thanks to Securus Technologies – Christmas Video Visit.


After the wonderful evening, my daughter showed me a note she had written. In the letter, she acknowledged that she was much too old to believe in Santa. But she did believe in Christmas miracles. And she only wanted one thing for Christmas. She wanted to see her aunt. Securus Technologies – Christmas Video Visit did that for her. You did that for me. Thank you Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies Announces a New App

In 1986, Securus Technologies was founded with the primary objective of connecting inmates with their friends and family members. The company wanted to establish a learning environment to understand criminal justice and civil technology solutions the company offers public safety through acquisitions and innovations that further their provision goal in keeping a higher pace with the dynamic technology. Securus Technologies has a law and corrective administration agency that offers cooperative intellect to remain ahead of the rest.


Securus, second to YouTube, offers one of the largest communication platform coupled with unique features to create compatibility with numerous devices. For this reason, a user-friendly environment is achieved. The company distances itself from its competing partners to accommodate over 140 patents through development and research investments. The company also offers emergency response and incident management to ensure public information delivery is successful. For this reason, Securus Technologies serves over 1.4 million inmates in the United States with its services stretching over 3,400 correctional facilities across the United States. They also render services for public safety and law enforcement agencies in the country.


In the recent news, Securus Technologies has unveiled a secure smartphone application for making video calls. This smartphone comes with features adaptable with iPhone and Android operating systems. This app offers video phone calls for inmates. According to PR Newswire, the application can be downloaded free from Google play. It has over 60,000 downloads over the past few weeks, and Android users employ the app more than 5,000 times in a week.


Securus Technology is a leading provider of parolee tracking, detainee communications, and management solutions for governments. It serves more than 3,000 correctional facilities across the United States. They render services to over one million inmates in the country. They are recognized worldwide for their innovative technologies, comprehensive and responsive customer service.

Video Visitation innovations? Securus Technologies Survey Reveals Secret To Keep Relevant In 2016 And Beyond!

Correctional and prison facilities look toward technology innovations this year and beyond. I’m certain Securus’ cutting-edge video visitation products influenced the larger community. In fact, I stumbled upon Securus Technologies convincing survey findings. It emphasized on exploring methods to minimize operation cost burden while improving productivity, efficiency, security and safety. In turn, it’ll increase inmate satisfaction while lessening staff workload. The survey read that some fifty-six percent of correctional facilities operators promised to engage technology updates. Meanwhile, fifteen percent desire cost-cutting benefits, another fifty-five interest lies in service expansion and development.

Securus Technologies chief executive, Richard A. Smith asserts that correctional agencies engaging automation stand to enjoy long-term returns. In fact, sixty-six percent endorsed video visitation as an integral resource to mobilize productivity vehicles. With inmate satisfaction being a constant focus today, correctional facilities require these technology innovations. Another thirty-three percent mentioned tablets as innovations to strengthen their strategic position within their designated industry. Securus Technologies actually dedicated a research facility, an extension of its Dallas-based, Texas headquarter. It invested about $1.5 million to embark on exploratory work as it seeks solutions for survey inquisition.

Another development I learned is that Securus Technologies installed John Bell as Sales V.P. (senior). The Financial News UK article recounts his appointment last December. His installation comes at the expense of expansion and development as Securus Technologies facilitate product growth initiatives. In fact, it recently announced plans to broaden its 800+ corrections and law enforcement products portfolio. John Bell extensive career history leading telecommunication technology giants, such as IBM, Time Warner Cable, Verizon, etc. means well for Securus. With his intelligence of industry dynamics, establishing partnerships and transforming Securus organizational culture shouldn’t be a challenging endeavor.

Chiefly, it focuses on introducing revolutionary technologies to automate monitoring, public safety vehicles, corrections and investigation initiatives. Some 1.2 million North American inmates, 3, 450 correctional facilities, public safety and law enforcement units use Securus Technologies. It operates the one of the nation’s largest network that handles inmate self-service, emergency response, public information, inmate communication, monitoring, investigation, incident management and biometric analysis hub. In the last three years, Securus Technologies pumped over $600 million into product development and acquisitions. With this, it’s broadening product offerings to reach efficiency, security and safety goals, a Virtual Strategy Magazine by PR Newswire article reads.

Securus Technologies is not in any way affiliated with Securus the anxiety and pain reliever, nor is it a part of the Securus America, agency site.

If you are interested in downloading the video visitation app from Securus, find it on iTunes or for Android users, you can find it on Google Play.