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Luciana Lossio: Success As A Lawyer, and Minister Equestrian Champion

Luciano Lossio is high caliber public figure with an impressive record. In 1999 she earned her Law Degree from the University Center of Brasilia, and in the same year she received approval of the Bar Association of Brazil. Although her education focused on Electoral Law, she later received graduate degrees in Civil Procedure, Constitutional and Civil Laws.

Luciana made a historical achievement in 2011, when she became the first woman appointed to the position of Substitute Minister of the Superior Electoral Court. Luciana has earned both the respect and regard of her peers and the public, by maintaining legislative decisions that remain within her moral obligations and are always in accordance with current laws.

In her spare time, Luciana spends her time developing her equestrian skills. As in her professional career, her dedication to the sport has propelled her notoriety in the arena. She has taken the reigns of her prized mare “Nakita” and earned the the title of Brazilian Champion of the Amateur Jump. Luciana overpowered forty other competitors to take this title. Lucianas riding skills are becoming world renown, as she has started competing in international arenas.

We are in a pivotal political time, around the globe. Luciana understands this and she has demonstrated her professional abilities and commitment in everything she does. She has the ability to handle complex situations, the prowess to navigate within the parameters of the law and fortitude to maintain her integrity to her constituents.

2016 will be the year Luciana Lossio takes her place as a new minister, on the seven member Superior Electoral Tribunal. In doing so, she is raising the hopes of her fellow Brazilians, that the end of government corruption is in sight. Luciana has a proven track record of public rectitude and high personal standards of morality. She is setting new standards and realigning the ambitions of public servitude.

The next year should be interesting as Luciana transitions into her role and begins making impacts on legislation and electoral standards.




Fabletics Is The Best Place For Athleisure According To Marie Claire

Every woman in the world has a right to wear something that makes her feel good, and she can use Fabletics over everything else because the brand is so useful.

Someone who wants to look great will learn a lot from the talk that Marie Claire had with Fabletics. Kate Hudson started Fabletics because she was tired of spending too much time on her clothes every morning. She is too busy to fuss with her clothes, and she made a brand that any woman can get into in seconds. That means that she can drop off her kids, go to the store, go to the gym, meet friends and get her kids when school is over. Everyone wins when a woman has Fabletics to wear, and she can stuff more of those clothes into her gym bag if she needs to. There is no need to hang all the clothes at the beginning of the day, and the clothes will transition at the gym easily. A woman who wants to make sure that she has made the right decisions for her clothes should be sure to work with Fabletics because it is so easy.
Read more on Kate Hudson Fabletics Interview 2016

Women can subscribe right now, and they can get clothes that will work for them every day. It will be the easiest in the world for women to do because they can get dressed in seconds, and they will no longer have to worry about how they can pick their outfits. They wear their athleisure everywhere, and they can get it all from Fabletics at any time. That is the beauty of the simplicity, and it is why Kate Hudson is a new fashion maven.

Source: http://www.bustle.com/articles/152217-when-do-fabletics-dresses-come-out-shop-these-athleisure-styles-stat-photos

How Do Online Reputation Companies Make People Feel Better About Their Crises?

Online Reputation companies are out there helping people who have run into pretty serious problems online, and there are companies like Status Labs that are making life easier for their clients. People are coming to them every day desperate for help, and Status Labs is going to help these people get the results they want. A negative image can be turned around, but it has to be turned around by professionals. Professionals who are working on these jobs will make sure that they have created something that makes their clients look that much better.


The clients are going to start seeing changes online that are going to help them see more positive things online instead of just negative things. The companies like Status Labs are going to be able to create writing that is needed, and the writing they create is going to start turning up online in Internet searches that people do. People are going to see the changes in their image every time they do a search of their name, and they are going to be able to ask Status Labs how they are going to make the biggest changes possible.


