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George Soros Believes In The Right Kind Of Government

In this raging world of vicious politics, there are very few people who can actually get things done. These individuals carry themselves with such clout and power that they can propel the country to change in the way they deem fit. One great influencer is a man named George Soros who is the President and founder of the Open Society Foundations. George Soros is known throughout the globe as a very passionate Democrat. He always leaned to the liberal left since his days working on the railroad in order to put himself through the business degree at the London School of Economics.

Upon graduating, he started the Soros Fund Management hedge fund here the United States of America. After working tirelessly for a few decades he would amass a $25.2 billion net worth. According to Forbes.com, 30 years ago he gave $11 billion to start the nonprofit called the Open Society Foundations. It has been their mission to help democracies grow in any country that wants it around the globe. This help often comes in the form of economic aid and training. The Open Society Foundations is mostly concerned that the officials will stay accountable to their voter base. They also want the country to establish free market. In the year 2017, George Soros gave 75% of his net worth, a total of $18 billion, to help the Open Society Foundations begin making headway into the continent of Asia.

George Soros has also donated to American politics through the Open Society Foundations. He became passionate about the politics of America in 2004 when we were raging war and both Afghanistan and Iraq. George Soros had long attempted to bring true liberal democracy to the Middle East. However, because of George W. Bush and his warmongering cronies, the peace that George Soros was working out in the Middle East was crushed underneath the guise of war.

George Soros wanted a Democrat in the White House because they are much less likely to go to war unless that war is truly just. To make this happen, George Soros gave an unprecedented amount of $27 million in order to put John Kerry into the Oval Office. While this was not enough to get John Kerry the presidency, it was enough to begin swaying people away from the conservative right.

George Soros would also back his longtime friend Hillary Clinton during her war with Donald Trump for the White House. George Soros knew that Hillary Clinton would propel the country forward in a great liberal way and he gave her campaign $25 million. Unfortunately, America was still reeling from the liberal push of Barack Obama, and both houses of Congress and the White House went red during that election season.

George Soros now uses the Open Society Foundations to fund the various nonprofits and super PACs that are standing against Donald Trump and his oppressive regime. It is our hope that George Soros would continue promoting a liberal democracy all around the globe.

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