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Freedom Debt Relief providing debt help: Learn more from the many Freedom Debt Relief Reviews Online

The importance of building and maintaining good credit cannot be disputed. You never know when you might need a loan from a loan provider, and it is therefore important to be prepared for a rainy day. While it may seem like a difficult thing to do, getting out of debt just requires you to partner with a good company.

One company that stands out when it comes to matters about debt is Freedom Debt Relief. A quick check on Freedom Debt Relief reviews online is a testament to this. Joni (one of their past customers) admits that they needed some financial help. However, unforeseen circumstances made them accumulate more debts than they could handle. After some research on credit companies, they found Freedom Debt Relief as one of the top choices that they could leverage to settle and pay their accounts. Like many people who have been in such situations, it was a bit worrisome to make the first call to the company. To their surprise, nonetheless, Freedom Debt Relief support staffs were both professional and caring. They were treated with respect, understanding and kindness. They are currently on the road to recovery and the company has been a remarkable partner in their journey.

About Freedom Debt Relief

Freedom Debt Relief is an online provider of debt resolution. The company is known for its custom programs, great savings, and great customer service. They have great employees who are always at hand to answer customers’ questions and provide them with great service. Freedom Debt Relief provides a great alternative to traditional loan providers such as banks, which may not be an option for many people because of their restrictive requirements.


Remember, no credit is just as bad as poor credit. Debt help from reputable debt settlement companies like Freedom Debt Relief can really come in handy when you find yourself in a financial fix and need a solution. With a good credit record, you will be able to get such loans without any hassles.

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Rowing Orange Coast College Pirates Into Sports Relevance

Athletics has been a huge part of the Orange Coast College Pirates culture for 68 years. The Orange Coast College Pirates picked their first athlete of the year for their 1949-1950 season, three years after the college was founded. The Pirates have won the Orange Empire Conference Sports Supremacy Award 26 times in 30 years, an award rewarded to the conferences top overall men’s and women’s athletic program. The Pirates baseball team won a state championship in 1956 which would be followed by 87 state and national crowns.


The Orange Coast College Pirates rowing team has consistently been a positive representation of the schools sports culture. Coach Cameron Brown is looking to capitalize on last years success and follow it up with its second national title in 2 years. This would be the 12th national title won by the Orange Coast College Pirates rowing team in 60 years. The Orange Coast College Pirates have have sent 10 of their rowing team members on to compete in world championships and the Olympics.


Orange Coast College is located on the Southern California Coast in Costa Mesa. Classes began in 1948 with the college being founded in 1947. The Orange Coast College enrolls 25,000 new students every semester with 135 plus academic and career programs. Along with offering exceptional facilities, Orange Coast Collefge offers the nations biggest and most acclaimed public nautical programs. Orange Coast College has a huge athletic tradition with a myriad of sports to participate in for the aspiring Orange Coast College Pirate. Learn more: http://www.orangecoastcollege.edu/Pages/home.aspx


All You Need To Know About Trabucos: The Ancient War Machines

Trabucos were weapons that were used way back between the 5th and 15th centuries to bring down brick walls. Trabucos mostly worked the same way catapults do and were also used during war to destroy properties of countries that were at war as well as throw across viruses to infect each other with.

Countries located in the Mediterranean were the ones known for using this weapon. The origin of the weapon is China but soon after, it got introduced into Europe. Manufacturers made different sizes of Trabuco with every size being used for a specific task. The bigger the Trabuco, the longer the distance it could throw.

The first kind of Trabuco to ever be invented was the Traction Trabuco which could only be handled by men since the ropes that were to be pulled needed people with a lot of strength according to zomato.com. Just like any other invention, there was a downside to this weapon in that the men who would pull the ropes were not able to all apply the same type of strength at once making it impossible for the weapon to work well. This led to the upgrade of the first Trabuco which resulted in the Balancing Trabuco which came in handy and had less downsides then the first one.

