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Shiraz Boghani Career And Contributions To The Hospitality Industry

Shiraz Boghani is an excellent example of entrepreneurs who have had significant impacts on the hospitality industry. The certified public accountant has Kenyan roots, his birth country before immigrating to the United Kingdom in the 1960’s. After his UK arrival, he enrolled for CPA training and started working as an accountant after receiving certification. His shrewdness in identifying business opportunities led Boghani into focusing in the hospitality industry, and he has emerged as one of the most celebrated executives in the sector.

Before investing in the hotel industry, Shiraz Boghani had made significant investments in other sectors of the economy, notably, the banking sector. His proceeds were enough for the steps in hospitality investment.

In 1986, Boghani established his first enterprise – The Splendid Group. As the company’s chair, Boghani has seen the company expand into a leading owner of luxurious UK Hotels. The Middlesex-based company has at least 19 hotels under its management and offers customized services for the high-end hotel experience.

Through Splendid, Shiraz Boghani has been a recipient of several recognitions. The most prestigious recognition in Boghani’s life is Hotelier of the Year. He received the award in 2016 at the London-organized event on Asian Business Awards. This signified Boghani’s roles as a skillful and innovative business leader.

Boghani seemed to have a passion for human service as his career is based on giving quality service to others. Apart from Splendid, he is a joint chairman of the Sussex-based home care – Sussex Healthcare. At the institution, his has been a story of excellent work, transforming the community through taking care of seniors while creating job opportunities for caregivers. Currently, his network of caregiving homes runs a minimum of 20 homes in the region. The company boasts of being a top caregiver providing superior services to its residents.

Apart from entrepreneurship life, Shiraz Boghani is actively involved in various establishments. He has membership in accountants’ councils in Britain and the United States. Besides, he supports Muslim activities through the Ismaili Council. In the area of philanthropy, Boghani has been an active philanthropist, aiding charities and associating with foundations supporting Muslim courses like the foundation of Aga Khan.

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