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Changing The Genre: Romance Anime


Anime provides a unique platform for the romance genre to thrive. Because of its quirky and flexible nature, stories of love are able to be told in anyway often construing the themes we’re so familiar with into something else entirely. It’s a truly fascinating prospect that is unique to anime alone. Anime like Fruits Basket, add a strange quirk to the familiar trope of a love triangle. All characters but the main one, Tohru Honda, will transform into animals of the Chinese zodiac if touched by the opposite sex.

This forces the love triangle trope to become an entirely mental experience, removing the possibility of physical contact between the characters. Another one of the best romance anime that deals with the theme of romance and love is Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day. The story takes place between two time periods in the lives of the main characters. Through the story we are shown how each character grows to become who they are in the present. Each one of them is tethered together by their love for a single character who passed away in their childhood. It is a ripping, gut wrenching tale of lost love that could only be properly expressed through the flexibility of the visual medium that is anime.

Stories of love and romance are interlinked with our own emotions, without proper stimulus we can’t feel what the characters feel for each other. But anime provides just the right amount of emotional nuance and control to help manifest these feelings within ourselves. This isn’t some ecchi harem anime, this is true art.

I’d Like To Watch Football With Clay Siegall

I was reading an article in the Seattle Times. It was highlighting the work of Seattle Genetics, the Pacific Northwest’s largest biotechnology employer. The company is soon going to be employing over 1000 people. And each of these individuals is working very hard toward a lofty goal — the cure for cancer.

These 1000 individuals are able to pursue the cure for cancer because of the work of Clay Siegall, the company’s CEO. Clay Siegall cofounded Seattle Genetics and took the company public back in 2001. He transitioned from the role of scientific research or himself to business administrator very effectively. He traveled the country, made pitches to both private and public institutions, and he was able to raise over $1.2 billion for cancer research.

Seattle Genetics has a very specific goal within the cancer treatment world. They realize that each cancer is incredibly different from the next. Our way of classifying cancers is antiquated at the moment. Right now, the nomenclature revolves around where the cancer originated, such as lung cancer or breast cancer. But different types of cancers have different types of genetic makeups. Seattle Genetics understands this and Taylor’s drugs and treatments towards that end.

This got me really interested in the CEO himself. After a quick search, I stumbled across his blog. He seems to be an incredibly normal guy because she writes a lot about NFL football. He is probably hard at work crafting a fantasy football league roster as we speak. He is really keeping track of player movements during this off-season. I wonder what he thinks about the dynasty of the New England Patriots?

All of these articles about NFL football are entered dispersed with scientific articles. He seems to be really interested in space travel and what is going on out in the universe. He loves to repost NPR articles about stars collapsing into black holes or climate change. It is both fascinating and terrifying at the same time. It would probably be really fun to sit down and have a beer with this guy while watching a football game and talking science.


Waiakea: A Company Destined to Succeed

Even though most people may argue against purchasing bottled water, it still has its perks. In fact, bottled water is the most commonly purchased beverage in the US at the moment. This water offers convenience and a tasteless and odorless experience as compared to tap water. With bottled water, you can track your intake since the bottles clearly indicate the volume.

Ryan Emmons saw this opportunity and took his chance uniquely. Ryan bottles slightly alkaline water which itself has a lot of benefits over the normal (neutral pH) bottled water. Ryan founded Waiakea Water shortly after campus.

The company has grown 4000% since its inception though it was not always easy at the beginning. Ryan says as a young entrepreneur in a field dominated by corporations that had over 50 years in the business; no one gave him the time of day. Learn more about Waiakea Water: https://www.specialtyfood.com/organization/108722/waiakea-inc/

Waiakea water is valued at $10 million, and the rapid increase in value was as a result of local distributors and accounts signing on then followed by players on the national level. Ryan gets his water from the peak of the Mauna Loa volcano after the snow has melted or rainwater has collected. This site is claimed to be among the purest in the world.

According to Forbes, the advantages of Waiakea water are based on its basic properties. It helps support fluid balance in the body, and scientific studies have indicated that if water is naturally alkaline, it can help relieve acid reflux symptoms and fight osteoporosis (a bone-weakening condition).

Ryan’s company is also involved in philanthropic activities. The company has partnered with PumpAid, a charity partner. The agreement between the two is that from each bottle of water sold, about 650ml of pure water is donated to villages that are in need.