The good thing about Trabucos, and what made them popular in such a short span, was the ease at which they could be made and maintained based on youtube.com. In a span of exactly 12 days, one would have a Trabuco up and running. But then again, this all depended on the size of the weapon being made. It could definitely take longer. Another reason why it was widely used was the fact that it was a weapon that was easy to operate as it heavily relied on gravity to function.

Trabucos were popular for many years but ceased being used when man invented gunpowder. It is reported on pt.bab.la that the very last time a Trabuco was used was in Mexico over 400 years ago. It is, however, kept in various countries in museums as well as schools where children get to learn of weapons that were invented way before the gun.

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The Philosophy Used At Richard Mishaan Design

Richard Mishaan is a very well-known architect and designer who lives in New York City. He is originally from Columbia and spent his youth there. He had a keen interest in design from an early age and eventually attended the Columbia University School of Architecture. Eventually, he moved to New York and attended New York University where he earned his bachelors of science.

In New York, Richard Mishaan first worked for another designer, Philip Johnson, as his apprentice. He soon opened his own firm he named Richard Mishaan Design. At Richard Mishaan Design he is known for creating an eclectic mix of products which ingeniously work together. He specializes in designing rooms for luxury homes and hotels. He uses a combination of items of different colors, textures, and materials that bring life and curiosity to a room. He also has a line of furniture and lighting that he sells.

One of the things that is different about Richard Mishaan Design is that he thinks it far more important to have an eye for design rather than just spending money to create the look of a room. In his own home, he has a perfectly designed room which incorporates his 20-year-old couch. Richard Mishaan Design often uses bright and bold colors on the walls while painting the ceiling in a warm white color.

Richard Mishaan Design’s work has been featured in two books he has published. His book Artfully Modern shows how to design a room that doesn’t cost nearly as much as it appears. He says you don’t need to spend a lot to create a lavish room which many wealthy people seem to believe.

Richard Mishaan Design incorporates a style and eye that is all its own. He has spent 20 years in the industry and has become one of the most well-regarded professionals in it.

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How to Prepare Yourself for a Lifeline Screening

Lifeline screening is a very important process that is available for people. This type of screening is designed to detect problems with a person’s health. Most people that take the Lifeline screening exam are ensuring that they do have diseases such as cancer, diabetes or a developing some kind of physical or mental conditions.

When a person visits a Lifeline clinic for a screening, there are some things that they should know about this process. First, they should not eat any food at least 12 hours before their scheduled appointment. Food interferes with the screening processes that take place. Patients that want optimal results on their testing should not eat anything.

Clients can drink some water before they arrive. However, it should be within a limited amount. Coffee and tea can also be consumed but only half a cup of each beverage is acceptable. The screening process will require doctors and health physicians to perform many different procedures on a person’s body. So, wearing loose fitting clothing is important. People are also encouraged to dress in short sleeve shirts. Long sleeves will just get in the way.

Patients might also have to disrobe for some examination processes. Having loose clothing will make getting undressed an easy thing to do. Clients should not wear any type of jewelry during examinations. No necklaces, rings, bracelets, watches and earrings. Females should take out their earrings if they are scheduled to be screened with certain hospital machines.

People should arrive at the office at least 15 minutes for their schedule time. They should not have their cellphones on and they should be ready to go when their name is called. Patients should also be prepared to listen to examiner’s instructions. They are also encouraged to ask questions about the process if they are unsure of it. Most appointments are usually completed in about forty-five minutes to an hour.

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Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Experience

In 2015, Brazil’s shopping centers witnessed an increase of roughly 6.5% in building development, this was during an economic crisis the country recently faced. The turnout for these malls and shopping centers that continue to grow are ultimately helping their economy. One of these centers is the well-known Manaira Shopping and is the largest one of five commercial centers located in Brazil’s Joao Pessoa, Paraiba. The owner and founder of Manaira Shopping, Roberto Santiago is an astute businessman that wholeheartedly believes in this shopping sector’s area of development. Shopping centers located in the Northeast Brazilian regions have to always stay on trend and reinvent themselves if they want to continue to prosper.


