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Mike Baur and SSUF’s Collaboration with Fintech

Girded with 20 years of experience in the Swiss banking industry, Mike Baur founded the Swiss Start-Up Factory in 2014. SSUF is a business that as its names employs looks for promising, young startup companies-particularly in the digital industry-and partners with them to help them become successful. Each three-month uniquely tailored program involves coaching, mentoring, office space, and an entrepreneurial network. The program will also give clients access to many potential clients, partners, and investors.


 One of the world-class staff members of SSUF is Michael Hartweg. He has much experience as a founder and former leader of Leonteq. He now helps SSUF counsel, mentor and advise other young entrepreneurs. Right now the primary concentration of SSUF is Fintech startups. Fintech is a similar company to SSUF in that it seeks to help young startup companies to succeed. However, Fintech’s primary concentration is in the financial services industry. This means that they help startups in all manner of different segments of the industry.


Their three most common are banking, insurance, and commodity trading. And this concentration is not limited to any one area. Fintech is ready, willing, and often does help promising startups in the financial marketplace all over the world. This stems from Fintech Accelerator Fusion and SSUF having formed a partnership earlier this year. Hartweg will be a big support in this process, although it is not clear whether or not he will serve as a leader in this process.


The two companies will work toward the goal of bridging the gap between French and Swiss German industries. The two companies will double their powers to guide Fintech’s client companies toward this end. Fintech Fusion was founded by Guillaume Dubray who along with Mike Baur led the two companies into this historic cooperation. The two companies represent the two segments-French and Swiss German industries-that they are seeking to unite. They hope that their example in itself will instigate most of the bridging. But the two men agree that this is only the beginning stage of what they are planning.


The History And Achievements Of IAP Worldwide Services

Since 1963 when it was incepted, IAP Worldwide Services has upheld the need to offer high-quality services and global scale logistics as well as technical services relevant in different specialties. Like many companies, they have had their share of challenges, but this could not stop the company from expanding and growing into one of the biggest and most reliable providers of technical support in the U.S.

The history of IAP Worldwide Services speaks success and highlights some of the great steps they have made while working to improve businesses, government institutions and private institutions like hospitals and schools. One of the domains they have showed presence for many years is security, and they have had a good relationship with the army based in overseas bases.

Energy efficiency and management
As captured on the online history section of IAP Worldwide Services, the company, then referred to as Pan Am Services, merged with Johnson Controls, Inc., and the main aim of this merger was to enhance the service delivery of IAP Worldwide Services and welcome more expertise that would help to make them a global leader in the management of military bases and operations maintenance services.

The company came up with innovative technology that helped to increase efficiency in the consumption of energy while automating lighting, security systems and environmental control.

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Solutions for emerging markets
In 2006, IAP bought over G3 Systems, a British company that specialized in engineering. G3 works with the government offering commercial clients with different facilities and services, starting from fixed infrastructure, deployable modular systems to solutions for various challenges.

The step IAP Worldwide Services made while acquiring G3 helped to expand the scope of operations of the company and has won it more international clients that before. .

Of today and the future
2014 saw IAP Worldwide Services engage in a restructuring exercise based on the principles that came with the new management. This restructuring brought into the company more employees, increasing the total number to over 1600 and the physical locations to more than 110 in at least 20 countries. The Science and Technology work offered by the company helps their customers to focus on their work and visions Ð for instance ensuring the environment is protected and offering advanced healthcare services. IAP responds quickly to disasters and offers emergency power and supplies.

Learn more IAP Worldwide Services: http://www.monster.com/jobs/c-iap-worldwide-services,-inc-l-virginia.aspx

The Philanthropy of David J. Osio

David Osio has been recognized by communities around the world for his generous philanthropic efforts. They have given him awards and honors because of the difference that he has made in the lives of many and for nonprofit organizations. David Osio is the CEO and founder of the Davos Financial Group where he takes on the responsibilities of global strategy as well as domestic strategy. He has turned Davos Financial Group into a company that is recognized around the world as a leader in the field of financial advisement. He has opened offices in New York, Geneva, Lisbon, Miami, and Panama City. In each of these cities, David has made sure to be generous with the local community because he is a man who loves people and wants to see the communities that he operates in thrive.

