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Qnet’s Health Enhancing Business Practices.

Qnet is a direct selling and marketing company that was founded in 1998 by a young group of associates with an aim of promoting better living standards among people through marketing. For the 16 years that the company has been active, they have been serving a new class of healthy and successful persons of diverse ages, gender, races and socio-economic status. Qnet provides a framework and tools that give its members an opportunity to improve their way of life through improved lifestyle products, network marketing, and a satisfying payment plan. The company is a relatively new player in the direct selling industry, which is highly controlled by superior rivals. They, however, have managed to offer a variety of quality products and brands that emphasis on the improving the health and lifestyles of their clients across the world. The exceptional and appropriately tested products range from skin care, nutritional and health product to elegant Swiss-made watches and jewelry.

A strict testing method is used by the company when choosing the new products that can be included in its brand. High standards and moral values are some of the distinctive characteristics that Qnet considers when examining the new products. They also have an exceptional way of viewing their enterprise from a big business perspective. Qnet is quite committed to following the healthy vegetarian lifestyle, and all meals that are offered at the firm’s events are strictly vegetarian. The company also encourages vegetarianism as a way of having a healthy life, and they reflect high standards in all sections of the products and business plans. No non-vegetarian ingredient is allowed by Qnet in its products that are consumable or edible. They also stress on the use of safe testing procedures that do no cause harm to animals and due to that, they do not use animals during testing. The company is an active participant in the creation of awareness against the rising growth rates of diabetes, heart diseases, obesity and other worsening illnesses across the planet. Qnet, therefore, uses small amounts of sugar, synthetic sweeteners and dangerous chemicals in all the supplies that they sell online.

They also facilitate the establishment of critical community programs in local and international societies. Qnet has been acknowledged for its active support for Rashid Center’s programs that assist children with exceptional needs.