The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall base has an area of over 135,000 square meters with a parking space that can hold up to 3,180 vehicles. The view is gorgeous, it overlooks the Jacare beach. With a humongous shopping center at hand, you can bet that it houses plenty of entertainment. The center is packed with 11 movie theaters, gaming zones with an electric bowling alley, kid zones, garden, spas, salons, shopping malls, top quality themed restaurants, a banquet hall and so much more. There are three state-of-the-art 3D theaters where the attendees can interact in rooms with 3D technology. The center’s Domus Hall is located on the rooftop and is a fully air-conditioned concert hall with a capacity of 8,000 people. The food court has gourmet themed restaurants that attract thousands each year. The Capital Steak House is a favorite amongst the locals and tourists.


Roberto Santiago is an entrepreneur and businessman that was born on February 16, 1978, in Joao Pessoa. He is the founder and owner of two large shopping centers located in the heart of his homeland, the Manaira Shopping Mall and the Mangeira Shopping Mall. Santiago went to school at the Marista Pio X College in Brazil, achieving his master’s degree. Later, he acquired an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from the University Center of Joao Pessoa. Santiago always dreamed of purchasing a plot of land to develop a center that could be a huge haven for the locals of his place of birth. In the year of 1989, he would construct the Manaira Shopping Mall that held the largest jewelry base during that time. This construction took almost two years to complete and there will always be plans in the future for more expansion as new innovative ideas roll in. Roberto Santiago loves his homeland and built his shopping centers in hopes to increase the economy of Joao Pessoa. To his success, the Brazilian region where his centers lay are seeing a positive increase of economic and social activities to this day.


Aloha Construction Set to Receive More Work as the Construction Industry Picks Up

The usually booming America’s construction industry, courtesy of residential segment, was slowed down by last year’s presidential election. The industry typically records over 18,000 jobs in some months of the year; however, 2017 has been tough for the construction industry with some months getting barely 6000 jobs created. Many companies in the construction sector including Aloha Construction, a company which focusses on roofing services, were dissatisfied with the few jobs that were available immediately after the election. However, things seem to be picking up well with many construction companies getting a handful of construction work.

The America’s construction industry is the pacesetter of the rate of activities in other sectors of the economy. Companies such as Aloha Construction buy their building materials from manufacturers. If a lot of materials are purchased from manufacturers, the manufacturing industry is considered to be booming. Again, a company like Aloha Construction needs funding to undertake its roofing services, guttering services, siding services, and door and window replacement services; banks are primary lenders to players in the construction industry. If banks are dishing out a lot of loans, the finance sector is deemed booming. If the construction sector is booming, it goes without saying that other areas of the economy are doing well; the opposite is also true.

Aloha Construction has created employment opportunities for some residents of Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Also, the company has contributed to the local economies of the mentioned areas. Aloha Construction’s philanthropic foundation, Dave Farbaky Foundation, has donated to progressive courses in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.

Aloha Construction prides itself on being a unique home repair company. An average construction firm may deem some things unimportant when they are undertaking their repair services. However, Aloha Construction will not only provide quality, cost effective, and professional services but the company will ensure your pets are safe.

Rick Smith; The Genius Behind Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is one of the most successful correctional communications company. It promises to provide communication and connectivity services inside prisons across the United States. Currently, Rick Smith is heading the company on the post of Chief Executive Officer. He was appointed to this post in 2008. This company is located in Texas. They have partnered with many state prisons all around the entire country. Before being appointed at Securus Technologies, Rick Smith used to work as a president of Eschelon Telecom Inc. His higher intellect, perseverance and hard work in the field of communications led him to join Securus Technologies at such a higher post.The video calling technology is one of the most famous and widely used technologies by this company. This technology helps prisoners to communicate easily without any hindrance with the outer world.

This method of communication has gained a lot of praised, and this has all become possible with the help of this company. It can also be used for the safety and security of prisoners. It creates a time frame for them to speak to anyone outside the prison by using the devices introduced by Securus along with an internet connectivity. They are also creating a biometric software that would help the security guards to identify each prisoner in order to avoid fights and riots inside prisons. The method is cost efficient and user-friendly.The leadership of Rick Smith has seen a huge growth and success of the company. The demand for their products is continuously increasing since Securus Technologies is expanding its business to other countries like Canada and also serving thousands of correctional facilities across North America.

