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Video Visitation innovations? Securus Technologies Survey Reveals Secret To Keep Relevant In 2016 And Beyond!

Correctional and prison facilities look toward technology innovations this year and beyond. I’m certain Securus’ cutting-edge video visitation products influenced the larger community. In fact, I stumbled upon Securus Technologies convincing survey findings. It emphasized on exploring methods to minimize operation cost burden while improving productivity, efficiency, security and safety. In turn, it’ll increase inmate satisfaction while lessening staff workload. The survey read that some fifty-six percent of correctional facilities operators promised to engage technology updates. Meanwhile, fifteen percent desire cost-cutting benefits, another fifty-five interest lies in service expansion and development.

Securus Technologies chief executive, Richard A. Smith asserts that correctional agencies engaging automation stand to enjoy long-term returns. In fact, sixty-six percent endorsed video visitation as an integral resource to mobilize productivity vehicles. With inmate satisfaction being a constant focus today, correctional facilities require these technology innovations. Another thirty-three percent mentioned tablets as innovations to strengthen their strategic position within their designated industry. Securus Technologies actually dedicated a research facility, an extension of its Dallas-based, Texas headquarter. It invested about $1.5 million to embark on exploratory work as it seeks solutions for survey inquisition.

Another development I learned is that Securus Technologies installed John Bell as Sales V.P. (senior). The Financial News UK article recounts his appointment last December. His installation comes at the expense of expansion and development as Securus Technologies facilitate product growth initiatives. In fact, it recently announced plans to broaden its 800+ corrections and law enforcement products portfolio. John Bell extensive career history leading telecommunication technology giants, such as IBM, Time Warner Cable, Verizon, etc. means well for Securus. With his intelligence of industry dynamics, establishing partnerships and transforming Securus organizational culture shouldn’t be a challenging endeavor.

Chiefly, it focuses on introducing revolutionary technologies to automate monitoring, public safety vehicles, corrections and investigation initiatives. Some 1.2 million North American inmates, 3, 450 correctional facilities, public safety and law enforcement units use Securus Technologies. It operates the one of the nation’s largest network that handles inmate self-service, emergency response, public information, inmate communication, monitoring, investigation, incident management and biometric analysis hub. In the last three years, Securus Technologies pumped over $600 million into product development and acquisitions. With this, it’s broadening product offerings to reach efficiency, security and safety goals, a Virtual Strategy Magazine by PR Newswire article reads.

Securus Technologies is not in any way affiliated with Securus the anxiety and pain reliever, nor is it a part of the Securus America, agency site.

If you are interested in downloading the video visitation app from Securus, find it on iTunes or for Android users, you can find it on Google Play.

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  1. A champion criminal and civil justice telecommunications innovator, Securus Technologies originates powerful solutions for North American facilities, agencies, etc. This will really make me write my research paper and I know I will benefit a lot from it too.

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