David Osio began his career in 1988. He was educated as a lawyer in Caracas, Venezuela at the Catholic University Andres Bello where he graduated with honors. In the beginning, he worked as the Director of the Legal Desk MGO. here he provided legal advice to clients from all over the world. His clients included Consolidated Bank and Ferro. Hungry for more knowledge David achieved a specialization in administration at the Institute of Higher administration Studies in Caracas in 1998.  there he got credentialed in Management Investment Portfolios.

David is very well known for trying to make a difference around the world. He is especially seen as a lover of the arts, music, and a supporter of medical research that helps people maintain their health. There are many non-profits that David has been known to support. Notably, David has given yearly funding to the Miami Symphony Orchestra. He also served as a member of the board for the orchestra because he wanted to personally touch the lives of people who go to symphonies. David has said that participating in the Miami Symphony Orchestra has brought him great joy that is why he wants to remain an annual supporter. He feels that the orchestra is an icon in the local community and that without donations from people like himself this important Miami icon will not be able to remain open.

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Doe Deere on How Lime Crime Came About

Doe Deere rocking her new lip color
Are you into makeup and colourful shades of colour? Then you must have heard about Doe Deere or her company known as Lime Crime Cosmetics. Doe Deere is the founder of the company as well as its CEO. She is the face behind the colourful makeup trend that also introduced the matte fad all over the world. She is an interesting person and her entrepreneurial skills are unmatched. She is always looking for ways of making her products unique and her brand relevant. She has managed to stay atop the industry which is both demanding and tedious to scale for many people.


Doe is not your everyday businesswoman. She knows how to make the challenges she faces in creating amazing products push her to even greater levels of achievement. She is always concerned about her customers, who she calls unicorns. Therefore, all her efforts always go towards ensuring that this fan base gets all the quality products they need.  They have a range of products to match their outfits and be themselves and creative at the same time.


Asked about how she started the company, Doe would tell you that she was not sure about her love for makeup or fashion at a young age. She was born in Russia but was raised in New York City when her parents moved to the United States of America. she, however, knew that she had love for colour and fun and that she could accessorize her clothes and match her outfits with colourful makeup. The problem which she encountered, however, was the lack of readily available makeup that was both bright and bold at the same time.


Doe Deere was creative enough to start her own makeup brand to complement and supplement the outfits which she was selling online. Her ebay business was picking up at the time but was not there was the makeup. She started thinking of ways to come up with some and finally decided to launch her own company and start manufacturing some of her own. Her first products, the Unicorn Lipsticks, launched in 2009, just a year after launching her company, Lime Crime. The rest, as they say, is history. When she launched the Velventines in 2012, there was a craze as more and more women went for her products and embracing the matte trend.


As a business lady, Doe Deere inspires a lot of people, especially young ladies. She is so confident and women who want that boost of confidence about them look up to her. She has made sure that women can try bold colours and still look amazing as they go about their daily activities. Her skills as a business woman have also seen her garner some of the best awards in the beauty industry.

Learn more: http://doedeereunicornqueen.tumblr.com/


Squaw Valley Ski Corporation with Andy Wirth

The Squaw Valley Ski Resort has a crucial expansion move. On being successful, the redevelopment plan will include more tourist housing and workforce. The Placer County Planning Commission has recently approved the development plan.

With the approval, the expansion will then move to the final approval steps by the County Board of Supervisors. Mr. Andrew Wirth, the CEO of Squaw Ski, acknowledged the approval and is optimistic the plan will do greater good to the greater Placer County region.

Intrinsically, there is an impediment of the current situation of transit and traffic in the area. Though these barriers and Squaw’s expansion are not dependent, the Squaw Valley Resort is committed to solving the problem for the overall good of the community. Read more: Andy Wirth – KCRW

Since the city and the community are concerned with the welfare of the region, new developments that think about the community welfare are required.

According to Powder, Andy Wirth has committed to lead and work with the administration to find measures for the traffic issue. Mr. Andy is a reputable expertise who holds all his positions with the professionalism that they deserve.

The Squaw Valley Resort has developed substantial initiatives to counteract the traffic issue. The resort has pledged commitments to fund a reliable and convenient mass transit system that will serve not only the Placer County but also the whole region of North Lake Tahoe.

Andy Wirth serves at the Alpine Meadows of Tahoe, Inc. as the current President and CEO. Since August 2, 2010, Andy Wirth has been serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Squaw Valley Ski Corporation, and currently, he serves as the President.