They have been a profitable and prosperous company for quite a long time, and nowadays, they are still getting a lot of contracts because of the countless efforts of Rick Smith. Almost more than six hundred million dollars have been invested so far by this company just to take care of its patents and inventions. In the last three years, the judicial system of United States has been transforming, and the credit goes to Securus Technologies. The vast collection of data from their devices is helping the authorities, and with a vast variety of information stored in the device, they can track down inmates and see if they managed to escape. Aside from that, all the data received from their devices can be converted into a graph, showing how crimes can be resolved, and how those who work in law enforcement and emergency response can be assisted. The innovations and research that Securus Technologies have developed are recognized as a small step to the future of correctional facilities, and Rick Smith has proven to be the rightful owner of this company.

Earning Easy and Fun Money With Traveling Vineyard

One of the common themes that society has changed from is that earning money has to be miserable and hard. It is common for people to hold jobs back then and then complain about everything else. Among the issues they had was that they had to work long hours at a job that they didn’t like. This resulted in the belief that people have to be miserable in order to make money. This also made them less likely to accept any opportunities that seem fun. Also, if they caught someone pursuing an opportunity that could get them the type of life they want, they would give that person an earful.

Fortunately, there is an opportunity that allows people to make money while giving them the fun job that they always wanted. This opportunity comes from Traveling Vineyard. However, the benefits that come with this company do not stop with the wages that people can make. They can also get involved with events that make it easy for them to stay connected. The wine guide is able to keep in contact with her training leader. With the harvest event, they can share insights that can help improve experience for everyone.

Traveling Vineyard puts an end to the idea that a worker has to be miserable to make money in every way imaginable. If the wine guide decides to work full time, then he will be able to make wages that rival that of his regular job. He is also in control of the hours he works and even the days and weeks that he works. This is one of the major attractive factors behind Traveling Vineyard. As each wine guide works and becomes comfortable with the environment, he is not going to want to go back to the older method of earning money, especially if he is earning more with Traveling Vineyard.

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Talos Energy and Its Expansion Strategies

Talos Energy is a private company which deals with the production of oil and gas. Its oil and gas exploration and exploitation is mainly done offshore. Talos is based in Houston, Texas but with greater interests in Mexico, especially the Gulf Coast and Gulf of Mexico regions. The company’s state-of-the art 3D seismic data is about 33,000 square miles or more. The reprocessing of this data by the specialized team of Talos has empowered the company to evaluate opportunities relating to joint ventures and acquisitions and improve drilling inventory. For the last seven decades, the technical together with the management staff have been carrying out advanced drilling techniques using geophysical technology in the Louisiana, lower Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico.

On May 21, 2017, Talos Energy launched its drilling in the Mexican waters. State owned Petroleos Mexicanos did the only offshore exploration in Mexico as a monopoly. Houston’s Talos Energy was the first foreign company to sink an offshore oil well in Mexico. This drilling was in a joint venture with Sierra Oil &Gas, Mexico and Premier Oil, London. Sierra possesses 40% stake in the venture, Talos, 35% and Premier holds 25% of the investment. These companies acquired the rights to explore in Mexico in 2015. They then erected a well identified as Zama-1 in Sureste Basin in Tabasco. The drilling will take place at the cost of $16 million and within 90 days. The well has about millions of crude barrels approximated at 100 million to 500 million. Talos Energy principally operates the well.

Earlier in 2016, Talos energy acquired a subsidiary of Helix Energy Solutions known as Energy Resource Technology GOM (ERT). The deal was at the cost of $620 million. The acquired company is headquartered at the Gulf of Mexico. Investment funds affiliated with Riverstone Holdings and Apollo Global Management form the company’s fund portfolio. For example, in February 2012, Riverstone supported Talos with $600 million in equity.

This year, Talos received recognition as the top local small business with the best workplace by Workplace Dynamics. Some of the company’s motivational programs for its workers include on-site day care and Friday happy hours.