According to Daily Beast, companies like Status Labs are going to keep making changes to the image of a client until they are sure that they have made the most impact. It is also important that all of these companies are going to be able to ask their online reputation management companies how they can help with the process. It is important for all clients to participate in changing their images, and it is important that they get reports on the changes.
Status Labs is going to make it much easier for people to change their online image, and an image can be changed just by consistent work.

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Dalrada Financial Chairman of the Board Brian Bonar

Dalrada Financial is a company that provides companies insurance, financial, and business processing products across the nation. The programs are designed to be specifically tailored for the needs of the individual company, not cookie-cutter solutions that only work on a fraction of businesses.

Dalrada Financial representatives will look first at the current state of your business, then they create a unique plan of action that will move the company in the direction of achieving their goals. This process is done both professionally and personally.

The entire process is quite unique to Dalrada Financial, where they supply you with the money that you will need to successfully run your business. Then at the same time, they show you strategies to protect the capital and reduce any risk.

This process of building a wall between your company and the revenue is how your business grows. Running the operation from behind the scenes is Brian Bonar. He has served as director of Dalrada Financial for over 20 years, and he became the chairman of the board back in late 1999.

Earlier with his years at Dalrada Financial, Brian Bonar was director of tech sales from 1992 – 1994, later being promoted that same year to vice president of sales and marketing.

He went on to become the executive vice president soon after, and then in 1997 was appointed as Dalrada Financials CEO. He assumed the post full time in 1998.

Before his time at Dalrada Financial, Brian Bonar worked at Bezier Systems from 1991 – 1992. He worked as vice president for the company that was based out of San Jose, a manufacturer of commercial grade laser printers.

Before that, from 1990 – 1991 Brian Bonar (PR News Wire published an article on it) was a sales manager for Adaptec, a laser printer developer. His career in the laser printing industry dates back even further. He was the vice president in charge of marketing from 1988 – 1990 for Rastek, a laser printer manufacturer that was based out of Alabama.

Taking a look back at how it all started, Brian Bonar was working in the color printing industry from as far back as 1984. He was also an employee of IBM for 17 years. More details here: The New Frontier

The fact he has climbed the ranks in each company that he was employed goes a long way to the position he now holds at Dalrada Financial. To be able to go from an engineer to the CEO of one of the fastest growing companies in the nation speaks volumes to the commitment and dedication he has for his craft. Learn more: bitsylink.com/2015/07/28/all-about-brian-bonar-leader-and-executive/

Qnet’s Health Enhancing Business Practices.

Qnet is a direct selling and marketing company that was founded in 1998 by a young group of associates with an aim of promoting better living standards among people through marketing. For the 16 years that the company has been active, they have been serving a new class of healthy and successful persons of diverse ages, gender, races and socio-economic status. Qnet provides a framework and tools that give its members an opportunity to improve their way of life through improved lifestyle products, network marketing, and a satisfying payment plan. The company is a relatively new player in the direct selling industry, which is highly controlled by superior rivals. They, however, have managed to offer a variety of quality products and brands that emphasis on the improving the health and lifestyles of their clients across the world. The exceptional and appropriately tested products range from skin care, nutritional and health product to elegant Swiss-made watches and jewelry.

A strict testing method is used by the company when choosing the new products that can be included in its brand. High standards and moral values are some of the distinctive characteristics that Qnet considers when examining the new products. They also have an exceptional way of viewing their enterprise from a big business perspective. Qnet is quite committed to following the healthy vegetarian lifestyle, and all meals that are offered at the firm’s events are strictly vegetarian. The company also encourages vegetarianism as a way of having a healthy life, and they reflect high standards in all sections of the products and business plans. No non-vegetarian ingredient is allowed by Qnet in its products that are consumable or edible. They also stress on the use of safe testing procedures that do no cause harm to animals and due to that, they do not use animals during testing. The company is an active participant in the creation of awareness against the rising growth rates of diabetes, heart diseases, obesity and other worsening illnesses across the planet. Qnet, therefore, uses small amounts of sugar, synthetic sweeteners and dangerous chemicals in all the supplies that they sell online.