He holds direct responsibilities in all the aspects of sales and marketing at the resort. From June 1, 2006, Mr. Andy has been serving as the Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Steamboat of Intrawest ULC.

Since July 2007, Andy has served at Intrawest ULC (formerly Intrawest Corp.) as the CEO and Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing. He joined the Intrawest Corp. due to the Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation’s acquisition completed in March 2007.

Andy has 24 years of extensive experience in the marketing and sales sectors. He also serves at the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club as the President of the Board of Directors. Since July 2013, Mr. Andrew Wirth has been a Trustee of Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority.

He additionally attended the Edinburgh University in Scotland.

FreedomPop Review: Rapidly Catching On As The Cheapest Wireless Option Around

In this FreedomPop review, it will be a quick summary of what makes it the cheapest option for wireless users and who can benefit most from their service. The service is relatively new to the wireless marketplace.

What Is It Anyway?

It is a wireless network that only uses VOIP. This means that they only purchase services for data and then they use their partner Sprints data network to run all of it. This differs from the typical purchase of data connections.

FreedomPop Plans

The most popular plan they offer is their “free plan.” This plan offers 200 talk minutes, 500MB of data and 500 texts, all for no charge every month. The hope of the company is that you’ll opt for more data through one of their “paying plans.”

Only $5

Using over 10,000 wi-fi hotspots dotted all around the country, you’ll have access to all of your talk, text and data services. This takes away the need for using many towers. This option will only run the customer a cool $5. This keeps you connected to any hotspots that you already have access to as well.


This is by far the most popular plan that they offer. As it states, you’ll receive unlimited talk, text and data usage for only $19.99 per month. The fact tat you’ll have access to such a large network of hotspots makes this very welcoming to customers.

How It Works

The company runs on the Sprint network for all of their services. The Sprint network is trusted by many other companies for service, so it’s a solid enough company to count on for your data usage.

With 38 different mobile devices to choose from, FreedomPop has plenty of options already when it comes to which device to use for your personalized service. Them being a new company, you can more than likely count on this number growing as the company grows.

For the original FreedomPop review by Saving Freak, just click the link for all of the information you’ll need.

Doe Deere Creates Crazy Color Spectrum With Lime Crime Makeup And It’s Addictive

You know you’ve arrived when big stars like Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj have been photographed wearing makeup from your cosmetics brand. Still, you keep working hard and churning out newer, more spectacular color palettes, because that’s how you roll.

Doe Deere is the CEO and founder of Lime Crime makeup, a brand she launched in 2008 that offered young women everywhere the chance to try edgy makeup in colors and textures they had never seen before. Suddenly, long-lasting bold lipstick shades in strange hues like Bright Blue, Green, Banana Yellow, Cement and Squash were the new normal.

Doe Deere’s About Us page sums it up this way:

“I make makeup for girls and boys like me, who express themselves unapologetically. Lime Crime is freedom to be you!”

Doe Deere is allowing people to create their own ideas of what is beautiful and to have lots of fun playing around with her bold, brightly pigmented lipsticks, shadows and liners. She tells GaloreMag.com that it’s unreal to have the opportunity to create color for a living as an adult.

Having a huge presence on social media has helped catapult the Lime Crime brand into the stratosphere. Doe Deere understands the value in an online world and how e-commerce is changing the shopping landscape. She loves engaging with her many fans on Lime Crime’s Instagram with 2.2 million followers and growing legions on Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and others.

Doe Deere and Lime Crime are in the mainstream now and finally being recognized in the very competitive business world. Doe Deere was recently named as one of the Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs of Self-Made magazine. There she was, in a picture on the cover of Self-Made alongside business icons Suze Orman and Arianna Huffington.

Doe Deere is keeping it real by sticking to the hard work ethic that got her first established. She loves bold, bright makeup colors and enjoys her candy-colored tresses and vivid fashion clothing.

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George Soros Is Asking the World to Help Ukraine

George Soros has tried to use his money to help those in need and to make the world a better place. He has continued to do this with Ukraine. Soros has been watching very closely as Russia has sent troops and tanks across the Ukrainian border in violation of many laws. The invasion has caused many problems to occur within Ukraine. The country is now in total disarray. Therefore, Soros wants to do his part to help. He has called upon the political and business leaders of the world to lend a helping hand to Ukraine. Soros is hoping that his vast financial influence will generate support for Ukraine as it tries to overcome the worst financial crisis in its history.

