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Securus Technologies Announces a New App

In 1986, Securus Technologies was founded with the primary objective of connecting inmates with their friends and family members. The company wanted to establish a learning environment to understand criminal justice and civil technology solutions the company offers public safety through acquisitions and innovations that further their provision goal in keeping a higher pace with the dynamic technology. Securus Technologies has a law and corrective administration agency that offers cooperative intellect to remain ahead of the rest.


Securus, second to YouTube, offers one of the largest communication platform coupled with unique features to create compatibility with numerous devices. For this reason, a user-friendly environment is achieved. The company distances itself from its competing partners to accommodate over 140 patents through development and research investments. The company also offers emergency response and incident management to ensure public information delivery is successful. For this reason, Securus Technologies serves over 1.4 million inmates in the United States with its services stretching over 3,400 correctional facilities across the United States. They also render services for public safety and law enforcement agencies in the country.


In the recent news, Securus Technologies has unveiled a secure smartphone application for making video calls. This smartphone comes with features adaptable with iPhone and Android operating systems. This app offers video phone calls for inmates. According to PR Newswire, the application can be downloaded free from Google play. It has over 60,000 downloads over the past few weeks, and Android users employ the app more than 5,000 times in a week.


Securus Technology is a leading provider of parolee tracking, detainee communications, and management solutions for governments. It serves more than 3,000 correctional facilities across the United States. They render services to over one million inmates in the country. They are recognized worldwide for their innovative technologies, comprehensive and responsive customer service.

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