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Sightsavers Participates in Disability Inclusion Programs for Pakistan

The Sightsavers in Pakistan currently participated in a workshop guided by the UK’s Department for International Development. There also several organizations such as Pakistani Special Talent Exchange program that helps people with disabilities to be part of the progress of the country.

Related to this, the first Global Disability Summit will be held in London by July 2018. Pakistan will be part of the summit, and the country is determined to improve the status of people with disabilities.

There are many forums about the various disability events in Islamabad. One of the main ones is eliminating social stigma and open discrimination of people with disabilities, inclusive educational settings for students with special needs, and making use of technological advances to aid in helping people with disabilities. There are other programs planned to touch on economic uplifting as well as increased social awareness of different disability conditions. These programs were upheld through a list of requirements agreed upon in the event. Sightsavers, many politicians, group representatives, NGOs, and donors attended the event.

Many UN members agreed to participate in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) since 2015. The aim of SDG is to help build a flourishing environment and a healthy life for all people while protecting the nature. Another main goal of SDG is to ensure that all citizens of participating nations will not be excluded from this opportunity, especially those who are differently abled.

According to Sightsavers Country Director Munazza Gillani, the Sustainable Development Goals will be accomplished when its policies are followed in the framework of the UN Convention regarding the rights of people with disabilities. The policy under this framework was acted upon in Pakistan during July of 2011.

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The DFID deputy head, Kemi Willians, also spoke in the event. He mentioned that disabled people also have significant roles in the country. The government of UK is in good partnership with the people of Pakistan to ensure that the rights of the disabled are protected and they are given the equal opportunities that other people can have.

Additionally, DFID with Kenya and the International Disability Alliance will be the main hosts of the London Global Disability Summit in the last week of July. The summit’s goals to help governments improve on the status of the disabled people in their respective countries and to help in the local and international development policies. As Sightsavers participate in this major event, the company is hoping for more opportunities to help people with disabilities in the future.