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Is Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Ready to Tangle with Amazon?

Not too many clothing retailers are willing to go head-to-head with Amazon because they know this is by far the giant in this fashion e-commerce market. Looking at this just from a numbers perspective, we see that Amazon has been comfortably pulling in around 20 percent of all the revenue in this space. It looks like one clothing company didn’t get that memo, and Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is trying to climb the rungs of this ladder and go do battle with the leader. In only three short years, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has already done around $250 million is sales of women’s workout clothing and active-wear.


This athleisure brand doesn’t sell itself, Hudson says it doesn’t have anything to do with her celebrity status or the high-quality of the merchandise. What Hudson says is driving sales is her unique membership program and her twist on the reverse showrooming sales process. The combination of these two are easier to understand when you see them in action. Look inside the mall and stop at the Fabletics retail shop, women are inside the store trying every piece of active-wear on, they are window-shopping, they are taking the Fabletics lifestyle quiz to help enhance their memberships. The sales associates in the store do not pressure customers to make purchases, so many of these women are in fact leaving the store without buying a single thing.


If the mall customers leave without buying anything, how then did Kate Hudson’s Fabletics manage to sell $250 million in women’s workout clothing?


The reason Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is growing so quickly in the fashion e-commerce market is all about their online store. Each time you visit the mall and try anything on, as long as you are a member, your items are instantly uploaded to the online store. Now these items are in your cart so you can just continue to shop where you left off. Since you tried the yoga pants, tank tops, and leggings on already, the concern about sizing is eliminated and these women simply impulse buy.


Look at the other benefits to being a Kate Hudson’s Fabletics member. Free shipping on the online orders, discounts on all active-wear, even your very own shopping assistant who uses quiz answers to choose one item a month for your consideration. Is Kate Hudson’s Fabletics ready to tangle with Amazon? The answer is in the sales numbers for sure.

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