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Is Donald Trump a Symbol of Hope or a Monster Getting Ready to Topple the U.S.?

James Warren, Contributing Editor to U.S. News, in an article titled “America Gone Wild,” states that “Donald Trump’s mind-boggling rise has the entire word transfixed – and terrified.” Warren reports that President Obama feels the way Trump ignores facts, reason, and analysis “threatens the values of respect and tolerance that we teach our children and that are the source of America’s strength.” Warren goes on to describe the world’s horrified reaction to a buffoonish Trump being elected to the U.S. Presidency.

On June 3, 2016, Hillary Clinton took aim at Donald Trump’s online reputation and asked: Do we want a thin-skinned, quick-to-anger Donald Trump with his finger on the button of America’s weapon arsenal? Clinton pointed out Trump’s statement that more nations should have nuclear weapons (such as Saudi Arabia); his threats to abandon U.S. allies in NATO; and his belief that he can treat the U.S. economy like one of his casinos and default on debts, ignoring the catastrophe that would make of the world economy.

Many Americans are desperate for change, and willing to support someone who is out of the loop in American politics in the hopes of derailing the traditional political train. But the question is, is he too far out of the loop? Is he the boogeyman Clinton paints him to be, the terrifying ogre Warren describes, or a savior?

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  1. Clinton paints a picture of a man clearly unprepared to become one of the world’s most important leaders. Some Trump supporters see Trump as a symbol of hope. It is simply more than what bestessay has done to ensure that everything is done swiftly too.

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