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Learn The Benefits Of Becoming An AIA Member

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) are the leaders in artistry organizations that proudly have over 30,000+ members. Their membership focuses on policy and procedure. Their distinguished CEO, Robert Ivy has ambiguously led new architects, designers, and artists to their network. They ensure their members are dedicated to giving back to the community says; Robert Ivy. Learn practical architectural skills that put you among the top architects in the network. In fact, their CEO has a strong connection to the art industry that has created a demand for architects around the world. The AIA also acknowledges and accepts student transfers.

Unfortunately, weather disasters around the world have created the need for assistance notes Robert Ivy. The AIA has created a volunteer group that has been responsible for rebuilding those ravished areas. Together, their team of volunteers have been able to restore thousands of homes across the nation. Their public outreach has been able to put an emphasis on the art community. You can provide relief while you have the opportunity to learn. The AIA has been providing hands-on skills since 1929. Their mission is to make sure their members get to provide amble service to society in the field of art and design. The AIA outreach project has also helped them improve their image.

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The American Institute of Architects was founded in 1857 by 13 architects. They are currently headquartered in Washington, DC with 260 charters around the world including Atlanta, GA. The AIA addresses the key issues in the art industry under their policy. They’re interested in school design and safety. Many people have been proud of their “We We Stand” policies on many issues initiated by the CEO of AIA, Robert Ivy. The American Art Institute has also won awards for their direct participation in improving the art industry. More importantly, they’re committed to the sustainability of the art industry.

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