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Freedom Checks: A True Piece Of The Oil Industry

Master Limited Partnerships are truly some of the gems in the stock market that really don’t receive enough attention. Financial guru Matt Badiali discovered how these unique companies pay out Freedom Checks to their stakeholders. Some investors are receiving amounts that far exceed social security payments. There was a lot of confusion about this incredible way to invest money. Most people who first heard about Freedom Checks probably thought they were a typical scam or that Mr. Badiali found some amazing government program that was issuing out payments for people who met a specific criterion. The important thing about Freedom Checks is that if one wishes to receive them, they are going to have to first make an initial investment.

The investment involves purchasing shares of an MLP and the process is no different than buying other common stocks. Matt Badiali was so excited about Freedom Checks because he feels it may end up being one of the most profitable investment methods in the stock market. He is so bullish about MLPs because he is optimistic about the overall oil industry in the United States. Fracking technology has enabled the US to substantially increase its own oil production and rely less on foreign nations for energy needs. Mr. Badiali sees this as a continuing trend, which over the years will make these companies even more lucrative. He is anticipating that MLPs will be paying over $34 billion this year alone and this amount may rise in the years to come.

568 companies that trade on the major stock exchanges are currently able to issue Freedom Checks. A person with only $10 can get started today and will be able to start receiving regular monthly or quarterly payments. Once an investor has picked the appropriate MLP for their needs, they will begin to get paid either by a check in the mail, or their funds will be sent directly to their trading account. It is important for individuals to note that the amount they are paid will depend on their initial investment. Investors in MLPs only pay capital gains taxes if they sell their shares and realize a profit.

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