They also facilitate the establishment of critical community programs in local and international societies. Qnet has been acknowledged for its active support for Rashid Center’s programs that assist children with exceptional needs.

Video Visitation innovations? Securus Technologies Survey Reveals Secret To Keep Relevant In 2016 And Beyond!

Correctional and prison facilities look toward technology innovations this year and beyond. I’m certain Securus’ cutting-edge video visitation products influenced the larger community. In fact, I stumbled upon Securus Technologies convincing survey findings. It emphasized on exploring methods to minimize operation cost burden while improving productivity, efficiency, security and safety. In turn, it’ll increase inmate satisfaction while lessening staff workload. The survey read that some fifty-six percent of correctional facilities operators promised to engage technology updates. Meanwhile, fifteen percent desire cost-cutting benefits, another fifty-five interest lies in service expansion and development.

Securus Technologies chief executive, Richard A. Smith asserts that correctional agencies engaging automation stand to enjoy long-term returns. In fact, sixty-six percent endorsed video visitation as an integral resource to mobilize productivity vehicles. With inmate satisfaction being a constant focus today, correctional facilities require these technology innovations. Another thirty-three percent mentioned tablets as innovations to strengthen their strategic position within their designated industry. Securus Technologies actually dedicated a research facility, an extension of its Dallas-based, Texas headquarter. It invested about $1.5 million to embark on exploratory work as it seeks solutions for survey inquisition.

Another development I learned is that Securus Technologies installed John Bell as Sales V.P. (senior). The Financial News UK article recounts his appointment last December. His installation comes at the expense of expansion and development as Securus Technologies facilitate product growth initiatives. In fact, it recently announced plans to broaden its 800+ corrections and law enforcement products portfolio. John Bell extensive career history leading telecommunication technology giants, such as IBM, Time Warner Cable, Verizon, etc. means well for Securus. With his intelligence of industry dynamics, establishing partnerships and transforming Securus organizational culture shouldn’t be a challenging endeavor.

Chiefly, it focuses on introducing revolutionary technologies to automate monitoring, public safety vehicles, corrections and investigation initiatives. Some 1.2 million North American inmates, 3, 450 correctional facilities, public safety and law enforcement units use Securus Technologies. It operates the one of the nation’s largest network that handles inmate self-service, emergency response, public information, inmate communication, monitoring, investigation, incident management and biometric analysis hub. In the last three years, Securus Technologies pumped over $600 million into product development and acquisitions. With this, it’s broadening product offerings to reach efficiency, security and safety goals, a Virtual Strategy Magazine by PR Newswire article reads.

Securus Technologies is not in any way affiliated with Securus the anxiety and pain reliever, nor is it a part of the Securus America, agency site.

If you are interested in downloading the video visitation app from Securus, find it on iTunes or for Android users, you can find it on Google Play.

The Queens of Drama Put on an Acting Clinic

There is an array of television series on cable and the internet. Some are interactive, reality, make believe, animation and so many more. If you are looking for a positively entertaining show, the Queens of Drama is a show too look into. It follows former daytime and and prime time actresses behind the scene of a reality show, to show off who they are in real life.

One of the main characters, on the Queens of Drama, is Crystal Hunt. In the Queens of Drama, Crystal is the owner of a pet boutique, in which she has owned and operated in her life. She brings out not only her creative skills with her pet business, but her business experience as well. Crystal Hunt, plays herself in this t.v. series and is very vocal and entertaining when it comes too her acting her self, instead of a staged scenery. She portrays herself very loudly and boisterous.

