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Sheldon Lavin Remains A Shining Example Within His Industry

Sheldon Lavin has had an interesting career in business. He is the CEO of OSI Group, which is the largest meat manufacturer in the world. However, Sheldon did not set out to be in the food business. He was originally working in the banking industry as an investor. Lavin also had his own consulting company. Through his consulting company he met the original founders of Otto and Sons, which was a meat manufacturing operation working in the Illinois area. Otto and Sons was a family owned company that started as a meat market in the early 1900s.

Otto and Sons had been working with the McDonald’s Corporation. The restaurant giant was looking to expand its operation. They had been having great success with Otto and Sons and wanted them to be their primary meat provider. A new plant would need to built in order to satisfy the contract. However, the owners did not have the capital to take on such an operation themselves. Sheldon Lavin was recruited by the bank to oversee the finances of the operation. Lavin took his time developing a relationship with both Otto and Sons and McDonald’s. His impact was felt immediately. However, Lavin stated from the out set that he would only come on as a full-time partner if he were granted equal stake in the company.

Lavin initially came on as a consultant. His role at Otto and Sons gradually grew over the years. The McDonald’s Corporation eventually recommended that Sheldon become a part of the operation full-time. Lavin agreed to the arrangement as long as he would have the same decision-making abilities as the other owners.

The original owners settled into retirement and Lavin took over Otto and Sons as its CEO. The company then became known as OSI Group and began to participate in international investments. There are plants in several regions throughout the world including the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe. OSI Group has more than 20,000 employees. Lavin and his leadership continues to push for growth.

Sheldon Lavin has also been recognized for his philanthropy, as he is very dedicated to giving back to the communities his businesses operate in. India’s Vision World Academy recognized Lavin as the Global Visionary of 2016. Sheldon used these titles as an example to show up and coming executives that it is important to commit as much to charity work as as they do to making money.

About Sheldon Lavin: www.facebook.com/public/Sheldon-Lavin

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