Waiakea water also cares for the environment and has a partnership with a Californian based co-packing facility. The water has to travel for over 2000 miles in stainless steel tanks to be packaged in an eco-friendly way. Recycled bottles are used to package the water, and the whole process consumes 85% less energy.

The firm’s stores can be found on the Waiakea springs webpage.

Understanding The Investment Industry Through Igor Cornelsen’s Ideas

What has enabled Igor Cornelsen to become so successful is the method he uses while investing. Igor Cornelsen has established a name for himself as an investor who is good at what he does. Many investors have been known to invest with the aim of reaping enormous profits which later increases chances of benefits with the help of diversified portfolios in the stock market. According to Igor, he argues that if one decides to invest in foreign exchange or goods, he/she first needs to find an investment organization filled with experts who will offer the opportunities you need. This explains the reason as to why Igor Cornelsen joined Bainbridge group Inc. as his preferred investment firm.

Igor Cornelsen is known for offering advice to individuals who aspire to make long-term investments that are smart and not filled with risks. One of his major advise has always been not to invest in an already broken company with the mentality that everything will be back to normal after some time. He also advises on the importance of knowing the rules and regulations in the country one prefer to invest in. By doing this, an investor is promised of working without any scandals or incidents that might hinder your profits and business.

Igor has been in Brazil and has seen how the market has tremendously grown and advises it preferably for beginners On icrowdnewswire.com. Brazil has proven to be good for investment as it has become the fifth largest markets in the globe thus offering an environment for investors and businessmen. According to Igor, he urges new investors to venture in Brazil and take advantage of the numerous opportunities present.

Before venturing into the stock market, Igor was once a banker in Brazil, and while there, he enabled the bank to make profits regardless of the financial crises before he decided to retire. This acts as evidence that Igor is thoroughly learned when it comes to money and stock according to yolasite.com. What has enabled him to become an expert in all matters investments is the fact that he spends most of his time studying the stock market to the point of predicting how the market will behave. This capability has made him outstanding from other investors whose only aim is making profits and nothing more. He hopes that those who listen to his advice can enjoy major benefits like he does.

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Why Nationwide Title Clearing Is the Pacesetter in the Mortgage Industry

Nationwide Title Clearing is a post-closing service provider for the residential mortgage industry. The firm was launched in 1991 and is based in Palm Harbor, Florida. NTC has a mission to deliver a high-quality level of accuracy in research and document processing services with the goal of protecting homeowners and helping the mortgage industry while preserving the country’s land records. The firm has been achieved tremendous success in the last few years. The achievements have been attributed to their team of excellent professionals who ensure transparency, timely service delivery, and flexibility to accommodate sudden changes.


The Online Ordering Platform


NT launched an online ordering platform to help reduce the issue of title defects. For a long time, title defects have been the greatest challenge facing the mortgage industry. Wrongful foreclosures, stagnation of the otherwise smooth transition process has been among the major problems caused by title defects. With this new NTC’s website (http://www.nwtc.com/); the challenge can easily be solved. The website is offering several services including assignment verification report services, tax status report, tax status (plus) report, and current owner report.


NTC among the Top 100 Best Workplaces in Tampa Bay


In 2015, NTC was named among the 100 best workplaces in Tampa Bay. The Tampa Bay Times carries out surveys and lists the top 100 companies each year. The checklists include practices and policies that the companies have, and the survey is administered to employees. To qualify for nomination, the organization must have 50 employees and at least a year old. NTC qualified amongst the 200 nominated companies since it has over 300 employees and has operated for the last 24 years. NTC was ranked at position 28, an indication that the firm works to create productive working environments that engage employees.


NTC Two Day Innovative Training


NTC has been recognized to have the best training department in the industry. Led by Dave LaRose the firm’s vice president and resident expert, who has over 30 years of experience of quality training, NTC has the technical excellence needed to train other people. With this excellent team, the company started offering a two-day training program at the company’s headquarters in Palm Harbor, Florida or the Dallas, Texas office.


The training helps individuals understand what they are doing irrespective of their stage in the loan lifecycle. NTC believes that if clients have a deeper understanding of all what is required, the chances of making mistakes are lowered. Since the launch of the initiatives, the residential mortgage lending industry has become clearer to a significant number of players in the industry.

