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My Christmas Miracle by Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit

This is a letter to Securus Technologies. I just wanted to tell you that you made my daughter so happy for Christmas. Her aunt went to jail for fraud. My eleven-year-old doesn’t really know what that all entails. All she knows is that her favorite aunt is in jail for a while. I refuse to allow her to visit her aunt in prison. I just cannot introduce that environment to my baby at her age. Therefore she writes her aunt a letter once a week. When the holidays rolled around, my little girl seemed a bit sad. She and her auntie did a lot of window shopping in the commercial districts. And they visited the houses with the fabulous Christmas lights. I knew what the problem was, I just didn’t know how to solve it. I resolved that my daughter wouldn’t see her favorite aunt until she was released from prison. I knew my sister was sad as well.She wouldn’t be able to carry on the tradition they enjoyed year after year.


My sister called me to tell me about the Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit. It was a wonderful program and we quickly signed up for it. Once it was approved, we were able to have a holiday visit. We decided to surprise my daughter. My sister and I sound a lot alike.We do it all the time as a play game. When the time of the video visit came, my sister and I were talking. My daughter thought I was mocking her as usual. I turned the volume up very high trying to annoy my daughter to the point she would come out of her room. Once that happened, I turned the laptop so she could see her aunt. She screamed with delight. She jumped up and down until she couldn’t jump anymore. She was beside herself with pure joy. It delighted my heart to see her so happy.My sister was overjoyed as well. It was a wonderful time thanks to Securus Technologies – Christmas Video Visit.


After the wonderful evening, my daughter showed me a note she had written. In the letter, she acknowledged that she was much too old to believe in Santa. But she did believe in Christmas miracles. And she only wanted one thing for Christmas. She wanted to see her aunt. Securus Technologies – Christmas Video Visit did that for her. You did that for me. Thank you Securus Technologies.


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