Before Crystal Hunt got involved with acting, she was a photographer, and started off her personal career as participating in beauty pageants at the age of two. She progressed into starring in commercials and was in one of the famous Walt Disney 25th anniversary for Anti-drug use. As she got older, SoapOperaNetwork writes Crystal started to play infamous roles in day time soap operas. One particular appearance, that she is very well known for is, Lizze Spaulding, a troubled daughter of her parents. She ended up receiving an Emmy award for this particular performance. In 2009, she moved from the soap opera, Guiding light, too appear in the day time soap opera, One Life too Live. She only kept her role in this series for a year and decided to venture into the movie screen scene. Magic Mike XXL, The Derby Stallion, and 23 Blast are just a few.

Overall, Crystal Hunt, shows that a person can progress his or her career from the stage of a 2 year old too the big screen on the movie theaters. She is a perfect example of how a woman can move through life through television to having her own personal pet business. Crystal Hunt has an acting reel on YouTube that further showcases her talents.

FreedomPop’s CEO In Video Interview

There’s a new, popular virtual mobile network operator out there on the market, and they are giving away usage to people because it is what the company believes.  In an article and video interview from RCR Wireless, FreedomPop’s CEO Stephen Stokols talks about how this company is growing domestically and internationally to offer their valuable service to more and more people.

RCR Wireless’s Carrier Wrap Segment

The popular Carrier Wrap segment from RCR Wireless featured information about FreedomPop this week, along with other information about a few other major cellular providers. FreedomPop has been around since 2011, and they have consistently offered a free service to people who don’t feel like spending a fortune for their wireless phone bills.

In the latest interview from RCR Wireless, the CEO of FreedomPop explains how the number of people who convert to paid usage in the UK has grown from 20 percent to 44 percent. This increase in usage conversions is outstanding when you consider that the service is new to the UK. In the US, the conversion rate is at 50 percent, and this market has been open longer to FreedomPop. According to Mr. Stokols, UK journalists even doubted that FreedomPop’s business model would work, but the company is proving them wrong with this high conversion rate.

Additionally, the network has expanded to allow users to travel through other countries with the same phone plan. This makes it a lot easier when planning your vacation. Many users like to travel with FreedomPop instead of going through trouble with the large carriers.

To read more and see the video, go to the RCR Wireless article.

The Clan with the Spirit of Charity: Say Hello to Dick

Currently standing amongst the richest families of Michigan, the Devos’ philanthropy stretches wider than most can imagine. The head of the clan, Richard, has long been involved in funding educational institutions, with an inclination that I find to be religious in nature. Mr. and Mrs. DeVos operate their very own charity foundation and have also known to fund the establishment of a hospital in Grand Rapids by giving a record 50 million US dollars.

In my opinion, the philanthropist spirit and a part of the riches have been inherited by Dick, one of their sons who fell into the streamline of his dad’s business. The other two have also taken over portions of business and continue to grow under the guidance of their father and brother. 

Dick DeVos stands apart from the rest of his brothers by his keen attention to business even in the early years of his life. Michigan is his hometown, which perhaps explains the close links his charity has to the area. Dick DeVos has reminisced in an interview that hanging around the offices of his dad with Doug (brother) was kind of fun. Starting his education from Forest Hills, Dick went off cruising through Northwood University to achieve his BS in the subject of business. He also attended Harvard at one point in his life but did not sail right through with a degree. However, Amway welcomed Dick with open arms in 1974, a company that his father had played a part in establishing. Thus began Dick’s career. Read a full biography here. 

Dick’s professional life is marked by diverse interests and choices. For instance, he also served as the CEO of the basketball team of Orlando Magic. He also ran for the governorship of his beloved Michigan but did not manage to bag the seat. Read the full account here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dick_DeVos. 

Dick and Betsy Devos (husband and wife respectively) have done some pretty amazing philanthropic work themselves, what with the opening of the Aviation charter institute that does not have any tuition fee and their own foundation just like the one held by their parents. The foundation pipelines the funds to a number of organizations and causes that take place in the area, with the notable mention of ArtPrize, a huge competition conducted in Grand Rapids at an international level. Dick DeVos also made the headlines during the political campaign of George Bush.