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FreedomPop’s CEO In Video Interview

There’s a new, popular virtual mobile network operator out there on the market, and they are giving away usage to people because it is what the company believes.  In an article and video interview from RCR Wireless, FreedomPop’s CEO Stephen Stokols talks about how this company is growing domestically and internationally to offer their valuable service to more and more people.

RCR Wireless’s Carrier Wrap Segment

The popular Carrier Wrap segment from RCR Wireless featured information about FreedomPop this week, along with other information about a few other major cellular providers. FreedomPop has been around since 2011, and they have consistently offered a free service to people who don’t feel like spending a fortune for their wireless phone bills.

In the latest interview from RCR Wireless, the CEO of FreedomPop explains how the number of people who convert to paid usage in the UK has grown from 20 percent to 44 percent. This increase in usage conversions is outstanding when you consider that the service is new to the UK. In the US, the conversion rate is at 50 percent, and this market has been open longer to FreedomPop. According to Mr. Stokols, UK journalists even doubted that FreedomPop’s business model would work, but the company is proving them wrong with this high conversion rate.

Additionally, the network has expanded to allow users to travel through other countries with the same phone plan. This makes it a lot easier when planning your vacation. Many users like to travel with FreedomPop instead of going through trouble with the large carriers.

To read more and see the video, go to the RCR Wireless article.

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