Russia has been severely punished for their unprovoked attacked on the peaceful nation of Ukraine. U.N. sanctions have crippled the Russian economy and made it next to impossible for the government and the banks of the country to conduct business on any meaningful level. The price of oil was down to $55 at its lowest. To put that into perspective, barrels of oil need to be $100 for Russia to have any chance of balancing their budget. Despite these major economic difficulties, Vladimir Putin has remained defiant regarding his Ukrainian invasion. He has refused to back down and end the military action even though his entire country is suffering mightily because of it.

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George Soros | Open Society Foundations (OSF)

The plan to save the Ukrainian economy that Soros has developed is a clever one because he is not simply asking for financial donations or additional economic sanctions against Russia. He wants some of the biggest and most successful companies in the world to open their doors in Ukraine. He feels that this would be the necessary financial boost that the Ukrainian economy needs in order to overcome this crisis that it is currently going through. Soros has proposed that various incentives be offered as a way of enticing large companies to open offices in Ukraine. Whether or not this strategy will be effective remains to be seen.

One of the major concerns for Soros has been the way that the Ukrainian gas company Naftogaz has been conducting its business. It has been using its monopoly status as Ukraine’s sole gas supplier to basically charge whatever it wants. Needless to say, Soros is not pleased that a large company is taking advantage of the mostly poor residents of Ukraine.

Soros feels that many countries have not joined his crusade to help Ukraine because they are afraid of possible retributions from Vladimir Putin. They also do not want to risk losing the ability to do business with a country as large and powerful as Russia if they should side against them in this matter. This fear of Russia’s power has allowed this Ukrainian situation to drag on.

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Pittsburgh Steelers making waves with their new clothing line

The Pittsburgh Steelers have set the bar when it comes to their brand. They’ve started a new clothing line that has their fans buzzing with excitement. The new clothing line appeals to fans of any age, and its modern look is what the fans have been asking for.

The new clothing line according to Susan McGalla has brand names attached to it like Tommy Bahama, Victoria’s Secret, and Nike Golf. The line has modernized and expanded to suit the needs of every person of each age group.

The new clothing line is even more appealing to girls and women, where there are more choices of Pittsburgh Steeler gear in pink and looks to make women and girls feel more feminine. The team Of Susan McGalla even offers Pandora jewelry with charms.

Focus groups have been brought in to see what the Steeler fan base was wanting in clothing to support their team, and the team listened to their desires.

The idea behind the new clothing line is Susan McGalla to bring it to the mainstream public, where items can either be dressed up or dressed down. Girls can even get clothing with thumbholes, which seems to be very popular.

The new clothing comes from the new director of strategic planning, Susan McGalla, who has been very instrumental in listening to the needs of the public. She knows quite a bit about the fashion world.

McGalla served as the president of American Eagle Outfitters and CEO of Wet Seal. She has excited the Steeler fans even before the regular season started. This is a huge win for the organization.

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Talk Fusion’s New Product is a Big Success

Talk Fusion recently announced the launch of their newest product, WebRTC, a browser-based real-time communication product. Users are able to connect with their customers faster by using high-quality videos with seamless synchronization on either Chrome or Firefox browsers. This is a great product to get the word out there about your brand as you can use this new product in Video Email and Video Newsletters.

Talk Fusion’s developers are constantly trying to come up with new technology products to help their users communicate with customers more effectively. They test these products themselves and make sure they are user friendly, so even someone just starting out would be able to understand exactly how these products work. Talk Fusion is always looking for ways to improve their products for better communication around the world. If you are in need of some help with marketing your business, Talk Fusion offers a 30-day free trial with no credit card required. Give these products a try and see if they improve your business.

What exactly is Talk Fusion? Talk Fusion is the world’s first all-in-one video marketing solution. This company offers user friendly products at affordable prices to help businesses improve their relationships with customers, increase their sales, and help keep customers returning to your business. Talk Fusion offers products such as Video Email, Video Newsletters, and Video Chat. These are great products that work on all mobile devices.

Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, places a strong emphasis on giving back. Whether to friends, family members, communities, or animal shelters, Bob wants to make sure everyone is given a chance in life. With these video marketing products, you will be surprised at how well they could work for your business. Give Talk Fusion a chance and take advantage of their free trial. It couldn’t hurt to see how your business improves after using these products.