OSI Group – Home For America’s Favorite Foods

OSI Group was founded in 1909 and is based in Aurora, Illinois. It distributes facilities globally. The company has over 100 years of high strategic growth.

OSI group has all food groups covered. Consumers have to place their orders early in advance to get served. Despite of their busy working system, the team ensures they ship in the products of all consumers promptly.

OSI group has been long named among the best food companies in America. This is due to its high rate of innovation to keep their products updated. The organization provides food that is environmentally friendly and healthy for consumption for all Americans. When it comes to forming partnerships, the group also partners with firms that are conscious about the planet’s well being.

OSI Group was rewarded a very noble prize in 2016 from the British Council for its great sense of environmental care and management while conducting their business. Only 18 organizations won the award globally as it required a maximum five stars rating from the council audit scheme for ten months before the award day.

OSI group believes that their success is greatly influenced by their employees which work hard every day to make sure that clients are satisfied. OSI Group creates an environment that is conducive but challenging to their employees to make them learn and grow. OSI group employment is open to everyone despite their race, color, disabilities, etc. The group welcomes anyone who has passion in the food industry. They believe everyone can make a difference.

Visit osigroup.com for more information about OSI Group.

Madison Street Capital Arranges Minority Recapitalization for ARES Security Corporation

Madison Street Capital is one of the leading investment companies based in the United States. As a matter of fact, the company has worked to achieve better business through its management portfolio. For the company, nothing thrills them more than meeting and exceeding the expectations of their clients. Or this reason, they stand at a position to offer the most comprehensive financial service advisory. For his reason, they end up becoming the best company in the provision of state-issued capital. Madison Street Capital has also led the international market through market stability issues. The company works to meet the needs of their clients in a manner that is unparalleled in the industry. For this reason, everyone will always endeavor to dedicate their business to sustainable market value.


Madison Street Capital was made to become the exclusive advisor in the development of market stability in a manner that depicts the true nature of the business. For you to engage in these activities, you must first develop working capabilities of the likes of Madison Street Capital reputation. Madison Street Capital also acted as the most exclusive advisory company in matters concerning finance for Ares Company. Ares Security Company is based in Vienna as one of the high-end companies providing software solutions for end-to-end security encryption. The company came to Madison Street Capital in search for financing options that can be attained through market stability.


The Corbel Structured Equity Company issued the appropriate financing needed by Ares Security Company. As a matter of fact, no one has the capability to develop high-end needs in this region. For this reason, you might access the better business development facilities in this accreditation. Charles Botchway, the President and Chief Executive Officer of, announced the beginning of the transaction. He also oversaw its development to maturity. Reginal Mckenny of Madison Street Capital was the one in charge of the control of the operation. He also worked with the company to develop the most sophisticated method of business transactions. For this reason, Madison Street Capital will always stay ahead of the rest in business and deal-structuring capabilities in the United States.


Ben Moscow, the Ares Chief Executive Officer and President, said that they are extremely delighted with the services rendered to them by Madison Street Capital. They will never forget the business transaction in which the company has delighted in nature. As a matter of fact, no one has the capability to sustain business in a manner that depicts the true nature of this business. For this reason, anyone working for Madison Street Capital can become a president. Madison Street Capital has a team of professionals to make your business end in good hands. For this reason, you will never fail to attain better business through Madison Street Capital.


Check out Madison Street Capital on Facebook for updates.

Flavio Maluf’s Professional Career and Success Story

Flavio Maluf is a Brazilian mechanical engineering and MBA graduate. He was born on December 2, 1961, and brought up in Brazil. Since childhood, Maluf has been passionate about business administration. He first attended FAAP in Brazil for a degree in mechanical engineering and then relocated to the US to study business administration at Masters level at the distinguished New York University on mundodomarketing.com. Jacqueline de Lourdes Coutinho got married to Flavio back in 1986. The couple has three kids who are striving to follow their father’s footsteps.

Professional Career

Flavio Maluf was among the senior executives who enabled Eucatex to expand its services from a local customer base to an international level. He has remained loyal to the firm since 1987. Flavio began his professional career in trade and later shifted to industrial production. He was officially elected as Eucatex’s president in 1997 by the company’s major shareholders. Flavio Maluf uses his presidency to oversee the investment and innovation strategies adopted by the firm’s leadership and professional teams.

