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Fabletics — Making Room in the Marketplace

The world of sports leisure has been the stage for a fashion revolution. At the head of the herd is Kate Hudson. She is taking on some of the top players in the industry by being herself and making waves. Kate Hudson introduced her brand called Fabletics. Her brand is designed to be multipurpose wear and can be worn at all times of the day. She is diving headfirst into the wide world of women’s fashion and making clothes that are both practical and comfortable for women to wear. The brand was created when Kate Hudson decided it was time for women to take charge of their wardrobes. She had a dream that women could walk from yoga class to the grocery store and still grab a quick coffee or sit down for brunch. Indeed, Fabletics is all around apparel.


Fabletics is what is known as athleisure. Athletic leisure. The clothes are designed to be comfortable and versatile. When created, the clothes were designed to fit the form of a woman’s body without creating any obstruction. The hemlines are secure and the waistbands fit snuggly. Women have praised the brand for being so innovative in its approach to fashion. The fact is, Kate Hudson wanted to create a modern runway revolution and she succeeded by giving the crowd what they want. The shopping experience is second to none. When a woman enters a Fabletics store they are not hounded by the pressuring salespeople of the past, instead they are welcomed as friends and family. The process of buying clothes is simple and easy. Kate Hudson calls it reverse-showrooming and it is having a major impact on retail and clothing industries. When a woman wants to try something on she just slips into it and the item is added to her online shopping cart in case she wants to buy it later. No hassle and no fuss.


Kate Hudson’s reverse-showroom business model eliminates the common problem of people trying on clothes in the store and buying online once they get home. This problem gives businesses like Amazon a great edge in the evolving marketplace. Kate Hudson is hailed as a modern woman making success look easy. She is listed as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in today’s market and gives big companies like Amazon a run for their money. Fabletics is looking forward to the year ahead and fans are loving every second.

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