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Dick DeVos: A Powerful and Influential Businessman from Michigan

Dick DeVos is a successful businessman who came from the powerful and influential DeVos clan. He is the husband of the current United States Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos. Being a part of a prominent and powerful clan, Dick DeVos began assisting a huge percentage of the locals in Grand Rapids, Michigan, providing them with jobs and educational assistance for their children. He also initiated projects that would benefit the local population. In 1991, he stopped the construction of a multi-purpose sports arena located near the downtown, saying that the city does not need any mega projects as of the moment, as the local popular could anytime leave the city if there are no more opportunities presented to them. He influenced other business people in the city to lobby his cause, and the plan to build the arena halted. To compensate for the arena, Dick DeVos later built several structures within the city of Grand Rapids, including the DeVos Performance Hall, the DeVos Place Convention Center, the Grand Rapids City Market, the Van Andel Arena, and the medical school of the Michigan States University. These buildings gradually changed the skyline of Grand Rapids, and it helped the city’s suburban population to grow further.



Dick DeVos and his wife have been using their power to influence local politics, and they have been known to change local policies that would allow them to modify the laws concerning education and labor all over the city. Betsy DeVos is known for her participation in the expansion of charter schools, and she also promoted alternative learning institutions. She also gave away vouchers that would help low-income families with their children’s schooling. Dick DeVos, on the other hand, created a law that no longer requires union memberships for employees. The DeVos family is also donating a lot of money to the Republican Party, and they have been supporting the conservative causes by donating money to Christian institutions that promote a righteous way of living.



Dick DeVos and his wife have also initiated the creation of several charities and institutions that would assist a huge number of groups and organizations in the United States supporting their conservative perception. Dick DeVos stated that it is important for his family to help the institutions that are working towards the creation of new treatments, which will help a lot of people in the years to come. They also wanted to sponsor children in attending their schools because the two believes that education is the key to success.



Despite the power and influence that the DeVos family is exerting in the state of Michigan, some of their efforts do not work out. However, it does not stop the influential family to woo the public by using their wealth and power.



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George Soros Believes In The Right Kind Of Government

In this raging world of vicious politics, there are very few people who can actually get things done. These individuals carry themselves with such clout and power that they can propel the country to change in the way they deem fit. One great influencer is a man named George Soros who is the President and founder of the Open Society Foundations. George Soros is known throughout the globe as a very passionate Democrat. He always leaned to the liberal left since his days working on the railroad in order to put himself through the business degree at the London School of Economics.

Upon graduating, he started the Soros Fund Management hedge fund here the United States of America. After working tirelessly for a few decades he would amass a $25.2 billion net worth. According to Forbes.com, 30 years ago he gave $11 billion to start the nonprofit called the Open Society Foundations. It has been their mission to help democracies grow in any country that wants it around the globe. This help often comes in the form of economic aid and training. The Open Society Foundations is mostly concerned that the officials will stay accountable to their voter base. They also want the country to establish free market. In the year 2017, George Soros gave 75% of his net worth, a total of $18 billion, to help the Open Society Foundations begin making headway into the continent of Asia.

George Soros has also donated to American politics through the Open Society Foundations. He became passionate about the politics of America in 2004 when we were raging war and both Afghanistan and Iraq. George Soros had long attempted to bring true liberal democracy to the Middle East. However, because of George W. Bush and his warmongering cronies, the peace that George Soros was working out in the Middle East was crushed underneath the guise of war.

George Soros wanted a Democrat in the White House because they are much less likely to go to war unless that war is truly just. To make this happen, George Soros gave an unprecedented amount of $27 million in order to put John Kerry into the Oval Office. While this was not enough to get John Kerry the presidency, it was enough to begin swaying people away from the conservative right.

George Soros would also back his longtime friend Hillary Clinton during her war with Donald Trump for the White House. George Soros knew that Hillary Clinton would propel the country forward in a great liberal way and he gave her campaign $25 million. Unfortunately, America was still reeling from the liberal push of Barack Obama, and both houses of Congress and the White House went red during that election season.

George Soros now uses the Open Society Foundations to fund the various nonprofits and super PACs that are standing against Donald Trump and his oppressive regime. It is our hope that George Soros would continue promoting a liberal democracy all around the globe.

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End Citizens United (ECU) Mobilizes Grass Root Supporters to Raise Money for Quist’s Campaign

Energy continues to build around Quist’s campaign as more organizations endorse his bid for Congress. The latest news indicates that ECU has mobilized its grassroots supporters to raise money in support of Quist’s campaign. The total amount contributed by the ECU grass root members is in the range of $200,000 in small donations which translate to an average of $16 per contribution to the campaign.


While breaking the news, the president and the Executive Director of End Citizens, Tiffany Muller said that they decided to support Quist’s bid since his opponent, Greg Giagnforte is said to have broken his pledge to reject any money from the corporates. Tiffany accused Greg of saying one thing in public to the voters and then changes his stand while with the “big donors” in private.


After a huge backlash from most of the organizations that supported him, Greg is now said to be surviving on donations that he is receiving from small interest groups to reorganize his campaign. Tiffany stated that ECU member wouldn’t rest until the moment they send a real reformer to the Congress. Greg’s campaign was hit after he was recorded on tape telling the “big donors” that he supports the House bill that intends to take away health care from more than 24 million American citizens. After word had gone round, Quist’s campaign received a new energy as more supporters came to his side. He was able to raise more than $550,000 for his campaign in just a few days.


End Citizens United was one of the first organizations to endorse Quist’s bid for Congress. Most of his supporters have termed him as a reformer, which is the main reason why he has received immense support from different quotas. ECU says that it will continue to mobilize its members across Montana and also connect Quist’s campaign with local volunteers to ensure that he defeats Gianforte, his opponent.


More about ECU

ECU is a political action committee whose primary focus is to drive big money out of politics. Besides raising money for various political causes, the committee is also raising some big money of its own. The group is reported to have collected more than $4 million during the first quarter of this year and still projects to raise more than $35 million ahead of next year’s midterm Congress elections according to a fundraising report published in the USA TODAY.


The amount would be a significant increase from the $25 million that PAC raised for the 2016 election, which was his first election cycle since its inception. It is estimated that about 100,000 people contributed to the PAC during the first three months of 2017, and 40 percent were first-time contributors. Tiffany Muller is the President and Executive Director of PAC. He said that their goal is to send to office “campaign-finance reform champions.”


Is Donald Trump a Symbol of Hope or a Monster Getting Ready to Topple the U.S.?

James Warren, Contributing Editor to U.S. News, in an article titled “America Gone Wild,” states that “Donald Trump’s mind-boggling rise has the entire word transfixed – and terrified.” Warren reports that President Obama feels the way Trump ignores facts, reason, and analysis “threatens the values of respect and tolerance that we teach our children and that are the source of America’s strength.” Warren goes on to describe the world’s horrified reaction to a buffoonish Trump being elected to the U.S. Presidency.

On June 3, 2016, Hillary Clinton took aim at Donald Trump’s online reputation and asked: Do we want a thin-skinned, quick-to-anger Donald Trump with his finger on the button of America’s weapon arsenal? Clinton pointed out Trump’s statement that more nations should have nuclear weapons (such as Saudi Arabia); his threats to abandon U.S. allies in NATO; and his belief that he can treat the U.S. economy like one of his casinos and default on debts, ignoring the catastrophe that would make of the world economy.

Many Americans are desperate for change, and willing to support someone who is out of the loop in American politics in the hopes of derailing the traditional political train. But the question is, is he too far out of the loop? Is he the boogeyman Clinton paints him to be, the terrifying ogre Warren describes, or a savior?