Flavio’s Modernization Approach to Leadership

At Eucatex, Flavio’s first initiative was to modernize the company’s management. He strives to seek success and perfection in his daily leadership strategies on segs.com. Flavio prefers to seize every opportunity that comes his way for personal growth and expansion of the company (Eucatex).

Eucatex Group has undergone several significant transformations since 1951 when it was founded. It is applauded by environmentalists for its environmentally friendly modes of using eucalyptus in manufacturing construction materials on eleicoesepolitica.com. Before Flavio joined the company’s leadership team, Eucatex’s first processing plant was situated in Salto, São Paulo, After Flavio had become a senior employee of the company, its activities focused on the production of quality softwood sheets and acoustic linings. The company has gained positive reviews from furniture and civil engineering practitioners for its long-lasting products at https://br.linkedin.com/in/flavio-maluf-172147b3. As the president, Flavio examined the company’s prospects of opening a new Botucatu-based processing plant.

Charity Work

Flavio Maluf cherishes and supports the community through charity work. He has volunteered in several community development activities in the past. Flavio presented a donation to the Hospital and Maternidade Idio Carli. The donation was aimed at improving the health facility’s infrastructure.

Hussain Sajwani has helped several children in their time of need.

Hussain Sajwani, is the Properties Chairman, of DAMAC Properties, which is located in the desert country of Dubai. Mr. Sajwani founded the organization in 2002. This amazing opportunity, was made possible, due to a Dubai governmental decree, that permitted foreigners to possess their own properties in the emirate. DAMAC Properties, is known to be the largest, lavish, private real estate company in all of the Middle East.


Hussain Sajwani is a very benevolent man. Through his company, DAMAC Properties, Hussain has contributed 2 million Arab Emirates Dollars, in an effort to help provide, desperately needed clothing to underprivileged children, across the world. It is believed, that his very generous donation, will assist with helping more than 50,000 children.


DAMAC Properties, also has a hospitality section known as, DAMAC Maison. They provide specially tailored services, to the residents of their almost 8,000 hotel apartments, with an additional 2,810 units that expected to be added, within the year.


DAMAC Properties has collaborated with United States President, Donald Trump, to create two golf courses, under Trump’s name, in Dubai. After Trump was elected as President, he announced during a press conference, that he is close friends with Hussain Sajwani. Mr. Sajwani put forth a $2 billion property agreement with Mr. Trump, which Trump, due to his Presidential obligations, had to refuse.


Mr. Sajwani is close to Trump’s immediate family members. His immediate family has no conflict of interest when it comes to establishing wealthy business deals in Dubai, using the Trump name. This fact became clear to Trump when Hussain was visiting America and having dinner with the Trump family. Hussain informed Donald Trump, that he realized to avoid legal problems from their business collaborations, that the dealings would have to be, on paper at least, through Trump’s children and his wife.


Hussain’s wife and Trump’s wife, are very close friends who often exchange email communications and Trump’s wife, has also stayed at Hussain’s house, in Dubai.


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Securus Technologies Has Effects of Stopping Crimes in an Innovative Fashion

Securus Technologies offers an opportunity in which people are connect with others through the utilization of video chatting through an interface of a program that has been beautifully designed and engineered to give inmates an opportunity of connecting with those who they may consider to be friends, significant others, or relatives in a “face to face” scenario without actually being next to one another. This is made possible by a technology that brings videoconferencing into a correctional facility’s environment.


Visitors are no longer obligated to wait in lines or schedule appointments during times that are inconvenient for them. They can simply open the Securus Technologies program to chat with their friend, significant other, or relative through the program by setting their own schedules. It is however important to see whether or not the correctional facility your friend, relative, or significant other may be incarcerated at is currently offering the utilization of this program.


Securus Technologies is a BBB accredited company that has been given approval to continue its operations. They’ve been proven to be a quality company that has made a program that’s greatly benefited many different types of people. It is a program that’s had effects of helping communities by solving crimes as the conversations that take place within the video conferencing sessions of Securus Technologies can be used as evidence by police officers in which they’ll be able to begin investigative efforts to potentially stop the crimes that may have been spoken about. It is a program that provides an all around spectrum of benefits for many different people. If you’re wanting to become more acquainted with the program and its interface, please feel free to contact one of the customer service technicians to provide you with the guidance that you may require to begin utilizing this program. Be sure to check on the prices on the website as well. You will see that rates are quite low in comparison to other forms of communicative technologies.